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X-DST's Influencing Aspirant. Minerva Worship?????

This was written in response to the help of 2 X-DST's. One of the e-mails is below.

"Thank you so much for the Email. You have had a big influence in m decision not to pledge." Aspirant

I received an e-mail from minister Hatchett regarding your questions about DST. I denounced Delta Sigma Theta in 2006 by writing an official letter that I had to get notorized asking for removal. As a young collegiate, I thought I wanted the acceptance of the women in the organization. I was attracted to the affirmation all the greeks on the yard gave each other, the status associated with being a member, and I wanted a sisterhood to belong to.

Well, I was hazed. I was slapped, bruised, bloodied, and betrayed (by my "line-sisters"). I realized that the expereince bred nothing but hatred and corruption, and in my heart I realized that this was not what I anticipated. I struggled for about 4 years trying to make the most of it and still be a member, I went thru a roller coaster ride of wanting to be a Delta and not wanting to be involved... Many members of BGLOS have a surreal experience that empowers them with a false sense of pride, and they make potentials believe that they are strong willed people when they allow themselves to be subjected to hazing.

BUt just think, would any normal person allow these things to be done to them in ordinary circumstances if they had any dignity? WOuldn't we be ready to press charges against an employer if they required these things of us--this blind submission, physical and verbal abuse, needless spending of our money for their gain?

No one forces you to be hazed, you have to decide to be ...but if you want to be 100% in that organization, hazing is the only way to avoid controversy. That is why so many people subscribe to it. It takes a much stronger person to walk away with self assurance enough to say, this is not for me, this is not of GOd, no matter how much they say they believe in God and are built on Christian principles. YOu must read between the lines. The sorority/fraternal system is built on pretentious characterisitics, and to do good for the community is the responsbility of every Christian---one does not need to belong to a group of people to carry this out if they are serving God service is the mask and underneath lies a bogus system that promotes elitism, self worship, hero worship, and blind allegiance...people who slap each other on the back and pump up each others' egos...they are weak people who want the affirmation of others to feel valued...PERIOD. God's afrirmation is all you need...

Many people are intoxicated by these types of social relationships, and the sad part is that there is so much corruption that gets covered up that the Christian Principles they brag about publicly are being privately forsaken...

God never intended for me to be a part of this type of my youth I thought as a child, but when I came of age, spiritually speaking, I had to put away childish things, and God did not want me to partake in the nonsense--DST was a childish thing I had to put away...furthermore, the love of Christ is far from what they practice, their love is very conditional--it is "moblike"--do what they all do and you are one of them...there is hypocrisy in their ranks because as soon as you have been deemed a skater because you have decided not to subject yourself to the foolish behaviors that hazing warrants, you are an outcast even though you are a legal, card carrying member, and others who have been brainswashed by hazing will still harrass you even unto the point of taking off your organizational paraphanelia --- this is not unity, this is not love, this is snide, this is hatred, and in the kingdom of God, you do not get mistreated for standing for DST, when my line collectively dropped, we were persecuted for not going thru with hazing...which, by the way is an illegal activity that DST publicly denounces, yet so many members partake in , young and old, knowing it is illegal but still revering its beguiling necessity inorder to be a "real" member --so they are also an organization of LIES, and Satan is the father of lies....Period...Furthermore, they accredit Roman/Greek goddess as being their guiding light, she is attributed with being the purveyor of wisdom for the organization, she is donned on the official seal, and although they give her symbolic credit only, they pay homage to her, and Christian Principles should tell them that the beginning of wisdom is the fear of the Lord...Minerva is a goddess from a pagan culture, and DST operates off of an internal belief system that Minverva is integral you pledge you are hosted by the Minerva Circle when you are a pyramid, and these are 14 members who are deemd as wise, intelligent (as they wear the name of Minerva Circle) just the same as a Christian is supposed to wear the traits of Christ when we wear His decide for yourself if this is a form of worship but in my book it is ... what would I tell God on judgement day when asked about giving Minverva credit for being the goddess of wisdom...

This entire culture is not God's way, and it is disguised by good acts of community service, charirty and all the stuff that people think are so wonderful for humanity...but the bottom line is that these individuals do these deeds to get the glory for themselves, they do not do it to give God the Glory...

