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Zeta Phi Beta

My post is regard to the negaqtive posts put on here about my sorority, Zeta Phi Beta. I crossed this year in April. Point blank, you make a sorority what you want it. If you have not joined a sorority that you have dissed, then you have no right to say anything negative. You really don't know what goes on until you do it for yourself. I do agree that some GLOs haze entirely too much, but hazing is a mind game. You can only let someone treat you wrong if you allow it. When I became a Zeta, I had heard of all the things that went on, but I wasn't going to let that stop me from doing something I really wanted to do. I was not going to allow hazing to happen to me, and it didn't. Our orgaization is non-hazing, and my intake process was exactly that. I did what I had to do, learn history, my stp show, and that was it. I do not believe in hazing at all. My dignity is to high to allow that to happen, and for those who let it happen are dumb as hell. I am a saved Christian, and I would never put anyone or anything above God. Those who do are fake. I took an oath to uphold the true meaning of Zeta, and that is it. The people who say organizations honor Satan are blind. Organizations aren't Satanic, organizations can not feel or honor, it is the people who make it that way. If i felt that Zeta was that way, I would have not joined. I understand the point of views of other people, but why say something bad about something you have no clue about. I won't go say anythinng bad about other GLOs because I don't know. It is always going to be he say she say basically. I am open to conversation, my email is

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Re: Zeta Phi Beta

Jadyn Karrah WAS a true Zeta. Answer the questions I asked of SARAH in the other Zeta post. About your burial hymns, oath, the "light" of zeta and the fact that your organization helps to stop birth defects, but promotes abortion!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go figure on the hypocrisy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Re: Zeta Phi Beta

I would have not joined. I understand the point of views of other people, but why say something bad about something you have no clue about.

Why would they say anything if they had no "CLUE" about it. People, most people, are responding and posting based on what they KNOW, some are going from what they heard (yes, heard) from those who were in and all the way in, had high positions and much authority, took part in ungodly activities and /or witnessed them. As for me, I would only speak what God tells me otherwise I am in danger of having things backfire and look stupid. Nobody's going to have a strong argument without strong reason or proof.

Let God be glorified,
not your organization

Re: Zeta Phi Beta

I answered the questions on the other post about zeta nd neither you nor you little denounced zeta friend had a response. Let me tell you something Mr. Hachett- If you live in this world and pay taxes you support alot worse things than abortion,etc. So until you move to another country and give up your citizenship stop the madness.

Re: Zeta Phi Beta

I do not understand why people are making such a big fuss over GLOs. Point is if you know about them and still join then you know what you are getting yourself into. How can someone who is an Omega try to tell me about Zeta? They do a lot fo undercover stuff. Zetas do not support abortion, we help women get prenatal care. Zeta does alot for the community, and no one is complaining. You seem to be pointing out the faults of GLOs but not supporting what is good about them. I know Zetas take babies up to college and give them hope and sense for the future. What is wrong with that? The saying is once a Zeta alwatys a Zeta, and that is true. You can denounce your letters all you want, but you still one. If someone didn't like what was being done to them, and they still crossed, what does that say? What point is it to denounce your letters, that is what they are letters. Letters do not make you or break you, you control you, and that is it. See I had a problem with a Christian sorority/fraternity, Zeta Phi Zeta. They said if you join them and then join a GLO, then you are putting your sisters after God. That is crazy. Matter of fact, they hazed. It might not been as severe as others, but they did it. I didn't get hazed at all.

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Re: Zeta Phi Beta

"I answered the questions on the other post about zeta nd neither you nor you little denounced zeta friend had a response."

Not sure what you're referring to. I work a full time job and have a husband and children. I am not able to respond to every post. But, if you desire a response, tell me where your post is, and I will look it over and discern if it requires my attention. Your hostility is really unwarranted. May God bless and keep you and cause His face to shine upon you.

Re: Zeta Phi Beta

The sad thing is that my soror (regardless of whether you renounced your letters or not you're still my sister in Christ and the sorority) didn't learn any correct information during MIP. Omega chapter is at Winston-Salem State University. No transvestites have knowingly been allowed into Zeta. Zeta has never supported abortion. God is not omitted from any Zeta information to appease any member. Zeta is not connected to Islam.

I would like for all of you to look up the word "krinos." There's a difference between judging for correction and judging for self-edification.

