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Belize Cave Tubing and Zip Line $95.00

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Belize Cave Tubing and Zipline

I lead a group of 14 on a cruise with a stop in Belize. I had no regrets booking the Western Caribbean Cruise for my group. Belize was the most exciting port. We did cave tubing and zipline with this company. First be early and push your way to one of the early tender. We got off our tender and exited Terminal #1 and instructed, and walk to the Light House. Our driver was waiting for us there. We introduced ourselves and boarded the van. We drive about an hour to the zipline, but we were told by our driver that it’s best that we do the cave tubing first since we were the first there because the caves get very crowded. We voted on that and decided on the cave tubing first. Albert was our guide for the cave. We hiked about 20 minutes. It a slow paste hike with a lot of information about the fauna and flora of the area. Albert also told us about the caves and their history.
Now, when we entered the cave Albert towed us and he pointed out some strange formations in the caves. It was relaxing and refreshing. After the cave we got into dry clothes for the zipline. This was a blast! We zipped over the open river that we tubed on. This was fun fun fun fun. After the zipline we were served with a local dish of rice and beans with chicken. This dish was well prepared. On the real side, this is the best rice I ever had. We then drove back to the port with a stop at a grocery store for some local beers. The driver told us we can drink in the van as long as the driver is not drinking it’s not a problem. The beers were so good so we made two more stops for refill.
We were dropped back at the Cruise Port with plenty of time to walk around and do some shopping. We had a fun day with this company and we recommend their services.