Don't let your heart be troubled, God has better plans for you, and He is not the author of confusion...continue to seek true wisdom not borne of an organization, but born of GOd, read the Bible to fill you with what you need to know.

Re: X-DST's Influencing Aspirant. Minerva Worship?????

Now why would a member of DST want to try and answer this (the previous post? I don't know, but one did, and see what transpires.

From my blog

Minister Fred Hatchett
The following post is written in response to Montecella. It is one of the best responses I have ever seen in breaking down the BGLO brainwashing success. It will be posted on the web on other various sites.

Montecella’s post
“X Delta, so sorry you experienced hazing. You took a vow that you WOULD NOT allow yourself to be hazed. Seems like you may have had some cupability in your experiences. Yes, you can go on the web-site to see those who have been fined or expelled from Delta Sigma Theta, Inc. because as individuals, THEY decided to haze or be hazed. THe fact that YOU can see a list is validation that the ORGANIZATION does NOT approve of individual who choose to violate the policy. My prayers are with you my X-sister, that you find a connection somewhere. If really you are connected to GOD, then you should be in a state of forgiveness and prayer for those who saw fit to do you harm…..Jesus did. Get off this site, stop being a victim and find YOUR reason for being on Gods earth.”

X-Delta’s response to Montecella

First off, the arrogance that pervades these BGLO systems is very apparent in the “protect my letters mode” response offered by this Delta, as she attempts to use the hazer mentality to “instruct” me to get off the site and stop being a victim and furthermore uses a vow that is now null and void to me as a means of persuasion—won’t work, because I have no loyalty to the Greek system now that I have denounced, I am free indeed, so these rules do not apply to me. Silly rabbit, tricks are for kids! I am not intimidated or flustered by this attempt to use reverse psychology to obligate me to uphold values that are no longer applicable to me, and as a Child of God, who knows better now, I can say indefatigably, that I am free to educate people on what the Lord has shown me, and that is where my allegiance is. That is why I went through the DST experience, all things work out for the good of those who love Him and are called according to HIS PURPOSE…hmmm, do you even know what living according to HIS PURPOSE is, or are you using Delta to try to fulfill YOUR PURPOSE? I experienced DELTA for HIS PURPOSE, which is to do what I am doing on this site, so no, I will not get off.

I say again, I am free indeed, so please, do not think for a moment that I have ingested the oxymoronic poison that defines the BGLO system. Praise be to God that He is a God of second chances, since I at one time did honor such futile vows and HE still saw fit to forgive me. People who are a Slave to such a system cannot conceptualize rebelling against the system because they have attached themselves to strongholds that make them feel eternally obligated. In this case, the victim is not me, but the victim is on the contrary, the one who cannot see because of the scales that blind her eyes.

Culpability. Interesting that this word should be used. See, this word culpability is synonymous with responsibility, guilt, and blame. So, if I entertain the ideology of the BGLO system for just a moment, a pursuant of Greek letters is the one who seeks knowledge while the members are already informed of the ways of the organization. They are the teachers and aspirants are the seekers. Therefore, there is an advantage placed on the teachers: they know the “tricks of the trade” and the seekers are placed in a position to comply in order to get to the place of the teacher; if they do not, they will be rejected in some form or fashion. Yes, the seeker shares responsibility in being hazed, I was hazed because I chose to be, under the context of seeking entrance into the sorority. However, this does not promote justice or honesty on behalf of the “teachers”, it instead is beguiling and untrustworthy. Ultimately, this does not demonstrate respect for the fellow human, or the human personality.

So, in essence (still entertaining the BGLO ideaology), to whom much is given, much is required; the one with better knowledge is responsible for representing that knowledge accordingly and that DOES NOT HAPPEN when aspirants are deceived by hazers who abuse their authority. So aspirants, I implore you not to drink the Kool-Aide because they will turn on you and exonerate themselves from their failed responsibility – CULPABILTY— as this Delta articulately wrote, in order to preserve the façade of morality, honesty, compassion, and justice, among other lies that they ironically use as morality fodder. Was it right for the Colonists to buy Manhattan for $24 knowing its full worth, and being far more informed than the ignorant (uniformed) Native American sellers? This is pimpery at its finest, clothed in morality mumbo jumbo.

