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GLO's Exposed Discussion Forum
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Minister Hatchett and I have finally spoken one on one

Let me be the first to say this, while Hatchett and I don't necessarily see eye to eye when it comes to certain aspects of greek/masonic organizations, he and I do see eye to eye on a lot of things that are not organization related. Even in he and I disagreeing on the whole "secret organizations" issue, I must say he showed me a lot of respect and we were able to talk like men and respect one another. I must say I rather misjudged Hatchett. To my surprise he was not the argumentive,judgemental,pushover that I thought he was gonna be. We had a lengthy conversation. I respect him as a preacher of the gospel and I believe he respects me as the same. Now I dont know if we'll ever be on the same page when it comes to certain things, but I do know that after he and I talked I came to the conclusion that I totally misjuged Hatchett.

Re: Minister Hatchett and I have finally spoken one on one

It took a big person to say post that, aab357. I am so glad that you did. I have spoken with the Minister on the phone as well, and you are correct in that he is not the monster that people make him out to be. So far, all I have seen is a man that really loves the Lord, and who wants young people in Christ to avoid a gross mistake (in my opinion) that he himself made. Thanks again for posting that.

I do have to say that it takes a bold soul to do what he does. I have seen people threaten his life and honestly we have seen the violent and ugly side of greekdom. While I am not ashamed to tell people that I no longer affiliate, I do not give my e-mail or phone number on this post because of some of the craziness. God truly bless you Minister Hatchett for literally putting your neck on the line. May his protection be on you and your family.
Love you both,

Re: Minister Hatchett and I have finally spoken one on one

I am also glad to here this, AAB357, and I love your attitude about responding to things---even though I don't normally agree (lol). But you still have my respect.

God bless you in your evergrowing walk with the LORD,
Pray my strength in the LORD,

Re: Minister Hatchett and I have finally spoken one on one

The funny thing is that I look at you folks like family. And its like a real family. In real families people dont always see eye to eye but at the end of the day you still care for each other.

Re: Minister Hatchett and I have finally spoken one on one

I have spoken with Rev. Hatchett one on one as well. I must admit that we had an very enlightning conversation as well. Fred is a good man and I now know that we share more commonalities than we do differences. As a matter of fact, the one true difference that I can say I have with him is now being looked upon in a different light. Certain aspects of this website consumed my attention to the point that I missed what his original point was altogether.

I'm not saying that everyone who has an issue with the Reverend should call him, but I'll say that it was a blessed experience for me to have spoken with him.

By the way, Rev. Hatchett, I have about 10 attendees to my informal get-together now. Thank You for helping me out.

Re: Minister Hatchett and I have finally spoken one on one

This is really just blessing my spirit.
Love y'all