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vintage, recent, and even discontinued fashion and fitness magazines- 1 dollar...

i have been an avid fashion/fitness magazine collector for the last 18 years. im 29. so that tells you the date range of magazines i have.

as such, i have kept most of the magazines i have collected up to this point (august 2008). i am overwhelmed as i have limited space for them. i would like to sell them for 1-2 dollars each (depending on whether it is a collectible edition or not) and donate money to the american diabetes association or use the money for my tuition (i am currently a law student); or maybe a bit for each venture, depending on your response volume.

the magazines are in impeccable shape. many are or may be collectibles, but i need to get rid of them. too many books!!!!

if anyone is interested please email me? thank you so much in advance.

cosmo, vogue, fitness, elle, seventeen, allure, marie claire, bazaar, W, barbie, shape, runners world, womens health, vibe, mens health, womens fitness, lucky,, and others...