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CGLO's could be breaking apart God's people from each other‏

I know that you have those individuals who have said that Secular GLO's cause division between a Christian and God but I realize that CGLO's cause division between God's people.

The reason why I joined a CGLO I wanted to deal with both Dual Membership with a GLO and CGLO. But the CGLO I wanted to do Ministry for God and develop as a Christian. I figured it would help and I wanted to give back to God figuring this is a good way to do so. I wanted to join a GLO because I loved the creativity of this organization and all that it stood for as an organization.

I talked to a Ex-Member of a BGLO about this and told her that I was in a CGLO she told me I didn't really need it. I didn't really want to listen to her like most people when we want to do what we want we tune people out. But I realize she was right.

I am realizing now that maybe that person was being more of a friend then I gave credit. It takes a real friend to tell you what you don't want to hear because you need to hear it. It takes less of a friend to not tell you what you need to hear when it is necessary to hear it.

Now I am realizing these things as far as just about any organization is deeper then what people think. Now CGLO's might not be on the same level as GLO's but like people have said before because they are trying to be like the world problems do happen. I am not saying that everyone of them are wrong but they have issues.

This is something I don't think people realize because when you put Christian behind something everyone thinks it is ok. But I realize now that it is breaking God's people a part from each other. Having God's people at each others throats.

The pledge process

1. Saved or Unsaved

In some CGLO's you have to be saved in others like the one I was in you can be unsaved or be saved. For the organization I was in I was told you could go through the pledge process but once it was time for you to become a member you must be saved. Now people had become saved people who were Muslim, Atheist etc but I always thought in my mind that is all well and good because those people became saved but what if they don’t. What happens then if they choose not to become saved? Which can lead to problems and issues in itself.

2. Hazing

Yes do Christian GLO's haze yes for the most part they do. Not to the degree that GLO's haze but for most of them they do. The reason why most do not know that they haze is because they don't haze as hard. When it comes to GLOs people have to pop out in the cut to take wood, get smile wiped or faced wiped, sit in the chair, watch TV, get beat down, etc. When it comes to Christian GLO's they take a few things from the GLOs out and use them. The reason being is that they want to compete with the world on it's level. They want to prove that their process is as real as the secular Some of the orgs I heard use wood or have used wood on people. Some members have been kicked out for hazing. Now they might be harder on stopping hazing because it is Christian but it goes on as well in these organizations. My process well I had to deal with push ups and sit ups which wasn't too bad. But to carry an object that was banging against my leg which was painful and could have causes a scar and for some why had to carry this object it was suppose to be justification for it. I can take pain but to do something like that that could leave a scar for what to help me to remind me of my process it makes no sense. So like other processes where you have to carry items like Bricks on Line I had to carry an item in my pocket. Like the BGLO which use different pledge words like Set we go to Set and mind you Set is the Dog Star a form of Satan. So we would go to Set but instead of dealing with Intimidation in which you had to deal with others coming at you with hazing. You still was Intimidated to the same way. Only actually BGLO and other GLOs are a little bit better because you apprehend being beat down once you are hit the psychological fear is over. But with CGLOs you still have fear because of the pressure of running history and scriptures if you don't know it you have to deal with a bunch of mess. And even in some cases people getting so angry that they want to haze you but only because of God they don't. So a lot of the same principles apply to these orgs. Also I don't get how you have praise and worship then get hazed afterwards. But yet a lot of CGLOs like GLOs talk about how they don't haze. You have had incidences where you have had women in the Sorority if it is a co-ed org like the one I am left that would harass the men who were trying to join the Fraternity and then you had the men in the Fraternity harassing the women who were joining the Sorority. You had your superiority complex same as the GLOs where the initiate is suppose to feel lowly that doesn't sound like Christianity to me. I know of one young lady I was told in the organization I left that she went to a BGLO Sorority because of what happened in her process they were trying to I guess humble her but she didn't want to be humbled in the way that they wanted to. Yet and still they should have showed her Godly love but it pushed her a way to go to a BGLO. Now she might be guilty of going against God why all because of the fact that Christians want to be harder on their own instead of showing God's love. I know how this org is and I think it is messed up that instead of them being kind and caring they figure the harder we are on someone the better a Christian they will be. It is a military mind set towards Christianity. It is God who develops us not an organization that does so. To me it is prideful because it says we can develop you into what we want you to become in God instead of letting God make us who he wants us to be. I wasn't changing because of the org the CGLOs say they can change you to become more like Christ. Only Jesus Christ does that and only he can. So to me the pledge process is terrible I think I would rather be hazed by Sinners in the GLO then CGLO because it does something to your mind when you got hazing going on by Christians I guess because we are suppose to show the love of God in us.

3. Elitism

You have elitism in them I have talked to a member of my org and even that person admitted that you have those who have D9 mind sets. In other words they have an elitist mind set when it comes to others which can drive Christians and those who are un-saved away. When I finished my process I started to know the change in my LBs and LSs totally changed and became different. Right then I really didn’t like what was going on because I couldn’t understand how people could totally change. You have this when it comes to GLOs when they cross you have a lot who become very elitist. It is like this one poem said it best.


People think that it is just GLOs are the only ones who act elitist well they are wrong they are not the only ones with that mind set. I dealt with a young woman who wanted to join our organization and because it is a co-ed org it was my job to connect her to the Sorority. Yet she thought of the Sorority as being elitist. So I don't think that most members in the organization realize this I think that some see these things but I don't think that most CGLO's see these things.