Also, by the way, as a sidebar comment, , the last time I checked, spanking, slapping, degrading and bullying are not moral qualities, yet, aspirants, if you are hazed, these things will happen to you. And there is no guarantee that you will not be expected to be hazed since the body of DST does things separate from what the head dictates on hazing disclaimers and such. Funny part of it all? These same “StrongBlackWomen” would probably never cower to a male domestic abuser; no never that. We won’t stand to let a man beat us, domestic abuse is a big taboo, but it is okay to let other grown women abuse you in the name of sisterhood, only for a short while, because after all you need to be broken down and rebuilt by Deltas so you can be another “blind faither” for the cause. Aspirants, you are responsible for you. Do not be a victim: the one who is enslaved by a beguiling system that talks out of both sides of its mouth. Be more informed than I was when I got involved. The principles of honesty, compassion and purity are but a few oxymoronic conflicts within this sorority. If I promise to “always protest against the double standard of morals” than I cannot condone hazing. Yet so many do, and will blame you for letting them do it to you. So, whose vows are really being violated?

ASPIRANTS: do not share in the blame of hazing, because they will certainly not share the blame with you. They will not be CULPABLE as the Delta replied. Consider my words a wise warning; but your free will can lead you to whatever choice you ultimately decide to make.

CHRISTIANS: If Minerva (the face of the Delta Crest) is the goddess of wisdom, what does that make Jehovah? Does He run second to HER?

Re: X-DST's Influencing Aspirant. Minerva Worship?????

This post is a continuation of the one above. Straight Fire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Another note on “morally sound and Christian principled” BGLO corruption and duplicity:

When I became involved in the underground hazing process, I started out as an interested person who went DST’s “community activities” and other social events. I put quotation marks around community activities because in hindsight these activities were actually smokescreens for a filtering process to select interested women for an upcoming line. In essence, these community activities were designed to benefit the chapter versus the community, in this “community based organization”. The reason why I say this is because after one particular event (I had been frequenting many of their activities) I was called back to one of their apartments and there were other young women there, thus beginning a testing period of pre-pledging. I was not introduced to any DST literature other than the published and available to the public book “In Search of Sisterhood” but I was introduced to hazing by way of non-sisterly treatment, running errands for chapter members, and being on call for whatever they wanted.

This was supposed to reflect how badly I wanted it, but in hindsight, it only reflected their narcissism, in this “community based organization” (how’s that for an oxymoron—narcissism and community?). Hazing has nothing to do with community but it has everything to do with selfishness. While you are giving of yourself all throughout the hazing process, members are extorting your services so you can get in the organization. Membership, in many cases, is contingent upon this type of relationship. If hazing promotes humility and strong character, then why do they act like selfish tyrants? Do you ever wonder? Is this what aspirants aspire top be like? If so, then they need to rewrite the organization’s description.

I was expected at that point, if I wanted to continue my DST quest to go with the flow. So I did. When the time came to actually have a formal Rush, the line had already been preselected! We were of course required to attend, told to ask questions, we even helped them prepare for it. So, in essence, the group who had complied with pre-hazing standards was the group to be chosen for the line. On the surface, however, it would appear that those pre-selected were actually just starting their quest at the Rush Activity, like everyone else. This process is not sanctioned by the Head of DST and demonstrates duplicity for the following reasons:

Selection began before the Rush Activity.

There was an ulterior motive for all chapter activities, and it wasn’t to get to know the members better in the sense of building a rapport or to serve the community; interested women were filtered based on their compliance with illegal hazing activities and were encouraged to lie about what was happening if they went along. At this point, there was no hazing disclaimer read, but there certainly was at the Rush Activity, which was a moot point since hazing had been going on all along.

The initial step that I took in consideration for membership was not attending the Rush Activity; the chapter made their own “initial step” that conflicts with what it says on the official website.

This experience was not congruent with what the official website says: “Our goal is to select women who not only meet the basic requirements, but also exceed them. Meeting basic requirements is the initial step in the Membership Intake Process”--- unless exceeding basic requirements is code for “compliance with illegal hazing activities”.

Where is the integrity? For those Deltas bothered by the stand that ex-members take and want to accuse and claim betrayal, I say this: there was never integrity present to begin with.

