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Re: If Nimrod is Baal and also Baphomet is Baal then how can a Man be a Demon

I am not saying it should be praised rather that ok if lets say Muslims were correct about their salvation if they listened to us even know I know Christianity is the true religion according to them Allah has no son so according to them lets just say for a sec they were right then first off we are about of Idol Worshipers correct.

Muslims, Mormons,Catholics, Jehovah Witness, Judism you are correct even though they are trying to do the right thing by God because they are searching clearly for the same God as us whether they realize it or not. Yes Jesus is God it's just they don't know that. However Muhammad,Charles Taze Russell, Joseph Smith lied to these people however they are searching for God. They are false religions that doesn't mean they are not trying to do the right thing by God. So that is why this is the case you have several different religions in these organizations. And they do believe they believe in God and technically they all are trying to follow the God of the Bible.

Min. H
What I don't get
Ok Question if the organization says it has a plan of salvation then why have the candidate express their religious beliefs why not just say hey don't believe in Christ or anything else if I was going to say not trying to have anyone believe in Christ I would say don't believe in anything but they stress belief in ones religion. You can't even join without belief in God.

Min. H

My own ritual as well. They have a plan of salvation. What other organizations that are Non-Religious in nature have a plan of salvation?

I challenge you to post those facts, some of which are already posted somewhere in the forums.

What's the difference? They do not believe that he is the only way so why discourage it? Rather by accepting all faiths as equal, you deny Jesus as the Truth, and deny His own words as truth. It's rather tricky and deceitful.

Based on the fact that Freemasonry has its OWN plan of salvation WITHOUT Jesus Christ is a DENIAL of Him in the first place. So by allowing the Christian to join is a slap in the face of Jesus.

You still bring up this belief in God requirement as if it something to be praised. Belief in which God. There can be only ONE; not one to this person and another to that person, but only one.