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This is the forum area where you can discuss topics related to the Biblical exposure of Greek organizations. All posts are reviewed; if they are offensive they'll be deleted. 

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GLO's Exposed Discussion Forum
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thank you to site administrators

i just wanted to say thank you to whoever created this site and all the contributors who have made comments and shared. im 19 yrs old and currently entering my sophmore year at a university. i pledged the spring semester of my freshman year just to regret it months later. i spent about $750-$800 of my financial aid money (bummer) and sacrificed my gpa, my health and my overall happiness while being involved in the zeta phi beta chapter at my university. me being without financial stability i struggled to take care of myself while being at school because of financial obligations when it came to putting on events and traveling every other week for this picnic and that probate etc. i didnt have hardly any prior knowledge of D9 frats and sororities before i pledged so i was sold lies when i attended interest meetings and gatherings hosted by the forward to after i crossed i was overwhelmingly stressed out trying to juggle school, publicizing things for the sorority even though we had study hours i often lost precious study and sleep time. i gained weight from the stress in fact and was so unhappy and without peace. when the spring semester ended and i was out of school for the summer and away from the other sorority members(THANK GOD!) i began to have more free time look up more info about not only zpb but all the divine nine and their ties to freemasonry and false gods. simultaneously almost it seemed that God was trying to tell me something through news casts and events happening throughout the world. life is short. too short to be spent unhappy the way i was. i had been take advantage of by a "frat brother" , id gotten debydrated twice at two different greek events and my LS's could care less, and i was belittled by the dean of my chapter because i was neo. so after considering all the hell i had been through since joining, i decided it was time id listen to God and all the signs telling me why i didnt need zeta and why i should get out. 1) i was worth more as a human being and child of God than the way they treated me 2) and it was obviously false idolatry. being on social nerworks like twitter and instagram i just saw how the greesk who had been greek longer than me ( a total of 5 months) were consumed with greek picnics strolling and partying and where the skinny zetas or the fine deltas were.THEIR ORG WAS THEIR LIFE. and i was like forget this theres more to life than this. and every since i denounced ive seen the life outside the org, much like life was before i joined, more simpler and peaceful. i hope someone reads this posts and is touched by it like the other ex greeks testimonies touched me. much love

Re: thank you to site administrators

I'm glad you found your way through. trust me I have been there and done that. Email me any time, and I will share with you some things I went through as well. I denounced PBS about 6 years ago. This site really enlightens you about certain ideals that you may not see in these organizations. Good for you. God Bless You.

Re: thank you to site administrators

Praise God, and you are most welcome. God is truly helping people like yourself and me, more than I could ever know.