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Lamanai Mayan Ruins

If you want to see some Mayan ruins while in Belize, Lamanai is the place to go, it's like three tours in one. My family and I visited Belize via cruise ship and our tendering process was slow but still made the 6 hour tour in the 8 hour time we had at port. Our trip got started very smoothly, our tour guide Donald was one of the best, extremely friendly and easy going and exceptionally knowledgable of his country, the river, and the Mayan civilization. Our bus ride gave us a view of the culture of Belize while Donald involved us in a plethora of information on the country. Our boat ride gave us a view of the river culture and wildlife (bats that live in tree hollows above the waterline?!) and some interesting plants as well (snake cactus that grows in trees and wild pineapples!) as our guide knew the river like the back of his hand and could clearly navigate through it at fast and exciting speeds. And of course our tour of Lamanai was an adventure of it's own, Donald was incredibly informed in the history of the Mayan people and we learned all kinds of interesting things. We were also given a delicious and unique Belizean lunch before we began our tour, as well as cold water bottles to take with us to keep cool in the rainforest. Climbing some of the temples could be scary as the steps were very steep and looked crumbly, but the tallest temple had a rope and could be climbed, but very cautiously. The views from atop the temples were amazing, bring a camera with you! You'll also see howler monkeys asleep in the canopy above you! Overall the trip was one of my favorite experiences on my cruise and I would definately take this tour again.

Raymond Ellis and family
New York

Re: Lamanai Mayan Ruins

We used Donald Ramirez and Action Boys Belize for the lamanai tour and it was a blast. We had the very same great experience. Donald website is:

Re: Lamanai Mayan Ruins

The above website doesn't work so go to