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I too, want to thank Donald for a great day! We went to Belize City for the day and Donald was our tour director for Ziplining and cave tubing. We made arrangements via the internet/phone. He was exactly where he said he would be with a sign with our name. At all times I felt safe with him! He seems like a real upstanding guy! Our trip to Jaguar Park was about an hour, a bit boring, but when we got to the park it was beautiful! Donald did not zipline with us but he did wait for us where we began. Just after that we headed to the cave tube trails where he made few stops along the way to point out special medicine plants. After about a half hour walk we finally got to the caves and floated through the caves. Donal was with us through that, thank goodness because we would not have know what to do. I would NOT book this tour with the ship. First it costs more, the cruise groups are too large to really enjoy the outing and the good people of Belize should be the people to benefit from the fees charged to do the excursion. Gas costs $10 per gallon, ouch! As a hard-working American, I can feel for these people and you can see how they struggle to survive daily. It made me feel better to give another hard-working local my money for a wonderful day. Thank you Donald, and your cousin too!

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