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Belize Cave Tubing and Zip Line $95.00

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Belize Zip Line Canopy Tour

My family flew into Belize on the Southwest Airline. We arrived at 11:00 am. Customs and Immigration worked so fast, we were out in just a few minutes. We we stepped outside the airport, our tour guide was there with a sign that reads my name. We loaded our luggage to the van and off we went. We stopped at a local restaurant to get a bite for the road. We drove about 45 minutes to the zip line site. When we arrived there we had a short restroom break and we were geared up for the zip line canopy tour.
Now I was a bit nervous about the height of the platforms, but got over it with the advice of our tour guide. Going off the first platform was scary but fun. We going from one platform to the other high speed. The two most exciting parts of the zip line tour was zipping over a river and walking on a suspension bridge to the next platform. Woooooow! This is extreme fun. I will never forget this fun experience with this company.
After the zip line tour we stopped for a few beers. Our tour guide told us we can drink in the and we did just that. We slowly drove to the water taxi in Belize City. When we arrived in Belize City we unloaded our luggage and boarded the water taxi to San Pedro.
It was the first time my family did the zip line. And most of all it felt so good to get off our flight straight to do our first activity in Belize.
Thanks for the first and best experience in Belize.

Alex Cheng and Family

Belize Zip Line Canopy Tours

My husband and I (both in our 50s, in reasonable shape, from Florida) were first time zip liners and this was a terrific experience by the Belize Zip Line Canopy Tours! I can't recommend them more highly. They were the FIRST zip lining company in Belize and have recently seen a downturn due to the cruise lines changing ports. If you go to Belize itself, YOU NEED TO GO WITH THIS COMPANY! We signed up online, before our cruise in March 2018. Day was sunny and bright, somewhat humid. Transportation to the park was comfortable (tour bus) and tour guide spoke about Belize and its people on the way (about 70 minutes). [The transportation company is separate (although you just pay one fee) and does not reflect Beliize Zip Line Canopy Tours.] Once we arrived at the Park, we found the zip line guides to be THE BEST! They outfitted us directly and spoke English very well. Everyone in our small group (8 ppl) tried out the zip lining on a "beginner" line first before proceeding to the other higher platforms and lines, so if the beginner line isn't for you, you can stop there. There were seven lines altogether, one you go about 40 mph, two over a shallow river, and lots of steps in between to get to the platforms. I am scared of heights, but only got tense on the last platform. Safety was #1 and the guides were friendly, helpful, and always checked our equipment, telling us how to approach each line. Lunch was included - delicious BBQ chicken on the grill, rice and black beans, and coleslaw. Perfect and tasty! Served by the local ladies. Great experience for both of us! We want to keep these guys in business, so please consider them on your next trip to Belize - the REAL Belize - the original Belize Zip Line Canopy Tours.

Devon W.