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This is the forum area where you can discuss topics related to the Biblical exposure of Greek organizations. All posts are reviewed; if they are offensive they'll be deleted. 

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GLO's Exposed Discussion Forum
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I'm in a greek Letter Org...

I am in a "GLO"

and I was browsing around the Internet and found this site, and I figured "what the "H" I'll Post here for the sake of argument.

Re: I'm in a greek Letter Org...

Why did you join, are you looking for them to make you a better person?

I refer you to G craige Lewis- Anti christ superstar, The Truth behind Hip Hop.

Re: I'm in a greek Letter Org...

So where's your post? What's your argument?

Re: I'm in a greek Letter Org...

there are many reasons why I joined. As with everyone else that joins everyone has there own agenda. Mine I was looking for something else. I would go to class and go straight gave me another place to call home. I guess you would say in my case it focus on mankind's need to be social being.
For Me Being In Sigma Alpha Epsilon gave me a certain, I guess I would say, "guideline" (for lack of a better word) for bettering myself as a social person. However I wasn't looking to better myself it just sort of happened through pledge ship.

and Minister
I Wrote "argument" Instead of "S" and giggles; since this is a christian based site I figured some would not take kindly to my use of profanity.

Re: I'm in a greek Letter Org...

Well Vini, what it boils down to is this, are you a disciple of Jesus Christ. If so, I have much to say about the Biblical Perspective of Sigma Alpha Epsilon. When you give me your answer, I will proceed, starting with Minerva.

Re: I'm in a greek Letter Org...

I am a believer...I am just not a follower.
As far as Minerva is concerned these mythological personalities serve to remind us of the high moral standards

Re: I'm in a greek Letter Org...

Being stamped as a Son of Minerva goes much further than just a reminder. Coming from another Christian in your organization, Minerva was not the goddess of your fraternity either. Why use an idol god for what the true God actually does?

Your ritual states how important it is to impress upon the initiates, "THE SPIRITUAL QUALITY", of your fraternity. From what I read, Minerva is more than just your school principle, she is the goddess of your frat, and to sum it up, how do you get wisdom from a myth that was spring from the head of Zeus. How do you get wisdom from LIES?

Re: I'm in a greek Letter Org...

I posted this question and got no response; therefore, I will pose this to you in the hope of gaining some "insider" insight.

In as much as I am mature, older and somewhat wise and biblically well versed; I do not have all answers to all things. I am a Pentecostal Minister and former Baptist co-pastor. I’m also, a single father of two kids ages; 13 and 7. Moreover, I’m a 43 year old graduate student, in the final phase of being “investigated” by Omega Psi Phi inc.and I have been advised to be prepared to begin the “intake” -aka- pledge process in October 2009.

As a Church official, I have been particularly impressed with the service and activism that I’ve seen from Omega over the years. In fact, it seems that with substantially smaller numbers, the frat makes a larger impact in charitable undertakings than any single denomination and perhaps many denominations combined. In the church community, in general, pastors seem to demand a homogenous - "one size fits all" lifestyle.Leaders often use the name and word of God to exert control over members. We tithe, we give offerings, we sow seed, give gifts and invest, only to see a new building going with a proud sign saying “your tithes at work.” But, what are we doing to impact the world? How are we being fishers of men? We are preaching to the saved, attacking other organizations (frats –masons-Catholics-gays etc.) yet, we never address our own indifference towards the outside world. WE HAVE BECOME A CLOSED CLUB OF CHRISTIAN CHRONIES.

I am not trying to attack the church, but what is wrong with me becoming a member of a frat that weeds out weak men?

Am I missing something?

The bible declares that “a double minded man is unstable in all of his ways.”
How does a frat destroy and not develop?

Re: I'm in a greek Letter Org...

I am sorry, but I must ask, why does a church official, age 43, even desire to join a fraternity? Now you said no one responded, let's talk, my brother in Christ, 919/278-8911, preferably after 6:00 p.m.

I did respond to this post though.

Re: I'm in a greek Letter Org...

I am not in a BGLO or any glo for that matter, but the revealation that the lord has given me only two days ago has lead me to show and tell of his unconditional love and the route that he does not want his children to go down. My brother in christ, (43 year old interested in omega psi phi)It is not of the will of GOD for his children to be in the house of the unjust. BGLOs' are extremely satanic and of the devil and I cannot stress enough how anti- christ they are. The word of the lord tells us that We as Christians should EXAMINE and PROVE EVERYTHING. This next year in 2010 i graduate from college, and I too had a great interest in joining a bglo. I always questioned rather or not if it was satanic or not, but like i said just two days ago the lord revealed the idolatry in these organizations that were not of him. email me at so that I may share my revelation with you. I most definitely have to say that it is a blessing that the lord showed this to me before I entered into an BGLO organization full of decievement, darkness, idolatry, witchcraft, and self praise and glorification of a name other than the name of the lord. Let me share with you out of the unconditional love of the lord. For it is part of my mission. WIth love and GOd bless you.. I look forward to hearing form you ASAP