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Hopefully the title caught your attention and rightfully so b/c this will be life changing for all those who have a love for the truth so that they may be saved/more righteous (2 Thessalonians 2:10).

I've been perusing the forum topics and I came across Fred's ordeal with Elevation Baptist Church and it inspired me to use this platform to help free more people from the bondage/hurt of church, religion, and greekdom!

Being a member or patronizing any "Christ" professing organization such as Baptist, Pentecostal, COGIC, Full Gospel, Church of Christ, Southern Baptist, AME, Potter House, World Changers Church International, Catholicsm etc is against God's order for His people and His wrath will come on all those who continue to do so!

Here's why .....

1) The Mother Harlot (also known as Babylon the Great, the W**** of Babylon) spoken about in Revelations 17:5, is the CATHOLIC CHURCH. The Catholic Church is not only the biggest and most powerful religious system that professes Christ, but it's the largest in the world period and has been for centuries with BILLIONS of followers. For those who don't know, Catholics think Mary was sinless and is the queen of heaven, pray to "fake" angels and Mary, pray for the dead, has a false gospel book known as the catechism, purposely omitted one of the commandments out their Bible (graven images), discourages members from reading the Holy Bible, says the Pope is "Christ" in the "flesh" on earth and promotes many other heresies that are all unbiblical and evils from the pits of hells!

2)In order to be a mother you must have children. And those of us who know church history (I'm a former Baptist of 20+ years), know that EVERY "CHRISTIAN" DENOMINATION/RELIGIOUS SYSTEM WAS BIRTHED FROM CATHOLICISM and is heavily influenced by her (Rev 17:5, 2:20). PROTESTANISM comes from the root word PROTEST, as in PROTEST of the Catholic Church, their mother.

3)One example of how the blatantly evil Catholic Church influences other professing "Christian" denominations (her children) is the evil practice of Easter. EASTER is a pagan holiday that gives homage to idol gods that the Catholic Church adopted to get pagans to join the Catholic Church to increase their influence and wealth. But ......
a)The Bible never mentions Easter
b)It never told us what day Jesus died and was resurrected.
c)And if Jesus died on "Good Friday" as they claim, then why they have "Easter" or "Happy Resurrection" service on Sunday when the Bible clearly states he rose 3 days later??! That would be Monday ... it's all the doctrine of satan and satan is making a fool of them! They're paying homage to idol gods and don't know it. Same for Christmas too. It's NOT nor EVER BEEN ABOUT JESUS, IT'S A GOOD SOUNDING LIE!

4)A W**** (harlot means w****) GIVES YOU VALIDATION, PLEASURE IN EXCHANGE FOR YOUR MONEY AND LOYALTY. Think about that in regards to these churches and religious systems.

5) I never been to any black church (I been to many) that clearly denounced membership in fraternities, sororities, freemasonry. So God's wrath will come upon them b/c for one they are enablers of sin ... in fact I can't think of a church I attended where these self-righteous foolish greeks/masons/OESers were not in "leadership" or didn't have a noticeable presence in the parking lot (license plates, car emblems etc). THEY WON'T REBUKE THEM B/C THEY WILL LOSE MONEY AND LOYALTY (THINK AGAIN W****). It's painfully obvious to anyone with common sense, let alone the Holy Spirit that these greeks, freemasons, and OES DEFINITELY DON'T EVEN MIX WITH THE MOST BASIC TEACHINGS OF CHRIST and are full of contradictions and idolatry.

6) God warns us in REVELATIONS 18:4 to COME OUT OF HER and STAY OUT OR His WRATH will come. So people let's remove ourselves from these churches/religious systems and not be a sorry fool. Pray God will fill that "void" with something better and he certainly will b/c of your obedience!

There's so much more I can say in exposing the truth but I pray this is enough to enlighten people to seek more truth and be freed of the bondage to church/religion. The truth shall set you free, like it did me! I'm so much more happier and matured so much once I accepted what the Holy Spirit was showing me for years ... I didn't want to believe it initially but I'm saved & I love the truth so eventually I did. Plus I have more time and money to exalt God and better myself (and directly give to the poor) b/c I'm not ripping and running to a church every time I look up.


Let's look specifically at this pastor (leadership) system that is part of the bigger Harlot religious system.

1. Do you think God is pleased when He sees these men/women "in leadership" sit elevated and away from the main congregation, in fancy robes and chairs, preferential treatment, with pretentious titles, and their names promoted everywhere (hence prideful NOT HUMBLE beings) (Luke 11:43)?

2. Do you think God is elated when He sees people give these men/women "in leadership" the respect and praise they are suppose to reserve for God and God alone (Luke 11:43)? Usually it's under the guise of pastor appreciation but it's really pastor worship/church idolatry!

3. Do you think God loves it when He sees people constantly seek FIRST their pastor/leadership for questions/help and not Him nor His Word (Philippians 4:6)?

HE IS NOT! People have put their pastor, leadership, church and this whole harlot religious system in a place in their heart where only Christ is suppose to be. Because if they don't see a pastor frequently or are affiliated with a church/denomination they don't feel saved. And this is not how it suppose to be. Besides, the Holy Spirit is our main teacher and will led us to all truth (John 14:26)!

When Adam and Eve were on this Earth, there was no church, religious system, and pastor(s) made for them ... the religious system came about as a result of Eve's sin. But now that JESUS CHRIST came, died, and resurrected, He restored the original planned communion between God and man (John 14:6), so we are no longer to indulge in this religious system with its pastors, false leadership, and just all the glory of its false covering.

