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Belize Cave Tubing and Zip Line $95.00

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Belize Cruise Port - Cave Tubing and Zip Line

My family of 6 cruised the Western Caribbean with Carnival Cruise Line last week. The highlight of our cruise was cave tubing and zip line which is done in Belize Cruise Port. I tried to book through the cruise line, but they refused to book my son because he is only 6 years of age. That was a major disappointment. I did some research online and came across this company. I contacted them and explained my situation. I was informed that they can accommodate my son if he is 40 inches tall. That made my day because my son is 43 inches tall. So, I booked a private cave tubing and zip line with this company. We were instructed to board one of the early tenders and meet them at the exit of Terminal #1 at the port. We did just that. We exited our tour guide was holding a sign with my name printed on it.
We boarded the van and off we went. David was our tour guide. As he drove us through the country side to the caves he narrated the history of Belize and told us about the people and their traditions. The drive last about an hour. What was surprising is that the zip line is located in the same area the caves are. So, we voted on doing the caves first since we were the first ones there. We hiked for about 15 minutes. As we hiked David told us about some the plants and we also ate some termites ( minty ). When we got to the entrance of the caves were strapped together and floated through the cave. The cave part of the tour lasted an hour and a half.
After the cave tubing, we went directly to the zip line site. We were geared up and went from one platform to the other. It felt so nice speeding through the air. It’s an experience I will never forget.
After the zip line we were to have a sit down lunch. We decided to have lunch in the van since this will save us some time for our free tour of the zoo. All we did was pay our entrance fees to the zoo. This was full day of fun.
Thank you for sharing your country with my family. I especially thank you for accepting my 6 year old son the tour.
I recommend this company.

Mike Swift
Tampa Bay