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Cave Tubing Belize San Pedro - San Pedro Belize - - Guide to cave tubing belize San Pedro and San Pedro Belize. San Pedro cave tubing company offering private cave tubing tours. Our cave tubing tour is family friendly and can be done by most age groups. For more information visit our website:

Belize Cave Tubing and Zip Line $95.00

This is a private travel forum used by as testimonial for our personalize services.

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Hi we just got back from the Legend and while in Belize we went zipline and cave tubing with Donald.

I have to say before hand I when I made the plans to do my own private excursion with Donald I was a little concerned. I read all the post about him and his business and everyone said the same thing. So I was not sure if they were real or safe but I took the chance. Boy am I glad I did!

If you book with Donald he will tell you to get the earliest tender out you can (this can be hard to do the ship wants to get there excursions out first) But we found an easy way to do it. When we came aboard in tampa we did the normal we booked our dinner in the super club, made a spa appointment, got a drink etc... then we decided to go ask at the excursion desk about getting off on an early tender in belize. I told Terence that we had a private excursion in Belize and that we needed to get off as early as possible. HE said no problem he would take us out with his group on the first tender and where to meet him that moring. (Donald had put us a party of two with another group of two they tried to ask about getting off early the night before Belize and they said they would have to wait till all the groups were out so it helps to ask as soon as you get aboard in tampa).

It was about a 40 min drive to the zipline/tubing area with a bathroom stop. We got to the zip lines ahead of the cruise ships (there were 4 in port) he will give you all sorts of info about the country and answer any questions you have. I must say I am terified of heights but for some reason always wanted to zip line. Boy am I glad I did! 6 zips on very good equipment with safety back ups for the safety back ups ( I will also say I am a full figure gal and never felt like i was in danger) It was beautiful! It was fun! It was Exciting! I never froze they made me feel comfortable. Then you have to repel down at the end again it was not as hard as i expected it to be!

Then we drove a very short drive to the cave tubing. We got our tubes and paddled across the river then had to walk about 10 to 15 mins to the other side of the cave. Make sure and check out the trees. The ones with the thorens were wild to see! Then off you go the guide saved me I was headed to a rocky part he cam and helpe me paddle back to the safe side. It was not very long but neat to see and experience! At the end there is a part where they dont want you to go (rocky) because we were a small group we all understood and stayed out the cruise group (about 50 +people) 48 of them went straight at it!! This is the difference we had hands on personal help and guiding and all our questions were answered.

After this we changed and went to eat in an glass air conditioned room in the rain forest! Breathtaking! It was a modest luch but very good. Chicken, rice and beans. We even got hot sauce (be careful!) and my favorite a coke in old fasion glass bottles! Afterwards there was a tree monkey out hanging around great for pictures

We decided as group not to go to the zoo so he took us back to shop. He made sure we knew we could get most of what we might want in the flea market for alot less then at the peer. While we were on the zip lines and in the water we all kind of worriedly left our valuables in the truck (that he locked always) cameras, wallets etc.. and all was safe! When we get back to Belize we plan to book with Donald again! My husbands only complaint was that he wished there were more Zips!

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