Saved AND a Zeta FOR LIFE

Re: Zeta Phi Beta

I am sorry to inform you, but Zeta led a campaign to support abortion. Remember the, " Vote(profanity) it" slogan? Remember the newsletter that came out about it? If you do, did you read it carefully? And to close the book on this Omega chapter issue, you have just exposed your sorority to more scrutiny than necessary. So your dead sorors go to join the other Triumphant Zetas in a great Boule that is eternal. So now all Zetas are going to heaven? I don't think you all would consider it triumph to die and go to hell. All dead Zetas are the beloved of God whether or not they had a relationship with Jesus Christ? I plan to post this on my website later.

Jadyn Karrah is not your soror. See Redemption1920, Zeta has already successfully brainwashed and put you into bondage. Is it because Zeta says that once you're one you're always one make it so? NO! But you believe this. You believe that no one can escape being a Zeta. Who gave them that power? BGLO's trip me out, by claiming this once one always one hypocrisy, when they reserve the right to kick you out.

Re: Zeta Phi Beta

Whom the Son has set free is free indeed!

Re: Zeta Phi Beta

AND the devil has no power to stop that. So, if God called her out then it's a done deal. Who can say something different (and will be coming against the Word of God)?

Re: Zeta Phi Beta

Min. Hatchett - the sad thing is I know that you're an intelligent man who doesn't have to resort to twisting words to make your point. I did not say that Jadyn Karrah cannot renounce her membership in Zeta. I said that she is my soror b/c she is my sister in Christ and the sorority. Because she has chosen to disassociate with Zeta doesn't mean that I have to forget her PAST affiliation. Did I say "once Zeta, always a Zeta?" No, I did not. Always remaining a member of Zeta or any organization is always a choice - God gave us free will, remember?

I hope that you get the satisfaction you seek by focusing on sororities and fraternities while ignoring the social ills of society. If you're in NC, when was the last time you visited an area orphanage or nursing home to take care of orphans & widows as God commanded?

Re: Zeta Phi Beta

Just like when church folks say "once saved always saved"?!?!, huh?!?!

Re: Zeta Phi Beta

When was the last time you went to a Zeta funeral or chapter meeting and exposed lies that God commanded of us? If I asked you the same question, it would probabaly be loaded (i.e. you have done that recently). Specifically, have you revealed the truths stated in Ephesians 5:11, Titus 3:5, Ephesians 2:8-9 and John 14:6 at a funeral. At the next boule, go to the basileus and tell her that some changes to the ritual need to be made for truth's sake.

So answer this question; according to your sorority, whose light you are in and whose light you promised to carry, where do all Zetas go when they die?

You can't make someone be what they are not. If they are not a Zeta anymore, how can they be your sorority sister?

And why do I spend time dealing with GLO's with all the other ills of society going on? Well I do and GLO's just happen to be one of them, SINCE THEIR INCEPTION. You just look at our "elite", "scholarly" and "upper class" blacks. Go back about 125 years and start taking a good look at those people and what they have done. Look at the belief and intent of the "Talented Tenth" (W.E.B. Dubois). If black people don't stop idoalizing their race or what one would call "blackism", we will never stop our downward spiral as a race.

Re: Zeta Phi Beta

There's no such thing as a "Zeta funeral." There is a such thing as a memorial service for deceased sorors. What lies occur at either a Zeta memorial service or chapter meeting? Before you answer that question, please tell me when YOU were present at either event.

Renounced members have the right to no longer affiliate with GLOs. I don't have an issue with Jadyn or any others but I cannot pretend that they were never members either. I have spiritual amnesia which allows me to look past wrongs but not natural amnesia.

Where exactly on Fayetteville Street is your church? I would love to invite several of the men and women pastors who are GLO members to hear you "teach" about the "evils" of GLOs. I can think of 4 ministers off the top of my head in the area who live according to His teachings and have not renounced their memberships; 2 are Alphas, 1 is a Kappa, and 1 is an Omega.

Re: Zeta Phi Beta

Mr. Hatchett,

Your info is LAUGHABLE. I don't know where you got it, but it's horribly incorrect. Zetas promote abortion???? That is HILARIOUS. Someone needs to do their research....... Why the outrage against BGLOs? Did you get rejected from one? I'm not even asking to be funny because I don't see why a grown man would go so low as to making a website full of false information....??? God Bless you anyway.

Re: Zeta Phi Beta

Girl please! That is the only response you all (BGLOs) have ever had is to ask someone if they got rejected. And I wish people could just dig deeper into your deception. Remember movies when kids would get caught doing something wrong and they'd say "who me? do they? that's hilarious!" and then comes the fake and nervous laugh b/c they know they just got caught. Sounds similar. Nobody talks like that seriously, except when they're nervously guilty. Especially the majority of Black people (majority--not to put us all in one pile).

