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An ode to the workers

Mirror mirror on the wall is Shaun the fairest of them all
No one else will ever know
As Shaun is always there in tow
With his trusty comb he’ll style his hair
Interrupt him if you dare
It’s not advised to get too close
For checking his hairdo
Is what he loves most

Jerri Jerri, well what can I say
Never a dull moment right through the day
Always behind any practical jokes
And loves to wind up us innocent folk
She talks through the day
And all through the night
And she’ll jump out behind you
To give you a fright

Keiran, or K dog, our promo guy
Trying to get VIP to reach the sky
The gift of the gab he sure does own
He’s never off his mobile phone
He’s raising our profile
And bigging us up
Be sure he won’t stop
Till we reach the top

Calling all volunteers make your way down
To Eighteen And Under where Susan’s on hand
To get you recruited to run VIP
So you can be part of our super cool band
She sends out your orders to make us some cash
She’ll type up your invoice as quick as a flash
Always reliable and there to help out
She’ll answer your questions if you’re in doubt

Joseph’s always working hard
If you need to find him don’t look far
For at his desk is where he’ll be
To stop for a break, oh no, not he
After a full day’s work he’s often scuppered
Although he never seems too flustered
He takes it all right in his stride
Carrying out his work with pride

Sandra Mac well she’s just great
Always laughing and everyone’s mate
A small word of caution, if she can’t be seen
It’s often the toilet you’ll find she has been
So enter with care and take a deep breath
The smell will have wafted, the air won’t be fresh
If it’s Brodies for lunch then Sandra’s right there
Try to stop her if you dare

Katy’s the one you will find with a can
Of the red bull variety attached to her hand
Except when she’s sleeping
Or having a rest
With Pooh Bear for company
He’s simply the best
She’s everyone’s bud come rain or come shine
She’ll be there to help out no matter the time

Irene oh Irene looks after us all
If we’re having a problem we’ll give her a call
She’s also our Sourdo in Kirkton Beat
To try and drum louder would be a real feat
It’s her who pays our wages and keeps us all on track
Integrity and wisdom she simply does not lack
When her eyes appear to be glazed
Fear not all! She’s staring into space

Laura keeps K dog on a tight lead
This is not an easy deed
Once the shy one, alas no more
She was just pretending before
She’s funny and witty and will give you a run
You can count on Laura to get the job done
Spreading the message of VIP
Above and beyond – just wait and see!

And finally Laurie – well say no more
Ensuring no second becomes a bore
A brain the size of planet she claims to possess
No matter the problem she does not stress
Ensure you do not burst her bubble
For she won’t be happy, you’ll be in trouble
The mastermind behind the success
Ensuring we can be the best!

Re: An ode to the workers

another totally brilliant poem by yet another totally brilliant poet.
that is, i think, our first ever ode. totally true also

Re: An ode to the workers

So very true lol, a great poet we have here!

Re: An ode to the workers

ha! no one keeps K Dog on a leash! (dont tell laura i said that) lol

Re: An ode to the workers

Now we know what to get K dog for his christmas, a leash lol

Re: An ode to the workers

ha! you wish

Re: An ode to the workers

The poem is amazing I love it.x

P.S Keiran I so do... You are in denial!

Re: An ode to the workers

eek! its laura! im hiding lol !

K-dog x

Re: An ode to the workers

I was just looking back at old posts and remembered about this and another one.

People have changed a lot since then and there's new people and sadly some are not working with us anymore.

Anyway, my point is...can anyone with more talent than me do a new one?

Re: An ode to the workers

Will i take that as a no? lol

Re: An ode to the workers

Can a poem be one line? Nope, didn't think so.....It's a no from me, I have very little talent when it comes to writing about other people, can never think of what to write or say about people other than your all really good. I'll leave a space for someone with lots more talent and imagination than me!

Re: An ode to the workers

An ode or a poem can easily be one line. i will. when I get time do a new poem or ode. Everyone knows that i was the champion last time. I will win again. Luckily, I am not in any way competitive and winning is not an issue even though I do it so well. A new ode is the non competitive challenge.

Re: An ode to the workers

The years have flown by
And all of us try
To understand things from the past.
We know where we've been
And lots we have seen
But do we know that things will last?

Irene has left us
Laura bereft us
We don't know where Susan got lost.
K Dog still lords us (or tries to)
Katy makes no fuss(or tries not too)
But still things get lost in the post. (if you believe that)

Re: An ode to the workers

Hi C,

! line can be great! we used to all do 1 line and just feed off of each other to write a poem.

I'll put down my attempt, which is in no way in competition to yours Laurie. Which i know you wouldn't think it is anyway since you're not competitive at all

Re: An ode to the workers

Hear me now, i'll have my say,
A rhyme of time who wants to play?
Laurie's here, saw the challenge we face,
Does anyone else talk in this quiet, lonely place?

I'll try, i'll give it a go,
it may not be great, but then, i am rather slow,
So will along come another to put mine to shame?
C'mon guys, it's only a game :D

The back room Joseph will still be,
Go have a look and you will see!
Doesn't just work, but Manages us too,
I really don't envy him that, do you?

Shauny Shaun what can i say?
He does the accounts and sorts our pay.
He works so hard to help us all,
But unfortunately, still isn't tall.

Keiran our VIP Promo guy,
But not anymore he say's, oh no, not I!
Now Izzy's Promise has stolen him,
Against exploitation, this fight we will win.
Keiran is great for a good old laugh,
But we still can't get him to take a bath!

Danny is Keiran's right hand man,
If anyone can do it, these two can.
He has his own business but helps us too,
Oh Danny, what would we do without you?