The below information is what is supposed to happen (

Obtaining Initial Information
All chapters of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. host a meeting, commonly known as a Rush Activity, where interested women receive information about the sorority and how to become a member. The Rush Activity is hosted at the discretion of the local chapter. All persons interested in becoming a member of Delta Sigma Theta must attend the official Rush Activity. Any individual who does not attend the Rush Activity is ineligible to be considered for membership at that time.

Interested persons are encouraged to attended public events hosted by the local chapters, such as forums, presentations, and community service and social activities, so that they may become acquainted with Sorority members and their activities in the local community.

Re: X-DST's Influencing Aspirant. Minerva Worship?????

Responses to a Christian Delta’s defense against ungodliness

A. Bending God’s Standards to fit in with Carnal Standards

•“…but let’s be real, the youth these days are out of control. We want them to be abstinent but we know that they are still having sex so we make sure they are at least being safe.” DivaQuay

God never tolerated a compromise of holiness in the Bible. The entire Old Testament attests to how God punished the conciliation of ungodly standards with His righteousness in the countless examples of the children of Israel being in bondage, rebelling and being punished. If you cannot uphold God’s standards fearlessly in the face of popular carnality, then you are double-minded and two-faced if you call yourself a Christian.

Fornication is as unholy now as it was when Jesus walked the Earth. He never told the woman at the well to, “wrap it up”, if she was going to keep on fornicating. He told the woman caught in adultery to go and sin no more. Why should today’s Christian message conform to safe sex if Christ’s never did? (Rhetorical). If an organization is to exemplify the pure standards of God’s Kingdom, there is no compromise, regardless of how pressing the reality of immorality is. Noah, building the Ark, shows a great example of how his devotion to God superseded what “everybody else” was thinking. Going with the majority is a sure way to the broad road of destruction. Broad denotes that many people go that way so the road has to be expansive in order to accommodate the masses. If you preach safe sex and abstinence then you are mixing truth and lies, and a drop of poison in a clear glass of water defects the entire glass; the water’s purity has been compromised. One drop of poison is all it takes to kill. A true Christian doesn’t care what the times dictate, because the gates of hell cannot go against the God’s Truth.

B. Ministers cannot save you, including MLK: Hero Worship and Groupthink

•“I come from a long line of ministers and neither of us see the problem.” DivaQuay

It is important to view ministers in a proper manner. Too much reliance on what the preacher says or does can lead to a slippery slope of hero worship and can lead right to the broad road. Hero worship comes in all forms, but it is important to know that all men must work out their salvation with fear and trembling, according to Philippians. Good works, including the changing of civil rights legislation, is not the end all answer for godliness, and it certainly should not be the criteria for judging the carnality and spiritual compromise of BGLOs. The only Hero to worship is Christ and Christ alone. He, unlike MLK and other preachers/ministers (even those with legacy), went to Calvary and died for our souls. Obedience is better than sacrifice; obeying God supersedes all acts of community sacrifice, even the most monumental ones. If God dictates that idolatry is a sin (among other BGLO offenses), then it doesn’t matter if MLK agrees or disagrees with it, or any other preacher for that matter, because God saying it should be absolute enough.

If a preacher has flawed theology (MLK), this is definitely a red flag, no matter how great his sacrifice to community was or is…Satan can disguise himself as an angel of light. There is an explicit connection between Satan disguising himself as an angel of light and the broad road that leads to destruction.

Furthermore, this idea of trusting everything that a preacher says shows the very paradigm (willful blind allegiance) that makes all BGLOs weak. When I denounced, I realized that I was thinking opposite of the BGLO masses, but thinking alike is what gives these organizations their strength. There is a fine line between fellowship and groupthink. Groupthink has the ability to perpetuate corruption and manipulation (particularly of Christ’s gospel) and in the case of BGLOs this is what is happening.

“I am the bomb as long as I go along, so I will continue to go along because I desperately want to be the bomb and until I rebel, this org will stay strong, even when I know things are wrong…” AE

Ministers can’t save you; they cannot get you into heaven! Blessed is the man who trusts in Him(God). Jesus died for your sins and it is He who saves. While ministers have their place, they cannot debunk God’s truth; manipulation is a trick of the devil. Pastors/church lay leaders/ministers who are willingly involved in GLOs/masonry and other secret societies are infiltrators, and the blind will lead the blind if saints have no discernment. The truth is mighty and will prevail, even against sororities with over 100,000 members.