Just really put yourself out there huh?

God bless you and pray on sista

Re: Zeta Phi Beta

I didn't MIP, I pleadged.

The rituals have been revised over the many years. When I pledged, I didn't just go through my materials, but those of very old Sorors who keep up with history through the years. I sat at the feet of many and absorbed much from older Sorors who were and are very active. Much has been taken out of the handbooks with the intake process, because a lot of things are simply illegal now due to hazing laws.

I have been somewhat misquoted here, so I will go into more details. There had been heated debates on men who have changed their sex attempting to pledge sororities. The issue at the NP-HC conference was regarding Iota Phi Theta's entrance into the NP-HC. Many wanted it to stay the Great Eight, and I was one of them for several reasons. Many old heads were concerned about if we allowed one org to enter NP-HC that we would have to allow others. There have been other "types" of orgs that have attempted membership under the NP-HC umbrella. Discussions then went on to state that men posing as women had been aggressively attempting to get into sororities, and sororities were having a harder time fighting them off. To my shock and dismay, some Greeks were for it, because as you know there are many homosexuals in greekdom. And because the orgs are non-profit, there was allegedly some issue regarding us being as exclusive to even a man with women's parts. I don't recall saying that men have become sorority members, but I do know that some are trying HARD.

There absolutely have been cases with individual chapters that have altered the handbook's ceremonies to "include" sorors of other religions or the lack thereof. As I have posted, I was a regional officer for Zeta and NP-HC. I was very active, and traveled often. I participated in many ceremonies and started Zeta and NP-HC chapters in many states.

As far as the Zeta funeral, ok you got me on the verbage - but I have participated in ZPBS "homegoings" so we all know what's up on that. Most orgs call it some form of Omega chapter.

I have been away for a while. I didn't know that I had become the topic of discussion. And yes, I do consider myself a Soror to those that are Christians, even if they have not denounced. It is an endearing term for me because it simply means that these women are sisters. No Soror turned their back on me because of my denouncing, because they KNEW I was a REAL ZETA. I was a true sister. I love hard and fought harder for my Sorors. I believed in what ZPBS stood for and many of the programs I implemented in chapters still go on.

But God is real. The Word is real and there is no way around it. And I, a wretched sinner who was guilty as charged was called out by the Lord to suffer the inconvenience that comes with professing that these things at there very best cannot compete with God. And you are lying to yourself if you think that it's not a competition. There is a war going on Saints of God.

Forget what anyone on these posts has said, including me. I am human and fallible. BUT DON'T DENY THE GREAT I AM. He said, “come and I will teach you ALL things!" I let Him burn me through and through and my Greek affiliation was one of the things that He pulled me to the carpet on.

I am not here to offend, but I do know that God's ultimate truth is offensive, especially to us Christian folks sometimes. It used to and still does offend me sometimes, and it IS a struggle for me to deny myself and take up HIS cross. But, Lord please continue to shine a light on my soul, and if there is anything that shouldn't be - take it away, Lord. Strengthen me. I want to be right, wanna be saved, and I wanna be whole

Re: Zeta Phi Beta

. I can think of 4 ministers off the top of my head in the area who live according to His teachings and have not renounced their memberships; 2 are Alphas, 1 is a Kappa, and 1 is an Omega.

Some preach, some teach, but remember: some were called, were sent, and some just went.

Also, remember: we are fine and well in the Lord until He reveals things that we don't want to deal with. Then we don't hear that part and if we do then we justify and compromise what we heard. Just b/c they're preachers and BGLO members doesn't mean that they are right--it also doesn't mean that they are real.

Re: Zeta Phi Beta

But its also not our place to try to figure out if they are real or not just because they said or did something we dont agree with. As Christians we sure are quick to question a ministers call into the ministry based on OUR criteria.

Re: Zeta Phi Beta

Doesn't the Bible say to test every spirit? I John 4:1 If DST or the Christians members had the courage to do this to their spiritual leader they would find out that she no longer needs to be their national chaplain. Unless she has changed her beliefs on sexual sins being okay.

Re: Zeta Phi Beta

And when we test the spirit we don't go based on OUR criteria but based on the Holy Word of God--how else can we judge righteously. John 7:24 and John 5:30 (we can make jugements not based on personal or envious views by jealousy or personal gain, but godly views for a RIGHTeous judgment for God's glory)

God bless