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Belize Cave Tubing and Zip Line $95.00

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Re: Ambergris Caye Cave Tubing, Zip Line, Altun Ha Ruins, and Lamanai Ruins

My partner and I were in San Pedro for a short dive vacation. Diving was fun. We met some kind people during our visit. We also stayed at the Sun Breeze which was not a bad accommodation. The staff at the Sun Breeze were very friendly to us. They made us feel at home.
We did a 2 days tour package on the mainland. On day one we did cave tubing, zip line, and altun ha ruins. On day 2 we did lamanai ruins and river cruise. Both activities were fun. And I recommend this company to all.


Re:Ambergris Caye Cave Tubing and Zip Line

My family and I planned a vacation in Belize. We booked our rooms at the Sun Breeze in San Pedro. We booked a combination of cave tubing and zip line with Belize Guided Tours. We flew into Belize at around 6:15 am the morning and Jason was at the airport with a sign that reads my name. We loaded our luggage to the van and off we went. We stopped at small store for some snacks and drinks. As we drove Jason told us about Belize’s history and cultures. When we arrived at the zip line site no one was there. We had it all for ourselves. We zipped across the river we tubed on. This was fantastic.

After the zip line we geared up for the caves. Now Albert is taking through the caves. He pointed out medicinal plants as we hiked through the rain forest. He also told us about the mayan people and how they used the caves. It was very informative tour. We he enter the river Albert formed a chain with us and towed us through the caves. He also pointed out formations in the caves I doubt we would have notice own our own.

After the tubing we dressed into dry clothes and drove to the City. We were given a complimentary tour of Belize City. We saw some of the historical sites and stopped for some photos. We were then dropped off at the water taxi. These guys did a great job with the cave tubing and zip line. I recommend them.

Austin, Texas

Re: Re: Ambergris Caye Cave Tubing, Zip Line, and Altun Ha Ruins

My family spent a over night at the Ramada because we arrived late the evening and couldn’t make the the water taxi in time. So the next morning we were picked up by this company for a combo tour of cave tubing, zip line, and altun ha ruins. We were picked up at 7:15 am and headed to the ruins. The ruins are amazing. We then drove about an hour to the cave tubing and zip line. What we loved most of all is that we could do all three tours without being rushed. Our tour guide was informative and very friendly. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THEM FOR SUCH GREAT SERVICE.


Re: Re: Ambergris Caye Cave Tubing, Zip Line, and Xunantunich Mayan Ruins

Did cave tubing, zip line, and ruins with this company. We had 8 on our tour and took a van with AC ( Essential ) . We saw many other excursions using vehicles with no AC and felt extremely sorry for them). It was rush hour in Belize City, which allowed us to see another aspect of this country.

RUINS: We then took a fairly lengthy drive to the ruins. Albert was very knowledgeable and pointed out interesting sights. Along the way we stopped at a roadside fruit stand where Albert bought us a little bag of pineapple slices, picked fresh that morning, and it was SO sweet it nearly made you weep! He purchased bananas: 8 for $1 BZ.

Crossed the river using a hand-cranked ferry, and used the Xunantunich facilities before walking up to the ruins.

Albert provided very interesting details about the Mayan culture, and demonstrated the acoustic properties of the open area before leading the rest of the tour group to the top, where one could see Guatemala.

Due to the EXTREME heat and humidity, and our general lack of, um, energy at our ages (60s), we opted to sit in the shade for this part. Then back to the van for the drive to the Zip Line. (Lunch first, at a local spot, which was delicious.)

ZIP LINE: OK, we’ve never done anything like this before and frankly, I was amazed my husband let me book it! He is not terribly adventurous! After looking down at the jungle canopy, I think he was having second thoughts, but the guides were VERY reassuring, and explained the TRIPLE safety mechanisms. THIS WAS SO COOL! Do it! And scream like a little girl!

NOTE: there is significant climbing involved here in extreme heat/humidity conditions. As the oldest members in our excursion group, we had to stop and rest a couple of times. (OK. We were panting like dogs!)

Our guide told us not to bring our cameras, phones, but it turns out that the ZIP guides are happy to take some photos for you (they have deep pockets for carrying stuff). Bring some money to tip them.

CAVE TUBING: is at the same location. We changed into swim suits in their facility. It is nothing fancy, just bathroom stalls. You can rent water shoes (clogs), which are ABSOLUTELY necessary due to walking over the large river rocks. Check the soles to make sure they are plenty thick and not worn.

By this time we were ready for the cool water, believe me. There is a hike (seemed like it took forever—maybe 20 minutes?) across 3 streams, carrying your large inner tube. We did not think this would be too bad, but was fairly challenging at our ages, and in this climate.

Albert, bless his heart, carried MY tube in addition to his, and by the end of all this, I was EXTREMELY grateful for that. He also pointed out the termite nests and told us they have a ‘minty’ taste; he even ate a few!

Finally the water! Ahhhhhhhhh! It felt SO good to just relax and float. Albert lashed us together and paddled all of us, by himself, through the wonders of the cave. He is obviously in great shape!

Another walk back to our van, changed into dry clothes and raced the clock back to catch the last ferry to San Pedro. It was rush hour in Belize City again by this time, but we made it with a few minutes to spare.

All in all, this was an adventure to remember for a lifetime!

Remember to tip your guides!

Gilbert S.
New York, New York

Re: Belize Cave Tubing, Zip Line, and Xunantunich Mayan Ruins Ambergris Caye

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