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E-mail of Denunciation

I received an unexpected blessing. An e-mail of denunciation from someone I do not know. I will post it here later. I just sit here and think: How many people have denounced that don't contact me. I wonder how many people denounced or decided to never pledge in 2003. I wonder how many it will be in 2004. Praise God for more coming out than going in.

Re: E-mail of Denunciation/ Here it is!!!!!!!!!!

Hi. I just wanted to let you know that shortly after you posted your message to my question I dropped the sorority. I am a Christian also and I was the chaplain of the organization. It was hard to drop because the school I went to (I just graduated) was a very small 2 year school where rumors spread like wildfire. But, I was much less burdened afterwards and I got much closer to God. But at the same time I feel like I could have been a witness within the group. It was supposed to be a Christian sorority and it was sad that they were acting like they were. I just hope that by de-sistering they realized that it takes much more courage to stand up for what you believe in than to trample on others or to be trampled on by others. I refused to do either one and I feel so much better about myself. I hope that in the future I can help others see that hazing - in a way that is humiliatiing, degrading, disrespectful, and just down right mean - is wrong. I also hope that I can teach people that to gain respect you have to give it, you can't make people respect you (which is what a lot of hazing is about.)So, thank you for your input, I know it has been a while since you posted a response but I thought I would let you know what happened.

Thank you so much!
God Bless!

Re: E-mail of Denunciation


Hello Man Of God!!!

My wife and I have recently walked away from our GLO Alpha Phi Alpha and Sigma Gamma Rho. God is calling us to be holy. God told us to " Come out from amongst them and be ye separate." The world and the church has become so blurred that being a Christian today is less of an lifestyle and more like a garment that we can take off and put on any time that it suits us. The one thing that made the Men of God who they were in the bible was that there lifestyle and language lined up with the word of God. If I say that I am crucified with Christ nevertheless I live how can we be apart of anything that cause you to have self worship and that indulges in Idol worship.

Many Blessings

Re: E-mail of Denunciation

denounced Alpha Angel 2003

Decided not to pledge Alpha Kappa Alpha 2003

I am a new-born strong Christian, as of yesterday. Today I came upon your site and was touched beyond belief. I have many close older brothers that are apart of Alpha Phi Alpha and can honestly say that I am truely concerned. If you could please give me some information about Alpha Kappa Alpha, the sorority that I was interested in, so that I may educate my peers on the truth behind GLO.

Thanks. God Bless.

Min. Hatchett,

I'm emailing you for several reasons. First off, I praise God for you. I've been reading through your website as well as through past forums and I must say, God has given you boldness. Praise God!!!! Well, God has given me a certain measure of boldness in this ministry. Let me give you a little background. I pledged Alpha Phi Alpha in the Spring '99. The first night of hole, the Holy Spirit told me to leave but I grieved Him by ignoring Him. Well, after fraternity life got the best of me (along with everything else), I rededicated my life to the Lord. At that instant, God began to tell mE that I would have to come out from among them (Alphas). He further told me that I must prepare and study because He wanted to use me to lead others out. Since that time, God has been preparing me. I accepted my call to the ministry two years ago. I'm currently facilitating a 25 week youth bible course study entitled "Xtreme Youth". I've talked with my pastor and he's released me to present a series to the church entitled, "Why We Don't Pledge". In my studying, I've gathered enough information on Masonry but nothing on Greek Letter Organizations. I burned everything I had concerning Alpha so I don't even have that. We have Masons in the church but we have more Greeks as well as aspiring Greeks so I wanted to be very confident in this area. What kind of information do you have that could help me or where can I get it from? I'm looking for correlations in the rituals. How they correlate with Masonry. What do these Gods that are worshipped represent or stand for. So, if you have any information to share, it would be greatly appreciated. God bless you and God keep you.

Please reathis next one carefully. Look at the reasoning behind wanting to join. Some for the mere reason their parents were greek. Why do they not stop at the pop of the paddle????????????? The first act of impropriety??????????

Hello, Min. Hatchett!

I read your book and I will admit that when I read some of the posts about greeks being able to be "true Christians" still, I thought that it would be okay. I think that it was either something that you mentioned in a thread or something in your book: If GLOs are so Christian-based then how come they have safe-sex programs. Another thing that you mentioned was how their membership was open to people of any religion. Why not have the requirement be to be saved?

I was seriously, and I do mean seriously, considering a BGLO. Since I believe in sex only after marriage (Because that's what is in the Bible) I saw this as being against God. When "greeks" are asked about this, they get on the defense and try to go off. I was totally convicted in my spirit after that revelation. Before, I did not see anything wrong with GLOs until I read that question.

Whenever I think about how nice it would be to wear the letters, have friends, and have anything else with the letters on them, I think about those two questions. My church did a program on "The Wrongs of Sororities & Fraternities" for all of the youth who were going off to college. A lot of them are would-be legacies, so the first thing that they wanted to do was "pledge" a BGLO. I thought that maybe it was just nothing, but when you confirmed it with details I saw the light.

Thank You!