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Belize Cave Tubing and Zip Line $95.00

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Ramada Belize City Princess Hotel

Just got back home ( California. ) after a fun vacation in Belize City. My husband booked cave tubing, zipline, and ruins with The Action Boys. Oh boy we had no regrets he did booked this package. Our tour guide ( Donald ) made us decide if we should do the caves first or the ruins. We decided on the caves first since we read that the caves get very crowded at times. From our hotel ( Belize City Ramada Princess Hotel ) we drove an hour to the cave park. As Donald drove he was telling us about the history of Belize and some of their traditional practices. When we arrived at the cave we shifted into swim wears and off we went hiking through the rain forest. We were told about Medicinal Plants, Cave History, and some funny stories. When we arrived at the entrance of the caves we got on our tubes and tubes into the caves. No need to worry about the darkness because we were issued with headlamps. A little distance in the caves the river got lazy, so, we were told to kick back and relax as we were being towed. The formations in the caves are amazing. After the cave tubing we got into dry clothes and walked over to the zipline. We were geared up and went to the first platform. Off we went zipping through the canopy of the rain forest doing around 45 M.P.H. We also zipped across the same river on which we tubed. This was fun fun fun! After zipline we had rice and beans with chicken. This was the best chicken I’ve tasted. After lunch we drove to Altun Ha Ruins. When we got there we had a short restroom break and start the tour. The tour of the ruins was very educational. These ruins are amazing. We got the chance to climb one of the structures. The view was amazing. After the tour of the ruins we were driven back to our hotel. This a fun package that I recommend. Action Boys Belize, thank all of you for giving my family a fun day

Pearl W.