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Belize Cave Tubing and Zip Line $95.00

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Ambergris Caye Cave Tubing Reviews

Ambergris Caye Cave Tubing, Zip Line, and Xunantunich whilst staying on Ambergris Caye was worth the early morning wake. The boat ride was not bad since most in my group were sleeping. When we arrive in Belize City Donald, our tour guide was waiting for us on the dock. We got some drinks and off we went. A cruise ship as in port, but Donald told us not to worry about the crowd because we were early. When we got to the cave Albert was waiting for us. We geared up and started a very informative hike to the entrance of the caves. Albert told us so much about the caves and plants around. We entered the caves and it was relaxing. It was only us in the caves. We actually had the caves for ourselves!

After the cave we drive about 5 minutes to the zip line. Woooow! This part was thrilling. Doing about 45mph in the open air had my heart really pumping. The guys at the zip line were friendly and responsible. Safety was their priority. After the zip line we drove to a small restaurant own by one of Donald's friends. We had rice, beans with chicken. It was the best chicken I've had. We then drove to Xunantunich. Now it was Donald's turn to guide us through the ruins. I have to say that Donald is a warehouse of knowledge. If you get the chance to do this tour, request him. This guy is really into history and he is very passionate about it.
They do offer a great tour and I would recommend this extraordinary excursion to all.
Celina and family

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