4. Ministry

Lack of Ministry first I have seen those in CGLO's put the Ministries at least the one I was involved with a head of the Ministries at Church. The CGLO takes over and they pretty much put their Church Ministry on the back burner. Because of the time given to CGLO's like GLOs people have to change their priorities that means even church. People have to give up Ministries in Church or step down for time beings. Which can cause a lot of problems in some case some people don't go back to certain Ministries because the CGLO takes presidency over everything else.

Also when it comes to CGLOs when I would hang out with members we would find ourselves not even get up to go to church because like GLOs, CGLOs like to have fun to just Christian Fun that is like the World only they just try to make it more Christian. Like it can be a Christian Party or this event or that event and it could be on a Saturday going on until about 2, 3 or 4 in the morning of course you know what happens then church Sunday morning you are to tired to go to church. So I would be finding myself in many cases when I was with them not going to church not always not doing so but most times. Because we would be up late night. Where when I am not dealing with an org I have no excuse not to miss church and if I do it is on me. So I would find more so that even a CGLO you start not going to church like you should. Matter a fact it was said that a lot of people in our org and you never know what other CGLOs that have made them church instead of going to church.

Lack of doing Ministry yes CGLOs do Ministry but from what I have dealt with not like that. I would say Ministry goes on about 20% of the time. Most CGLOs use stepping and are more so concern with stepping if anything then to set up meaningful events that are catering to Christians. Yes they do have Bible studies from time to time, Consecrations from time to time, Fast, etc but it seems more so about having fun as a Christian the Ministry Part is less because like it has been said it is trying to keep up with the world. So of course you got to have events like the world other wise you would not be a GLO for Christians. So for the most part I found myself not really ministering for God at all.

5. Conflict

When it comes to CGLOs there are a lot of conflict between the Body of Christ you think they are Christians so why would they have conflict with each other but it happens a lot from the top down ward. I had to be honest about this two CGLOs one I knew of and one I was in I was told by one of the heads of the other. That they were trying to be on the council with the organization that I had belonged to now you would have thought this stuff would not get so that you had Christians who should show love to each other but it happens. I think the person that I knew and respected a lot he felt hurt by the other person in my organization now mind you both Christians both very strong in Ministry. Yet they don't even talk any more because of petty none sense. You have others who have almost let friendships go in organizations because of petite things. I know two top officials in the organization who almost lost a friend or had lost a friendship over trying to run for office.

You have petite mess where you have if their is which most are co-ed organizations where you have Fraternity and Sorority trying to kick it to each other. You have the Fraternity trying to just talk to the members of the Sorority talking to each and everyone of them they think is cute. They feeling hurt by these things and feeling like it is just about looks. You have Sorority hurting the Fraternity I know for myself I have been hurt by a Sorority Sister I cared for very deeply. It caused me to sin before God which isn't a good thing. It was like she didn't care about me or my feelings so me being in this type of org I guess you think things are going to be different and better.

You have Brothers against Brothers trust me when it comes to CGLOs they can be at each others throats. I sinned against God because I cursed and was going to fight my LB in a fight. People in my CGLO the men several of them have almost gotten into fights with each other. Sister against Sister I mean catty they have gotten into it hurting each other. Holding onto pain and hurt because the other has done them in wrong and wasn't right.

I had to laugh I was reading Minister Hatchett’s book and how he said that if he wanted to wear a CGLOs t-shirt they would probably harass him and he is a Christian. That is so true me personally I would give him a t-shirt but that is how much they are trying to be like the world. We have Christians who don’t even show love to other Christians unless you down with them. Same thing goes on with GLOs.

Don't get me wrong you have a few relationships in these orgs that are ok but most of them problems and issues.

Now you will say why is this such a big deal well it is destructive because it causes Christians to break a part. There have been those who have left the org revoked their membership because of hurt and pain. Others who have left the org to go to other GLOs because of the problems they have had. I know for myself I also wanted to leave my org because of things like this so I would have been going and sinning against God because of the hurt and pain I suffered. I know others who have actually done so because they got upset. Also some who do not wish to be a part of the body of Christ those things can really effect someone’s relationship with God which is what the devil loves. Hurt and pain cause Christians to become vulnerable which is what the devil loves. Because if we don't feel love by God's people or we have conflict with God's people we feel like we unloved by God. So these things in CGLOs can be bad as well.

6. Reverence to Organization rather than God

Why do I say this is because when it comes to CGLOs it seems as if they pay more reverence to the organization then to God. When I first became interested in the CGLO I was a part of I would read testimonies about how the org did this that and the other. But an organization can't do those things only God can do those things. It is like you are trying to become a better Christian through an organization not through God and his power. It is through the power of Jesus Christ that does these things. What happens is that they loose a sense of who they are in God by not being a lone with God to develop themselves. It has been through God's power that I have been able to make any changes in my life to be a better person not an organizations.

7. Dual Membership

You have those in CGLOs who are a part of GLOs as well as Masons and Eastern Stars. You also have those who join GLOs who want to join CGLOs. Then you have those who are in CGLOs who want to join GLOs in the future. So dual membership can happen when it comes to CGLOs because the CGLOs and GLOs are different so you can join both if you want to.

Nothing wrong with Ministry on College Campuses we need to spread God's word on College Campuses that you have so many people who are lost. But it is what the CGLOs are doing to the relationships of God's people and how Christians are representing themselves in these orgs that is causing the problem.

No they don't have any evil rituals none that I know but the devil through hurt and pain can lead God's people into other organizations and lead God's people away from God because of wanting to compete with the world.