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Re: Where did WWW.DONTGOGREEK.COM come from? Why I denounced Prince Hall Freemasonry and Omega Psi P

I'm a member of both organizations and I actually feel bad for you. You were apparently looking for something and you could nor will never find in any man made organization.

Min. H
I feel great for me. I took a long hard look from a biblical worldview and came up with a reasonable conclusion based on the evidence.

So nothing that you went through surprises me. What does surprise me is that you are now a man of God and feel the need to try and tear down any organization that is not trying to say if you join you will have peace and salvation. The Frat nor Mason's say they will give you everlasting life so it's your fault you put your faith in man at that time. The Frat is nothing more than a voluntary organization which has politics that I don't particularly care for yet I personally feel that Omega hasn't stripped me of my Faith and Beliefs in God All Mighty.

Min. H
You may want to re-read your rituals. Both promise eternal life to its members. As for tearing down, I believe fraternities and sororities are doing that just fine from the worldly actions they involve themselves in, while I simply exposed the spiritual issues.

I take it for what it is and no more. To think that because a Muslim wanted tot join the Frat coming from a now minister is being judge mental and not Christ like.

Min. H
It's not judgmental, I was laying out the facts as they were at that time. The fraternity is truly hypocritical when it comes to this for the most part. Telling a Muslim the truth is judgmental, but it is a righteous judgment.

You claim to be the a man of the cloth yet you spew hate and say that Muslims don't believe in God? Really? So the name Allah isn't God? You appear in your writing to be more bitter and angry than trying to save souls. Yet I'm glad you found Christ and not in a man made organization.

Min. H
Allah and Jehovah are not the same God, and I mean that lovingly and because it's true, just ask a real Muslim. So if Allah is God that means that Jehovah is not, but both CANNOT be God. And see, this is the problem with fraternities and sororities, they are religiously plural, and it infects the whole organization. I believe there are some, not many, who have not been infeted, but the organizations are.

Finally the Frat nor Mason's have missed your presence, you seemed needy and searching for something and you didn't find it there so you hate on all the GLO's which to me is cool because every year in undergrad and Grad there are young men who do find their way to Omega and other organizations and don't have the same experiences you've had.

Min. H
I had no delusions of grandeur as if all GLO's were going to fold. But there are many who will never have to see the violence, misogyny, TWO-FACEDNESS, hypocrisy, etc. Omega, above many, is one of the worst. I give people the real deal on fraternities and sororities. I don't hide behind the secrecy.

Stop using Christianity as you reason to spew hate, just keep it real as we all fall short of his glory. You are just BITTER!

You call it hate, but let me ask you two questions, are you paper? If not, did you or do you pledge guys the old school way? And you are the one who sounds a little bitter. And allow me to remind you that you have been guilty of the very sasme thing you have accused me of, JUDGING!

I do not answer UNKNOWN or BLOCKED Numbers

Re: Where did WWW.DONTGOGREEK.COM come from? Why I denounced Prince Hall Freemasonry and Omega Psi P

Greetings! Minister Hatchett, In The Name of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ;

Tonight while doing research and study about Black Fraternities and Sororities I discovered your story about GLO and Freemasonry. First, I would like to commend your "COURAGE" in making a stand against these hidden cults and idoled organizations. I read your story and it has inspired me to finish my Book called Destroying Ancestral Demons and their Altars. Minister Hatchett we both have similar stories. In the fall of 1983 at Tenn. State Univ. some high school buddies of mine and "New" incoming Sophomores I had befriended had a high interest of becoming members of the fraternity called Kappa Alpha Psi, Inc. As the semester progressed the fraternity released a Memo: About their interest meeting to be held at the Student Union Building during primetime hours about 7pm. After reading the memo I got excited!! called my "Buddy" I ran track with in high school and told him about the meeting being held. In the meantime his reply was "Man"..I am going to put on my best suit and wear my 14K Gold Harringbone neckless..I then replied to him brother I don't think that would be wise because you would be implying to them you are already a member of their organization. He then told me I'm not scared of those "Punks"...I can wear what I want to wear...I bought this jewelry,suit,shoes,etc. So, we proceeded and went to the interest meeting. When we got there; there were like hundreds of Kappas just swarming!!!Everywhere with the Greek jackets,hats,shirts, spinning canes,etc. So, I was thinking they were going to like prescreen us to find out our backgrounds about our social character and our academics!? So, there were some brothers of Kappa Alpha Psi observed our presence and called my buddy over to a crowd of their brothers and he then replied to me man see they want to recruit me..!? I just stood and I was waiting for him they took him off somewhere...and I didn't see him for awhile!!?? In the meantime I was approached by some Kappas and then they began verbally hazing me..and one guy tapped me in my butt with a cane..I replied to him brother why? did you hit me with that cane?? His reply was shut up?? Do you want be a NUPE?? At that time I didn't know what a NUPE was??? So, I said yes. Then they began to roughing me up!! Hitting me in my chest and even slapped, I told those guys "MAN" this stuff is crazy!!! There afterward as I began to leave my buddy came out of a room his eye had been cut,his nose was bleeding,and he was limping from getting hit with, I concluded right at that moment I would not proceed with the process. In closing my high school buddy he continued and crossed over. My point that I'm pointing out is I never understood why?? the brotherhood felt that it was and is still necessary to paddle/cane the New candidates to be affiliated with the organization!? I then at that time continued to search for an organization that I felt I could see myself associated with that had integrity and character for what they represented to the community. So, I then pursued Freemasonry Prince Hall Lodge because my father was the Worshipful Master at that time of Prince Hall Lodge #252. In the Fall 1992 after three long "HARD" months of being initiated I was excited about becoming a member and getting involved with community affairs until one meeting we had during a initiation process they began to say things and do things that I discerned to be "Evil" acts that were done too me that I was unaware of because I was blindfolded/Hoodwinked in Masons terminology. So, after participating in these rituals my Spirit just would "NOT" let me, I began to do deep research about my lodge and Freemasonry in general and most of the literature in the Masons monitor book were not!? Biblically based at "All" I like you discovered that they took some scriptures and twisted their own doctrines into Masonic Rituals like that of Hiram Abiff and using scripture in falsehood like Psalm133 they never included this scripture in Masonic literature!? As matter of fact in my experiences Jesus Christ was never the Head of discussions..!!?? It was either Hiram Abiff or they were always honoring the Worshipful Master my Father...May God have Mercy on his soul..!? Because after discovering that these men were implementing falsehoods and evil acts I became inactive then later renounced myself from the lodge and the organization at large. My Father became "Angry" which I realized through him this was an act of satan trying to decieve me and keep me bound in this evil occult. In closing I am still interceding on the behalf of my Father that God through the Holy Spirit will bring eternal light from Jesus Christ that he get set free from the snares of Freemasonry.Ephes.5:11 So, Minister Hatchett May God Be with you and may you have much success with your book project.Rev.1:19

Apostle Tommie E. Davis
Holy Cross Apostolic Church,Inc.
Luke 9:23