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I just don't send copies of the ritual out. I send excerpts with critical commentary.


I received a message from someone who was "blocked out" and he expressed his discontenment with this new set up. There are enough sites that support so-called Christians who are straddling the fence. One feet in God's Kingdom and one in Greekdom. They are NOT one in the same. One causes you to totally compromise what should be an undaunting Faith in God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. He said that this site has become watered down due to the lack of debate and was a "punk move"--that we are just cheering one another on and giving spiritual high fives--so to speak of course. Anyway, "let GOD be true, but every man be a liar." Search the scriptures for that one-if you really believe what the Holy Bible says it truth.
There is a way that seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof is death"(spiritual and natural). What's really being watered down and weakened here is God's Word.


Then I will just have to be a punk to this person. This is the whole problem with greekdom. This is why people get beat downs. They do not have the strength and moral character to stand up to people like this. If this person wants to debate, they can e-mail me or anyone else who makes their e-mail addresses public.

Let's get back to Kappa! Now if this guy is a Kappa, he can refute this info with me. 919/278-8911


I have been talking with the Kappas as well. I will give you feedback later.


It has now been viewed over 500 times. I have received only a few e-mails about Kappa. This says, if not proves something; that all most people wanted to do was GRANDSTAND. They wanted to offer no facts or proof for their comments, and certainly no biblical reasoning for their comments. I found it easier to do it this way than to monitor every post.


Check This link out. Click the links on the page about broken canes. And there are people who justify this. Ones who call themselves Christians.


A man pulls out of Kappa 1 hour before the meeting is supposed to start. Praise God!


I will place an initial portion of this to the guestbook. The rest will be posted in the Kappa Alpha Exposed section of the Forum.

I can only speak as a member of KAPsi when saying that my organization has a Christian founding based upon Christian principles. Now, over many years, many of these principles have been perverted by members of the organization. That does not eliminate the Christianity within the foundation of the establishment.
Min. H
Wrong- They were corrupted from the very beginning. There are origins that go beyond your founding fathers. What are those Christian foundations? How does APOLLO fit in to these Christian Principles?

When I was in middle school, the Kappas mentored me through our Guide Right program and I mostly remember how they instilled the passion for service to others, and listening to Commissioned on the stereo. being in a school setting, I don't think that they could just come out and tell me, "hey kid, choose Jesus," but that's what I and many of the others got, some of my friends were turned off by it, however I was not.
Min. H
Are you paper? A simple yes or no will do.

As a Christian it is my job to deliver the good news of Jesus to Christ to the world. My allegiance is to Him, I am affiliated with my fraternity. We are called as Christians to develop relationships with others through the love of Jesus. I try to always relate to my fraternity brothers and people in general in this fashion to show that Christ is Real and that He has bigger plans for the fraternity than just trying to be a pretty boy.

Min. H
Is eliminating the worship of a false god one of those things? As a matter of fact, would you please state the meaning of the arm with the spear in hand as a good gesture thqat Christ is real and worship of false gods is ungodly.
The unfortunate thing is that everything stated on this site about fraternities can be equally said about the church. Many of the congregations around the world have become so ritualistic in their developed religion that true relationship with Jesus is often never attained by members. Establishments of the church that have been man made sometimes become sacred when they have no firm biblical basis for their institution.

Min. H
But the church is not founded by man, nor is it subject to man's rules. The church has the authority and right to expel sinners. How about GLO's? Is this the case in your church?
Oh ye! Let me make it clear; the church ansecret societies cannot be equated, so your correlation between the two is useless. You do not see a perversion of secret societies in the early church.

Hopefully, we can begin to stop bashing people because of their affiliations; recognize that everyone is afflicted through an affiliation with sin, and begin to love them as Christ has commanded, rather than cast judgement. There is one truth and that is that Jesus is ONLY WAY to God, and regardless if you are greek or not you need Him. For people who are in orgs, I don't suggest you "de-pledge" or whatever, instead shine the Light of Christ into the dark places of your organization and lead your brothers and/or sisters into a true repentence and true relationship with Christ.
This can be done outside the organization just as easily. What are those dark places? Care to mention some that are deeply ingrained in the organization? It's you telling everyione who comes hear to be a light. WELL BE A LIGHT! Start revealing the darkness in your rituals first!!!!!!!
Jesus is a restorer and redeemer, and I believe myself to be one of his many vessels that He'll use to restore my org back to Him.

