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Bayou Guide Service Fishing Reports

Here you'll find the most up-to-date reports and fishing information in South Louisiana. We'll keep you up on what areas to fish and what they are bitting on. Reports are welcome from all areas, so if you made a recent salt water fishing trip share your experience with us. If you've made a recent trip with Bayou Guide Service tell us about it. Thanks, Capt Bill Lake

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Bull Reds

We had a good group of guys fish with us on Saturday. Tom Klotz wanted to treat his son Chris on a bachelor party fishing trip. I had 3 boats scheduled to run but a few guys backed out leaving just 2 boats being needed. I drew the short straw and Capts Gerald and Ricky took the guys out to battle bull reds and drum. They wanted big fish and they got what they came for! Both boats caught their share of fish and had fun doing it! Congrats to Chris and hope to see you again soon. Good luck fishing.

Capt Bill Lake

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