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Belize Cave Tubing and Zip Line $95.00

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Ambergris Caye Vacation Review

My family, friends, and I just got back home ( San Diego ) after a fun 6 days vacation on Ambergris Caye. We stayed at the Sun Breeze Horel, and the accommodation was of high standard. It was 29 of us in our group and we managed to get a great deal from the Sun Breeze. They are not bad at cutting deal with large group.

The diving experience was great. We did our diving with .These guys are the best. Everete, the owner is a cool guy. His staff are will trained and are good at their job.

After a few days of diving we booked a two days package with for some adventure on the mainland. We woke up the first morning to board the ferry to mainland Belize City. The ferry was crowded, but that did't matter. When we arrived at the place wher the ferry stops, David, Roberto, and Donald was there with a sign that read my name. We were asked to use the restroom and off we went. As we headed to the rain forest they all got a chance to talk to about the cultures and history of Belize.

The good thing was that there were no cruise ship on port that day. When arrived at the site Donald suggeted that we do the cave tubing first because it was raining and the river might raise too much. We then started a hike through the rain forest. As we hiked Donald and David pointed out medicinal plants and told us about the uses of the cave system. When we arrived at the entrance of the cave Donald instructed us to put on our life vests. We then formed what they call a chain and were placed at the middle of the river so the strong current would take us. The current was very strong, but David, Donald, and Roberto know what they were doing.

When we were at the middle of the cave Donald and roberto had to leave us with David and helped to rescue a large group that was with only one tour guide. Donald and Roberto joined them to our group and helped through the caves.

After the tubing we headed to the zip line. This was awesome. I was zipping for the first time and wanted to do it again. It was a thrilling experience.

On the second day our group did a tour of the ruins of lamanai. This was also a great tour. The river cruise, the ruins, the howler monkeys, and all were awesome. There is nothing better than the cve tubing and zip line.

My High recommendations:

I am recommending for the diving. Everete and his team are great. They really made us feel at home.

I am highly recommending for the mainland tours ( cave tubing, zip line, and lamanai ruins and river cruise). Donald Ramirez and his team are really adventure crazy. They really give adventure its true meaning. After seeing how fast they rescued that group in the cave against the strong current caused me to trust them more.

I recommend these two companies because they are both small companies that are made up of friends. That is prabably why they work so good as a team.

Re: Ambergris Caye Vacation Review

We did the ruins of lamanai with action boys and had a really great time. Thanks for information.

We also recommend their services


Re: Ambergris Caye Vacation Review

I lead a group of 16 people on a diving vacation in October, 2009. I managed to hook up with this company when I learn that they offer the cave tubing and zip line for only $95.00. That was shocking to learn I had already booked the cave tubing and zip line through our resort at a price of $23.00 p0er/ person. I got in touch with Donald Ramirez and he confirmed the price. So, I cancelled our booking with our resort. I then confirmed a date for the tour with this company.

Wow! It was really a fun day. Donald did a part of the tour and Jose did a part too. We also did a free tour of the zoo. We only paid our entrance fees ( $10.00 ). I went free as the group leader.

I recommend for their safe and reliable services. You will need to board the 7:00am ferry from Ambergris Caye to the mainland. Well, thats not hard to do knowing that you are doing the same tour for less than ½ its regular price.

Thank you Donald Ramirez and Action Boys Belize.

Re: Ambergris Caye Vacation Review

Great tour services, reliable tour guides, and best of all the prices is great. Mr. Ramirez, thank you for setting up my family's activities. David did a great job as a tour guide.

I recommend your services.

Harry and Cole family

Re: Ambergris Caye Vacation Review

Great tour services. Thanks for giving us a great time to remember. The zip line and cave tubing was a blast. The lamanai ruins was very relaxing. I will recommend you to relatives and friend.

Thank you again, Action Boys

Re: Ambergris Caye Vacation Review

Wooooooooooooooow! we had a great time with these guys. The zip line and cave tubing was a blast. Thank you, Action Boys.