C. “Your faith, my faith”; “Your Christianity, My Christianity”

• “However, I do tell young ladies that if you feel that sorority life will compromise your beliefs as a Christian than don’t do it. It didn’t compromise mine.” DivaQuay

This is probably the biggest underscore to why the church has become so tolerant of the world’s foolishness; because the church has watered down the strength of Christ’s principles to convenient Christianity, modified to fit the particular wants and whims of their human desires. Christ’s principles are not made of clay, to be tampered with and redone, they are the same and every Christian should have the same compliance. To juxtapose this idea, we are the clay to be molded and modified, yet when it comes to going against the sin nature, some would rather change Christ’s principles to fit human objectives than to change self for the upholding of Christ’s KINGDOM standards. Furthermore, if an organization is built on Christ’s principles, then one sister’s Christian beliefs ought to parallel scripture and fellow Christian sisters should be likeminded in this regard. So, you are willing to send off a Christian sister who upholds biblical truth to be yoked with sorors whose Christian faith is compromised? This makes no sense, according to Christian unity described in the Bible. This personalized Christianity equates to a *******ized version of Christianity where there is no cohesion in the ideals presented in God’s word, just customized religion. This is why promoting other things such as safe sex, hazing, Minerva worship, and lying continues to go on and supersedes the true foundation of Christ’s principles.

D. Selfless pledge process? What a lie! Selfish Pledge Process

• “My prophytes enjoyed us sticking together because the whole pledging process is about being selfless.” DivaQuay

Is this selflessness supposed to parallel submission to Christ (facetiously rhetorical)? A Christian should really ask this question, because the purpose for submission during the pledge process is nowhere near comparable to submitting to Christ. If hazing promotes humility and strong character, then why do prophytes act like selfish tyrants? Do as I say, not as I do? Again, hypocrisy.

E.Spending money versus pledging under the shadow of a false goddess mentor.

• “If you take the dollar bill as an example. There are many references to Greek origins on it as well as George Washington’s face on the front. Are any of you Christians refusing to spend money? “ DivaQuay

Spending money is hardly comparable to the use of Minerva as a symbol in DST. But, if one should naively attempt to compare spending money to worshipping a pagan god, Jesus told the Jews to render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s…while you can worship money, using money as a resource is far different from giving your heart to money. Caesar’s face, who was a Roman pagan, was on the coin, yet Jesus knew that there was a difference in giving your heart to Caesar or his money and giving your heart to God, by whom we are fearfully and wonderfully made, in HIS image. Therefore, spending the dollar with George Washington’s face is not comparable to devoting you heart to George Washington or the symbols used unless you choose to place your heart in such things.

DST chant: “Delta’s on my mind, Sigma’s not far behind, Theta is in my soul, DST is in control.”

Unless a similar attitude prevails when spending George’s dollar, the comparison is far-fetched. It is a heart issue. Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. DSTs boast about their hearts belonging to the organization, which would be fine if there weren’t false claims of morality and the organization was purely Christian; this, however, is not the case, immorality litters the organization in more ways than one. Actions, works, and deeds carried out in DST may in part appear as wholesome and moral, but the roots and covert activities need careful consideration.

F.Abraham as the Father of Faith compared to Minerva, the mentor

• “When we credit Abraham as the Father of faith does that mean we discredit Jesus whom took the ultimate leap of faith when he came to save us from our sins? I don’t think so.” DivaQuay

Abraham being the father of faith is used in Hebrews to demonstrate the type of faith Christians should have…sort of like the blind faith that members of BGLOs have towards their founders…except Christians are charged to have this type of obedient faith to Jesus Christ, not Minerva the wise mentor…

G. Conclusion

DST manipulatively re-orchestrates FIDELTY from God to their founders, who established an entire entity built upon Minerva, Masonic rituals, lofty ideals of moral supremacy, and Christian principles. And Christian Principles? Can Christ’s principles be validly placed in the same category as these?

When I divorced myself from the system, I was able to see very plainly obvious conflicts of interest with Christianity, starting with Minerva and ending with so much contradiction between what they espouse and what they do that the hypocrisy created a rank stench.

****Furthermore, I did not have to consult other members of BGLOs, ministers, civic leaders or otherwise to arrive at that conclusion. I just had to: 1) be real with God and His word, and 2) think for myself.******