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To Delta's Shame!

"At a workshop at the DST convention Bishop Vashti MacKenzie posed these questions for you to determine if the organization you belong too will interfere in your relationship with God. If you can answer no to all of these questions, then the organization is not a threat nor a hinderance to your beliefs and sprituality, and by the same token it is not to be the vehicle for your religious fulfillment."

1. Does the organization violate the final authority resided in our Lord, Savior Jesus Christ? Yes!
a.) In the initiation ceremony, the Chaplain states:

"We believe in a spiritual but we live to the individual the selection of the medium for its outward manifestation."

This means that you can make God Whoever you want Him or her to be. That if Buddha is your medium of your spiritual life, then that's okay ACCORDING TO Delta Sigma Theta.
Jesus Himself, in John 14:6, says different.

b.) In the Omega Omega ceremony or burial service, the CHAPLAIN AGAIN states, "Our departed soros have entered into the Haven of REST in our IMMORTAL Omega Omega Chapter. May God grant them and us peace that passes all understanding. Amen."

That prayer is supposed to end with Jesus' Name. Also, who gave DST the authority to place their sisters in any place of immortality, much less heaven? No One! They exclude Jesus as the final authority.

2. Does the organization have a plan of Salvation? Yes! This is done in the same ceremony. See 1b. above

3. Does the organization teach Salvation other than Jesus Christ or against Salvation through Jesus Christ? Yes! See 1a and 1b above

4. Is its Constitution and By-Laws teachings contrary to the rules of God? No answer!

5. Does it require its members to believe in a Supreme being or to obey a Supreme being? Yes and unfortunately no.
a.) Their members are told that God is whoever they want him to be. This also means that a DELTA can be an ATHEIST. Most ungodly and MOST hypocritical for an organization that claims to be founded upon CHRISTIAN principles.
b.) They are required to believe in Minerva as a supreme being and are put under her mentorship and authority. The pledge club is called Minerva's Circle.

6. Does it fit Webster's definition of religion?
a.) The FULL definition needs to be supplied before I can answer.

7. Does the organization worship God as creator and ruler? No!
a.) This is a shame to even put this forth as a plausible reason to be okay as an answer for interfering with one's relationship with God. By the organization NOT putting forth this as a standard, renders it ungodly and worthy of bad fruitbearing. She ought to be ashamed at such a statement. This is why DST is full of the hellishness we see today.

8. Does the organization teach that it is the one and only true religion?
a.) No! And that's the problem.
By not doing this, it leaves the door open for one to believe what they wish and put them together in an unequal yoke with confessing Christians. Ms. McKenzie has lost her mind. This means that DST swims in the cesspool of relative morality with no concern for bathing in the Absolute Morality of an Ever-Living God. This is why BGLO's cannot stand for anything of Godly Moral Fiber. If DST is not what "it's" all about, then why shouldn't they be allowed to join other organizations? Be free to explore?

9. Does the organization reject Christianity or God? (this one may not be worded exactly right.) Yes!, But I will wait to answer when you get it clarification on the question.

10 Does the organization name other god's in it's prayers and rituals?
a.) Yes! MINERVA!!!! If Bishop Mckenzie does not know this, then she needs to. Either she is completely ignorant to this fact, she has been deceived, or is in knowledgable denial/willful disobedience to Jesus. It's up to you to inform her ladygreek! Will you?

11. Does the organization prohibit discussion of God? No! But then, who is God? See 1 above

12. Does the organization bestow divine titles on it's leaders? No!

13. Does the organization condemn the Bible? Yes!
The Delta Meditation is a vile rendition of I Corinthians 13. It is rather sickening. I will post it in its entirety later.

In conclusion, the answers to all of these questions is not, No! If you love Ms. McKenzie, you will inform her of what she does not know, or make her aware of what she already knows giving her a chance to repent for her lying and deception.

Let Jesus Be Glorified

Re: To Delta's Shame!

First, let me just say the pledge club is not called the Minerva Club. But the whole point of this exercise was to show that Delta is NOT a religious organization and should not be viewed as such. It is a sisterhood that welcome members of all beliefs and for that we are not be ashamed.

Re: Re: To Delta's Shame!

If I remember correctly it is called the "Minerva Circle." See you have a leader of that circle who is usually your Dean of pledges. Speaking nationally she is the "Leader of Minerva" speaking of activities such as hazing she is known as your "Dean." Okay but that is off of the point I am trying to get to.

No matter what the name are still worshiping a higher being other than God. As soon as I heard we were dealing with Candles and doing some Minerva activity, it changed my whole perspective of DST. The organization should be praising God or they should not say they were founded on Christian principles. Delta's should be ashamed of themselves because they are so hypocritical.

Re: To Delta's Shame!

Have you all realized that now that BGLOs vs. Christianity is coming into the public's eye, glos want to start saying all this religious stuff on chapter sites and hosting bible studies? They used to just maybe go to church together during their "week" ex: Delta Week.

I post on, now all of a sudden, "oh, praise God sister, I'm so glad to hear you passed your test" "God is so good", the conversation b4 was about how to still haze w/o making it bad enough to get into trouble.

Re: To Delta's Shame!


If that is indeed occuring, isn't that a GOOD sign?

Anyway, I wish I had more to say on this, but the whole GLO vs. Christianity issue just has not ever been brought up in any recent discussions I've heard, with the exception of this Website (which I've enjoyed and learned from). I suppose because of the area of the country I live in, the main topics of discussion have been KATRINA and RITA.

But among GLO's, I view less talk about hazing and more about Bible study and GOD as a positive development.....even if it is being couched in "churchy" cliches like "Oh Praise GOD sister" and "GOD is so good".

Re: To Delta's Shame!

Well the thing is that it's not new how when someone comes down on BGLOs that right after that (FOR A WHILE) the conversation is old school church talk until the talk against the orgs have died down then it;s let's "cuss" (curse) some more and whatnot. My point is not that some members are changing but that when someone talks about the wrongs of the rituals people show their "church sid". It's like how after 9/11 people got holy and everybody wanted God to "bless America"....Until things got to looking better.