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Belize Cave Tubing and Zip Line $95.00

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Special thanks for a great trip

If you want to have a great experience, I recommend the ACTION BOYS BELIZE.
We were on the Carnival Legend and was met by Donald who drove us to the caves for a wonderful day!!
On the way, we stopped by his house so he can pick up his water was interesting to see the many areas of the city that I'm sure the other tour operators didn't include. While I'm sure this isn't a normal stop for him, it made the trip alittle more personal.
Off we went to the caves and along the way he explained alot of the countryside and people of Belize. You can tell that he is very proud of his country.
Once we arrived at the site, we were given our tubes and off we went into the rain forest. Along the way, we stopped at different plants and he explained how each one works on the body. Insects were pointed out and what we can and can not touch.
Safety is number one and that showed when there was turn that was too sharp to make without bunching up and possible injury. Donald had us get out of our tubes and walk around this area while others were banging into one another and the rocks.
Once we were done, we changed and back into the van we went. We were suppose to have lunch but the others in my party were not hungry so we passed on that part of the trip. I was alittle disappointed since I really wanted to chat with Donald alittle more about Belize.
All in all, if you looking for a great time with your safety in mind - Action boys is the way to go.

Re: Special thanks for a great trip

We just booked the Cave Tubing and Zipline with this company and we are excited about it. We will be in Belize on May 1st.

The group leader gets a free ACTION BOYS T- SHIRT. Now I am in trouble because the entire group want a T- Shirt. I have ordered T- shirts for the group.

We will give you a feedback after the tour.


Re: Special thanks for a great trip

We just return back home after a 7 days cruise. We did the caves with this company and it was SUPER. Donald put a lot of life and excitement in the tour. He is also good with the history of his people.

Don't forget to request a free tour of the Zoo. It is optional.

Thanks for the a great tour, Donald and team!!!


Frenton and family

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