And when the Bible speaks about the Church of Corinth etc and the other early churches in the new testament, it was talking about saved people/believers in various cities, not a building(s), a denomination, or 501(C)s in the sense most do today. The REAL Church are saved people, Jesus is coming back for His Church which is not a building or a denomination.

Please do not be afraid to respond and have a dialogue with me. It's my job to free and enlighten as a follower of Christ. I would really like to further help someone out there who is struggling with what I was ....


I would like to inform you that I have issues with many churches, but not all churches are ungodly and evil.

The purpose of exposing Elevation Baptist Church was to show the abusiveness of leadership and to give people warning signs that they are in a potentially bad situation.

I know the church is a body of believers, but local churches did exist, whether they be in someone's home or in some other edifice.

Minister Fred Hatchett


Greetings F. Hatchett

Well I wasn't inspired to write this just because your ordeal with Elevation but no where in the forums did I see talk about deliverance from the religious system. This is extremely important.

And so we clear (I love bullet points b/c it's easier to follow) .....

1) I never said all assemblies were ungodly and evil. Assemblies where saints gather that don't copy the popular and dominant Harlot religious system (found on every corner) are blessed and anointed by God. The early local assemblies after Jesus resurrection didn't look like the churches today ...

2) Now all assemblies where there is a denomination attached, tithes are taken, and/or a pastor/leadership system (as partially described in my previous post) is in place are definitely ungodly and evil b/c they are operating as an offspring of the apostate Harlot religious system that is spoken against in the Bible several times that leads people away from truth and all righteousness.

3) And last but not least to your "I have issues with many churches, but not all churches are ungodly and evil" statement. This harlot religious system is not an isolated issue, it's a system in place that even the most good intention persons, denominations can't break. There were some people who I thought were sold out for God but that Harlot religious system is too strong and instead of removing themselves like God told us to do, they tried to "fix it" but end up getting caught up WORSE and yoking themselves to heretic false teachers like TD Jakes, Juanita Bynum etc and other ****able heresies and traditions OR ended up getting kicked out and left with all this spiritual abuse to deal with (I know of this one guy who was "cursed" by his beloved pastor for rightfully challenging the contradictions he noticed, but again if he would've just left ...). Godly discernment is not welcomed in this Harlot religious system .... they'll throw that tired cliché of "well ain't nobody or church perfect" to keep you in bondage or squeeze you out b/c of the Holy Spirit working in you.

3) Besides, there is no true fellowship is this religious system anyway. When services end they all go home to live their separate lives, there's no breaking bread at each other houses, people constantly walking right by each other with no godly hug or a "Hi" and warm smile, no randomly calling to check on one another or share the Word, nor giving money to a brother/sister who's apparently in need like true fellowship entails ... in the rare occasion that does happen, it's broadcasted all over the church so that person can be exalted or glorified, that's not true fellowship. GOD ISN'T IN IT AND THAT FACT MANIFEST ITSELF IN MORE WAYS THEN ONE.


My deliverance was the Holy Spirit. No tricks or gimmicks. The Lord was gracious in making me aware, I knew what I should do and did it thank God.

Having a denomination attached makes it evil is not necessarily so. I do believe some denominations have issues.


If you was delievered by the Holy Spirit (not saying you was not, no need to go there), we should definitely be touching and agreeing on this very pertinent truth that all of us who profess Christ should embrace.

I gave biblical scriptures in context and indisputable facts to validate the TRUTH I'm speaking. And I can eloquently elucidate more if you ask me to.

However, your rebuttal has only been "I do believe" and nothing whatsoever righteously profound to validate your claim of not "all" are part of this pervasive demonic church religious system (***** of babylon, harlot).

Fred, I respect what you doing with this site and support your ex-bglo ministry (I believe I gave financially once or twice) but I pray that God opens your eyes and heart to HIS WILL for HIS PEOPLE on this serious matter.

Revelations 18:4 And I heard another voice from HEAVEN, saying, COME OUT of her, MY PEOPLE, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.


I think this will be my last comment here on this. I like to stray away from even the appearance of quarreling about biblical truths, those who have ears let them hear and I pray act accordingly ... if not I still did my job sharing the good news.

But this church religious system will always groom and cultivate spiritual shallowness and anti-intellectualism. They will never speak and operate under the True Gospel of Jesus Christ, but they will always speak and operate under a false social/political/man made (in other words demonic) gospel.

Think about this one example. When Barack Obama first ran for office practically all the black churches and pastors were behind him and rooting him on. Mind you at that time Obama stated many times that he supported gay civil unions (not marriage at the time), supported abortions, didn't believe in a hell, and zealously aligned himself with the secular world b/c he said out his mouth, Jay-Z (who also goes by the blasphemous "Hova"), was his favorite rapper etc.

BUT it wasn't until Obama said that he supported gay marriage last year you had some of these churches and preachers finally trying to publicily sabotage and speak against him. See once again these people are not led by the right spirit! B/c if they were they would've not supported him from the very beginning. And you still have churches and pastors who zealously supports this ungodly man ... What is it going to take for people to see God is not in it, he sends us signs all the time! Please stop ignoring them, it's all wrong and just full of ignornace and fake/pseudo holiness!! Again be wise and leave this church religious system, do not ignore what the spirit is saying/showing you, listen and obey .....

This message is for those with the Holy Spirit, this message is for those who strive to please The Father, and this message is for those have a love of the Truth! Again I wished someone would've told me this or I had this revelation years ago and I'm telling someone now who needs to hear this so right now they can be FREE from more spiritual abuse, lies, generational curses, financial extortion, wasting time, church drama, stunted growth, being a man pleaser, idolatry, wolves in sheep clothing, demonic influences, SIN..... John 8:32 THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE

God Bless