Min. H
I am not bashing your affiliation, I am bashing what you are affiliated to, and it does matter what you join yourself to. Would you align yourself with Planned Parenthood? Would you align yourself with NAMBLA (North American Man Boy Love Association)? Would you align yourself with the pornography industry? Would you endorse passing out condoms to teenagers?

Your organization was never with Him.

These organizations are not worth trying to restore, only the people to Christ. And if you claim the church is so messed up, WHICH ORGANIZATION IS WORTH MORE TO RESTORE, YOUR FRAT or Jesus Christ's BLOOD BOUGHT CHURCH? Souls are restored, not organizations. Since your organization and other GLO's allow sinners to JOIN, SIN will always prevail as it always has done. You are welcoming UNEQUAL YOKES INTO these organizations. They organizations were never perverted. They were perverted from the beginning. People did nothing to make Kappa bad, they only took things to the next possible conclusion, GREATER ABOMINATIONS. (SEE EZEKIEL 8)

The problem with your plan is that no steps are being made to exact this. ALL CHRISTIANS RIGHT NOW COULD GO TO THEIR RESPECTIVE EXECUTIVE BODIES WITH DEMANDS TO MAKE CHANGES. THIS COULD HAVE BEEN DONE YEARS AGO WHEN I MENTIONED IT. INSTEAD, BELIEVERS HAVE BEEN MET WITH EXCUSES AND RESISTANCE. Christians would rather acquisce than truly try to change the organization.

I will tell you what's in the way once you prove it by your response.

I am not personally attacking people in GLO's. My problem is with the GLO's themselves.

God Bless!

Re: EXPOSING KAPPA ALPHA PSI- 1997 Constitution

I was looking at the 1997 Constitution of Kappa Alpha Psi. I noticed they had Invictus in it. What was odd is that they changed "whatever gods may be", to whatever God may be. An ex-kappa and myself made two observations.

1.) Someone must have had a conscience that something about was wrong to the point they changed it from gods to God.

2.) It looks good on the surface, but still mirrors everything these orgs are about; religious pluralism. "WHATEVER GOD MAY BE"???????? This is actually no different than saying gods. This statement is eerily similar to one made in some Delta Sigma Theta literature, which says that DST believes in a "SPIRITUAL" life, but leaves it to the individual to choose the medium in how they serve that life. I will reply with the exact quote later. But both statements are one in the same.

However, I do give Kappa and someone or some people some credit for making the change, although the reality is it changes nothing.


I was deeply involved in this frat. I agree with some of what you are saying. I pledged years ago and denounced the frat. As the years passed I am now seeking to engage them with the gospel per col 4:2-6. I love these men deeply and want to see the gospel penetrate their hearts thru the Holy Spirit. Having experienced and denounced the rituals I want to see these men redeemed. Want to see Jesus penetrate and be Lord col 1:15-23.


Understood, could please send me those excerpts then?


Sure thing. Give me a day or two.


Did you ever get the chance to send this email to me? I can't seem to locate an email from you.


I thought I had, but maybe it was someone else. I'll get them to you, but give me some time, a couple of days.


All Greek fraternity were call out of the demonic realm. They originated from the kingdom of darkness. You brother have made and oath and pledge your soul to satan the devil of course you don't know this. And you want believe it either. Think about the weird dream you've been having. Think about your anger problem. Think about how you're so stuck on your self. Think about all your fail relationships. Think about how empty you feel inside. Stop pretending you know things are going haywire in your life. You have join yourself to an evil entity that controlling your very life. Repent and denounce that evil while you have a chance. Have your name taking off that roll.cry out to Yeshua for mercy. Shalom


"All Greek fraternity were call out of the demonic realm."

What proof do you have that this is true?


Where did that quote come from?