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Where's the outrage Christian Zetas?

All read this link and tell me that this is the kind of literature you would expect from a Christian based organization. Not just the Vote Card, but the literature on HIV and Abortion. I have always said and known that Zeta was PRO-CHOICE/PRO-MURDER and that they are a SEXUALLY PERMISSIVE PROMOTING ORGANZATION.

Re: Where's the outrage Christian Zetas?

I cannot believe that you would use this pamphlet to say that Zetas are sexually permissive. You obviously did not read the whole pamphlet, you chose to ignore all the other information about health disparities, the death rate of black women and infant mortality, and the poor medical attention that black women receive.
When fraternities and sororities started, it was never their intent to become an organized religion as you would like to make it seem. Most wanted to uplift their community, and I can see that this pamphlet is doing that, by urging women to vote in order to take greater control in their medical welfare.
You sir do not do your research properly at all, your entire basis for your site is ridiculous and you have waged a private war with all greek organizations but your own.

Re: Re: Where's the outrage Christian Zetas?

I read the whole pamphlet and know exactly what it says. I have waged war on ALL GLO's that make false claims of Christian foundations, or give even the slightest hint that it is not against the Word of God when it is. I guarantee you the murder rate of unborn Black babies is 50-100+ times higher than black women. You go prove me wrong on this one?????

Re: Re: Re: Where's the outrage Christian Zetas?

As you can see and what I expected, there is none.

Read this:
"I can only speak for myself from a positive, Christian, and pledged point of view and say that Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Inc. is a God fearing Christian organization and I harbor no negative feelings nor do i feel i have compromised any of my Christian beliefs by joining and pledging."

This is a common resonse found in the rituals right before taking the oath. If any Christian pledges, they have [most likely] put themselves in a compromising position long before the process started. But let me deal with what I know on paper. FOr some reason GLO's believe for whatever reason they have some "LIGHT" or "WISDOM" that cannot be obtained except through initiation. They claim that ALL their deceased members are the "beloved of God". There is ONLY ONE WAY this could be TRUE. ALL ZETAS are CHRISTIANS. So who are they misleading or for sake of conversation, who is compromising? Zeta and all its Christian members. How you say?

"I can only speak for myself from a positive, Christian, and pledged point of view and say that Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Inc. is a God fearing Christian organization and I harbor no negative feelings nor do i feel i have compromised any of my Christian beliefs by joining and pledging."

If Zeta is a God-Fearing organization, why is Jesus not exalted as Lord? Why is their no evangelization program? Why have YOU as a Christian decided to compromise God's Word for the sake of human desires and FAILURES to abstain? What do I mean SeZySix? Here are your words:

"People are going to have sex whether they are Christian, greek, non Christian.....whatever and what organizations are doing is saying that if you are not going to wait until marriage before you have sex, then be safe when you do have sex."

Let me show you another pattern that I knew was coming long before it happened and how GLO's follow suit with their other friendly neighborhood Black organization, The NAACP. As soon as the NAACP came out with their approval on abortion, Zeta follows with a program promoting abortion. An Alpha Phi Alpha chapter here in N.C. partners with Planned Parenthood. God-Fearing organizations and the Christians in the DO NOT PROMOTE FORNICATION [just because people are going to do it], they would not promote/condone ABORTION/MURDER [IF] they were God-fearing and UNCOMPROMISING. So if anyone wants to know about Zeta, out of ZETAS' mouth, can call me. 919/278-8911

Let me make one thing clear that has not changed about greeklife. They make all of these claims about being God-fearing, Christ following, founded upon Christian principles, yet provide to the believer a clear disdain for God's Word, total antagonism to His Word and lack of REVELATION about His Word. What is the proof of this? Not one Christian on this site has offered scriptural support for their organizations. Rather, they offer OPINIONS that IGNORE the facts. Case in point: BGLO's claim to help the BLACK community, yet we murder 36% of our children, while making up 12% of the population; account for 50% of all new HIV cases, 70% out-of-wedlock births [ALL BEING A RESULT OF THE SAFE SEX MOVEMENT which is not about IF you're going to have sex, BUT WHEN.] When you look at it in reality, BGLO's are a mirror image of the community they claim to serve. Read Black Greek 101 written by a greek. GLO's, but specifically BGLO's can put up the front ALL they want, I personally know from Divine Revelation, obvservation, experience and verification that what I say is on point. It can be called judgmental [but you will stop at that red light], hypocritical [lies you tell. My enemies from tem years ago to now can recognize my posts and not being hypocritical was something they knew then and know now.
w@nt2kno- The above is only a taste. When someone says they pledged, they were hazed. I could haze somebody without ever laying a finger on them. What I am trying to say is that when someone says they pledged, they were hazed. I am tired of the foolish rhetoric. It's time for truth. Like a young man told me last night, we can exchange posts all night, but as SeZySix said, you need to get it from the horses' mouth. Well, I believe in running with Thoroughbreds, not donkeys. So if ANYONE wants to talk with me, they know they can call me, 919/278-8911


Minister Fred Hatchett
John 12:32

Re: Where's the outrage Christian Zetas?

Here is the post about the vote thing. I hope the URL still works.

Re: Where's the outrage Christian Zetas?

Again, another sad attempt to twist words to further YOUR agenda. The brochure you referred to is created by the Black Women's Health Imperative NOT Zeta or any GLO. Zeta promotes research, awareness, and legislation to end healthcare disparities. We are NOT a part of the BWHI.

You referred to the Alphas in NC supporting Planned Parenthood. Again, you are mistaken. The Alphas supported the March of Dimes this spring. The MOD provides funding for research to promote the BIRTH of healthy babies.

Re: Where's the outrage Christian Zetas?

Excuse me, but don't you thin I know whose website it is? Yes! But who had a link to it on their national website site promoting it? You got that right. No twisting here, just a clear cut link to sick agendas. Did you even read the brochure.

Re: Where's the outrage Christian Zetas?

Zeta lists (no link) BWHI as an affiliate due to our current initiative to end health disparities. Why do you pick and choose things the BWHI supports as your reason to defame Zeta as being "pro-murder" (clearly you don't understand the true concept of pro-choice) or as being sexually immoral?

Re: Where's the outrage Christian Zetas?

Again, your information is FALSE. If you want to know about Zeta programs, kindly call our international headquaters and they'd be happy to help you with that. Moreover, EVEN IF Zetas were promoting Pro-Choice, there's nothing wrong with that. It is a WOMAN's choice what she can and can't do with her body. Now that's just my PERSONAL opinion, but my organization doesn't promote nor disprove of abortion. Do your research....