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Tikal ?

Does any one has any information on Tikal. We will be in Belize for a week in July and are interested in a Tikal day trip.

What would the cost be for a family of 7?


Re: Tikal ?

The Tikal day trip is an all day tour. You drive through the mountains to the Guatemala Border. You also drive through two Towns that are very beautiful. There is nothing to be scared of. You will have a lot of fun.

The cheapest you will get the Tikal day trip for is: $ 345.00 per person


Re: Tikal ?

Just got back home in Virginia after a 9 days vacation in Belize. We did 4 days of adventure tours with We also did a Tikal day trip. It is an experience We will never forget.

Guys, thanks for the 5 days tour. I hope to return to do the Cave Tubing and Zipline again.

I will spread the word. The world needs to know about you and your great services.

Thanks again!

Re: Tikal ?

Hi, we will be in Belize in late June. We are thinking of booking the Tikal day trip, but we need some information.

How long doest it take to do the tour?

What was the cost for the tour?

Did you have any problem at the Guatemala border?

Re: Tikal ?

We left Belize City at 6:00 in the morning to reach the border at 8:00 am. We had no problem at the border. Donald is well connected. The kind of person you would love to be with. When we arrived at the border Donald Jugo was there already. We boarded Jugo's van and headed to the site. It is a beautiful site. You will not regretit


Re: Tikal ?

Is it safe to do the Tikal day trip from Ambergris Caye and get back in time to board the ferry?

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