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Belize Cave Tubing and Zip Line $95.00

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Re: Belize Cruise Forums - Belize Zip Line, Cave Tubing, and Altun Ha Ruins

Belize Cave Tubing, Zip Line, and Altun Ha Ruins - Cruised to Belize on the N.C.L. Sun with my family and friends. We had a fine time at all ports, but Belize was exceptional. We did cave tubing, zip line, and altun ha ruins with Donald Ramirez was one of our tour guides. He picked us up at the Light House and off we went. He told us about the history as we drove to the cave tubing park. We were early so we did the cave tubing first to avoid the large groups. After the cave we did the zip line and headed to altun ha ruins. On the way to the ruins we stopped at one of Donald’s friend for lunch. Woooooow! Lunch was very tasty. It’s the best rice I have tasted. I had to meet the cook. Her name is Mitchelle. She told us the rice was cooked with freshly squeezed coconut milk.
After lunch we drove to the ruins. Donald did the tour of the ruins with us. This guy is a ware house of knowledge as stated in many forum posts. He told us about the history of the ruins, Belize Mayan History, Pointed out some medicinal plants and their uses. This was a fantastic tour and I recommend it to all. You will need to be a little pushy because NCL doesn’t let out the private tours early. You have to be pushy to get off the ship early. I recommend this blastful shore excursions.


Re: Belize Cruise Forums - Belize Zip Line, Cave Tubing, and Altun Ha Ruins

I booked with Action Boys Belize for a group of 5 for Altun Ha ruins, cave tubing, and zip-line. We visited in Belize on a Carnival Cruise in mid-July.

-We had a very good experience with Action Boys Belize. I wanted to book an excursion that included zip-lining, mayan ruins, and cave tubing, and Action Boys was one of the only excursions who provided all three activities in one day.
-I spoke with Donald over the phone before our trip, and he was fine with us paying cash when we arrived, rather than giving a deposit. I was happy about that. Also, he was very good about communicating via email about where to meet him and what to bring.
-When the cruise ship arrived in Belize, Carnival informed us that due to flooding, all of Carnival's cave tubing excursions were cancelled- even if there was another activity on the excursion. Lucky, since we booked through Action Boys, we were still able to zip-line and see the ruins.
-Donald was our tour guide, and was great about giving lots of information about the country of Belize, the towns we drove through, and lots of information about the Altun Ha ruins and vegetation (I believe he said his grandmother practiced herbal medicine, so he had extensive knowledge of the medicinal qualities of a lot of the plants- very interesting!).
-The van was in much better shape than some of the negative reviews imply. AC blew cold and it was a hot day.
Just to finish off.. It was fun fun fun!!!!

Re: Belize Cruise Forums

After finding Donald five years ago online, last week marks our forth time with Don exploring Belize. This time was different as we had eleven of the family with us and Don did his usual incredible job as tour guide extraordinaire !

We were sure to get on the first tender off the ship and there was Don waiting for us in a very nice 14 passenger air conditioned van. We quickly loaded up and were off on our way to the zip line after making a pit stop for water/Belikin refreshments.

As usual we were the first group to get to the zip line as when you go with Donald, you don't have to deal with the cattle drive scenario that the cruise ships sell. Why anybody would deal with bus after bus of cruise ship passengers, the huge lines and all that comes along with hundreds of people trying to do the zip line at the same time, when you can be the first ones there, zip at an unhurried pace and enjoy the family experience privately is more than worth any amount.

Speaking of amounts, we had the private bus with Don at the wheel, did the zip line, and the newly restored Belize zoo after the hurricane damage, and again, the first ones there, we had the place to ourselves, and a way less of the cost the ship was getting for only the zip line, and also great lunch of traditional Belize beans and rice and awesome chicken at his friends restaurant Amigos.

It is truly a no brainer to use Don's expertise and safety conscience driver skills if you are going to Belize and wish to do everything first class, at the right price.

Thanks again Don, and see you again someday for the fifth un-Beliezable experience!

Richard and Family

Re: Belize Cruise Forums - Belize City HorseBack Riding

Just got back home after a fun cruise on the Valor. Belize Cruise Port was the highlight of our cruise. We booked zip line and horseback riding with Donald Ramirez ( ). We were off the ship on one of the early tenders and Donald was waiting for us at the Red Cross Building as promised. It was only 5 of us on the tour, which made is a lot personal. We drove about an hour to the jungle for the horseback riding. We crossed a river on a boat to a ranch where we did the horseback riding for about an hour. It was fun being in the jungle on a horse for the first time. After the ride we drove about 20 minutes to the zip line. There was a long line at the zip line and Donald instructed us to follow him to the front of the line. We were assisted with our gears and off we went. We also zipped over a river where the cave tubing is done. This was fun and I recommend it to you fellow cruisers.