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Death of Father James Lienert

Retired priest James Lienert, with his own funds, put up a monument to Ambrose Bierce in Sierra Mojada, Mexico, in 2004. I gave Father Lienert an entire page on the AMBROSE BIERCE SITE related to his theory about where Bierce is buried:

Since 2004, Lienert and I corresponded regularly by email. The fact that Bierce (nor I) held no superstitious beliefs didn't faze him.

January 4, 2010

It is with sadness that I inform you that Fr. James Lienert, M.S.F.
passed away today in California. He was staying with his sister
at the time of his passing. May his soul and all the souls of the
faithful departed through the mercy of God rest in peace. Amen.

Yours in the Holy Family,
Rev. Alberto T. Treviño, Jr., M.S.F.
Local Superior

Con tristeza, les mando noticias que el Padre Jaime Lienert, M.S.F.
falleció este dia el 4 de Enero 2010. El estaba con su hermana en
California. Que su alma y todas las almas descansen en paz. Amen.

Su servido en la Sagrad Familia,
Padre Alberto T. Treviño, Jr., M.S.F.
Superior Local

Re: Death of Father James Lienert

My name is Edward Hennessey and I am--as I will always remain--a friend of Padre Jaime.

Esmeralda, Sierra Mojada and Quimica are among the many towns untouched by my footfall yet known to me, located in my heart as well as in Mexico, all because of the letters and words a certain man kindly shared both as their priest and their foremost advocate. The warm praise and emotion Padre Jaime's parish has evidenced in this time of grief and loss commands complete acknowledgement and respect. And that admirable outpouring is nothing less than anyone who heard the rich stories which converted many of us to distant admirers would ever expect of such a people.

According to the final wishes confided to his family, Padre Jaime will be interred next to the parents he loved in California. But we all agree on which side of the line his spirit will be. And California envies Coahuila in that eternal arrangement.

Persons wishing to express sympathies to the good father's family may contact his sister Geraldine electronically ( ) or by telephone (706-775-0073, with the mention aside that the Sun gets up two hours earlier here than it does in Sierra Mojada.

Please understand that those in Coahuila unable to personally attend Padre Jaime's funeral will still have a personal representative present if that is an offer of service to any. Yo estoy a sus ordenes.

Por Padre Jaime!


Edward Hennessey

Re: Death of Father James Lienert

You may also leave a personal message on a condolences website for Padre
Jaime (Father Lienert):

Thank you,
Sylvia Wister (Father Lienert's niece)

Re: Death of Father James Lienert

Dear Mr. Hennessey,

First at all, I want to express you our sincere condolences for the passing away of your friend, el Padre Jaime.

Also, to acknowledge your kind and emotive letter to the parish explaining that the final wishes of the Padre were to be close to his beloved parents, which is totally understandable.

I shall explain that I am not part of the parish nor live in Coahuila and that I do not even personally met to Padre Jaime. Though, I share the deep grief with the ones that personally knew him (his family and friends in California, Texas and half of the United States, his parish and friends in Coahuila and much of Mexico, AND the other people that, like my brothers and me, met his essence and enjoyed his thought, humor, philosophy and compassion shared through electronic letters, snail mail cards and posts (Gringo Viejo, Missions in Mexico).

My sympathies and best wishes for all of you.

Maria del Socorro Gonzalez Elizondo
Durango, Dgo., MEXICO