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EAU! x

Got bored!:Z its pretty crap! but hey i did it fast:Px

18 and under
oh what a wonder
everyone there
you know that they care
make you smile they make you laugh
oh ill tell you its a place and a half

well we have got Sandra who's the best
oh wait but what about the rest?
theres Katy and Susan there never apart
and Keiran no1 knows but hes a real sweetheart
then theres Shaun O.M.G hes sound and funny
Laura aw shes cute, just a total honey

but thats not them all
so lets have a recall

theres Jerri who's behind all the jokes
we have Laurie who THINKS she one of the old folks
oh and Joesph hes always working hard
never a break its like hes barred
and we have Irene shes cute and small
well what can i say? i think thats them all

everyone is amazing in there own little way
thats one thing i know that i can say.

you guys are great
can everyone relate?

Re: EAU! x

ha ha i like it, HOWEVER, i am the best lol x

Re: EAU! x

yeah i guess you could be haha!! why you on at this time:O? even though its only half 11:P

Re: EAU! x

lol is it only half 11? i keep thinking its later cause o this stupid clock change! no matter, dont you know i never sleep?

Re: EAU! x

yeah i looked at my laptop time and it says half 12 so thats why i wrote the comment and its only half 11 lol. shut up your lazy you sooo sleep:P still got a P.A then?

Re: EAU! x

no nobody is as good as my last one lol, hey i have this cool msn thing wanna go there? you get instant talk its amazing lol i was introd to it couple weeks ago!

Re: EAU! x

ps, sleep is for old people!

Re: EAU! x

aww who was your old one?
and yeah whats yours?

and well i like sleep so 17 must be old:P haha!!

Re: EAU! x

lol iv tried out a few but they didnt cut it! er i dont actually know how to make it go my e mail is keir5680@aol.com can you find me by that?

lol i meant old people and young people not us cool 23 yo lol

Re: EAU! x

ive added you add me NeverEverBelieve@hotmail.com


Re: EAU! x

imagine not knowing how to use msn? thats not very cool. even i know how to use it and i'm old.

Re: EAU! x

lol iknow! im rubbish at it

Re: EAU! x


there is a very BIG difference between someone having msn....and someone having msn but not knowing how to work it!!

you see all the buttons msn has... its best if you stop testing them now... you might get on a lot better lol!


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