Then Steph, she joined the team,
To Resolve it all, that's her dream.
She brings us cookies, biscuits and cakes
That's right folks, she even bakes!
She came to us fom a land far, far away,
Now baby's coming, she can't decide to go or stay?

Michael, he joined the team too,
This fair haired man, with what will we do?
18 Plus that's where his heart lies
His banters not great, but at least he tries!

Marley's here, our silent keeper
But now she's moving on, we can no longer keep her.
Helping us she's done so much!
But now she has kids and that mothering touch
But we know she'll never fully go,
Not Marley, oh no!

Along came the one called Karen Duffy,
Some call her fluffy...I prefer huffy.
But huffy? Oh no, not she
Has a smile for all, even me.
Scared at being in the office alone
Claims she can sing...I prefer drone.

She's still here, our good old Katy,
Still a great laugh, still our matey
Zipping around in her little blue car,
If somethings happening...she won't be far.
Katy's soft spoken, a listener and kind,
But sitting at her desk you never will find!

Then we save the best for last,
The one who understands the past.
Laurie is always busy, as busy as could be
But need a minute? She'll make sure she's free.
A planet has nothing on the size of her brain,
To stop all violence, that's still her aim.
Sucking up to the boss i hear you say?
Well without her there'd be none of this, no way!

Re: An ode to the workers

Hahaha! I love it man! Where's the verse about you though?

Re: An ode to the workers

I can't write about myself. How about you do it?

Re: An ode to the workers

Lol awsome poem love it! I tried to do one for you but only got 2 lines

"Last but not least, a mum of two
Jerri is here to say how do you do!"

Thats all that i can mustar :(

Re: An ode to the workers

Think your poem is really good. so didn't get away that easy thinking one line couldn't do it. ok so given it a go, hope it all makes sense and fits with yours.

Now to the one who wrote this ode,
It's jerri, Such fun we owe.
A full time mum, yet still comes to work,
To give up time and never shirks.
Thinks of ways to stretch our minds,
unlocking the intertwined.

All I could come up with for the time being.....

Re: An ode to the workers

Hi C,
That's really good! And there was you saying you couldn't do it. Well done :-)

Re: An ode to the workers

loved the poems but of course any one who has heard me sing will know that i do not drone,I have the voice of an angel.

Re: An ode to the workers

The voice of an Angel she claims, that's me!
But surely not? How can this be?
Dear old Karen, have you checked your ears?
When we hear boos, do you hear cheers?

Re: An ode to the workers

Haha...that's brilliant. Jerri, I think you missed your true career calling - to be a poet.

Re: An ode to the workers

I've heard Karen sing and can clear testify
She sings like an angel and also can fly
She's sharp as an plum and quiet as a drum
And so good at singing, I wish she would hum

Steph gave her a lesson to keep her in key
Steph in St Andrews and Karen Dundee
No need to meet up, the voice was so loud
Steph got an ASBO for inciting a crowd

Re: An ode to the workers

Dear dear Jerri what can i say
clearly jealousy has got in the way ,
so do not be hasty or dismiss,
my voice is like a light in the mist,
it will shower over you in waves of joy
and leave you feeling like a brand new toy x

Re: An ode to the workers

Ahh now Steph's here, she's come along too,
But her words don't rhyme, so what will we do?
C'mon Steph give us a rhyme?
It can be on anything, humour or time?

Re: An ode to the workers

Jerri oh Jerri such wit you possess
But can you continue under growing duress?
For the workers are rising and thinking up rhymes
So can you keep writing such humorous lines?

Re: An ode to the workers

I'm no good at poetry, humour, or rhyme
Just writing this one will take me much time
But unlike Ms Duffy who has gone to great length
I will admit when something is not my strength

Re: An ode to the workers

And so goes the saying that ignorance is bliss
But Karen this one time this rule needs dismissed
I don't mean to offend you or cause you upset
But your voice is becoming a bit of a pest!

Re: An ode to the workers

Karen, Laurie has said it all,
But i don't believe the penny's yet fall.
Oh no, not I, i won't dismiss,
How silence from you would equal sweet bliss.
Like Katy, no offence do I mean
One who takes this better, i never have seen!

Steph she came...she did her best,
But honest she is to leave to the rest
She came, she wrote, she really tried
That you are no poet, you haven't lied.

Katy's come! I think with a cheer
Until her words i do hear
It seems that is a challenge that you have uttered?
I think so anyway, you kind of muttered?
So come back on and say it clear?
Either that or sit down dear

Re: An ode to the workers

So here I sit and play my part,
But please guys take none to heart!
I do not mean these words I say
Well not all of them anyway :D

Re: An ode to the workers

laurie says shes good at winning this might be true
but this time its jerri, sorry laurie to disapoint you
well done jerri your lines are awesome
but NOW im online you me awell tossum!

haha rubbish but said id write something! tossum aint even a word but its in my book haha!

Re: An ode to the workers

jerri said i cant make up words now
so i have to think of a new ryhme somehow
haha like that will be hard, jerri listen up good
your poems dont compare, they never could

yep Jerri im the boss
trust me you shouldnt cross
im saying it plain and simple for you
i am the winner and you know its true.

back off.
hahahaha kidding x

and this is my pathetic attempted of apoem! x

Re: An ode to the workers

Here's Never Believe now giving it a go
I'm sure it'll get better, she's just starting off slow
The boss she claims and a winner too?
Lets let her believe this (i think she's a bit coocoo?)
The crazy one has words like "tossum"
I bet she thinks i'm a dancing possum?
This poem i've written is just not very good
To have the fighting spirit, i'm not in the mood
But alas NB, do not fear!
cause despite this, mine is still better to hear! ;-)

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