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GLO's Exposed Discussion Forum
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We both have been posting here for a few years and quite frankly, you are trippin'. If I read one more post where you are dissin' BGLO's talking 'bout "it's not a "REGULAR" GLO concern" I am going to scream. How Godly is for you to sit at your computer and make these statements like you aren't suppose concerned for the "souls of black folk" (no pun intended).

And where do you get the idea that white GLO's are not doing ALL of this stuff and worse. WHITE organizations are the "PIONEERS" of the cultish and hazing movement. Look at the origins of the KKK. Look at Kappa Alpha. Come on man! Open your eyes and stop thinking that this it is a "BLACK" problem. I worked closely with PHC and WPC (the white umbrellas for WGLO's). I remember KA having a black jockey HANGING from their front yard on MY campus in the 90’s. And the school protected them and other WGLO’s for years under “freedom of expression”

We finally got them kicked off the yard at my campus for their racism and the things that they made thier pledges do to promote it. Ask a KA about "All men were created equal until 1865." You think it's a cute fraternity antic. But it's RACISM at it's worst.

KA is the "civilized" KKK, with Robert E Lee as their visionary founder. I was an RA in college with Greeks all in my unit. Those white Greeks were always in trouble with "ungodly activity" When I moved to another state, it was the same thing. And in the state my husband attended college. And we have friends all over this country – so don’t’ even reply with “it’s an isolated chapter once in a lifetime thing”

White orgs are killing folk all around the US of A and you come on here on your pedestal talking 'bout "it's not the regular ones" What's so regular about killing folk, making pledges drink themselves into a stupor, gang raping women, orgies, cult like pledge ceremonies, etc.

What makes black folk stupid is that we have taken the WGLO banner and ran with in the name of separate but equal because we couldn't get in to yours.

On another note about the spirit of White Fraternities - it was your "fraternal bands" that raised hell over these great southern states in the name of white "preservation". KA is a good example - Their handbook states (or use to state) that their goal was to uphold the ideals of the south and southern womanhood. It was your orgs that gave black folk the hardest time on college campuses. Beatings, lynching, raping, pillaging and all that good “REGULAR” GLO stuff.

I cannot name one year that I have been in the city I currently live in where a white frat or sorority hasn’t got in major trouble for something. I guess that’s what you mean by regular.


First of All Jaydn, that is certianly NOT my intention. All I have been saying succinctly is that BGLO's have a different dynamic although not totally different than a GLO with mainly white members. I am totally concerned for non christian souls, whether black, white, red or freakin green.

I expect and demand that as I have given you the same respect as a national member of a respected GLO with your years of experience that you in return give the same to me as a representative officer of TKE, I am not a racist and I have never been a racist. For your information the President of the NAACP is a TKE, and I may differ from him politically and on many issues but I still respect him as a frater in our bond.

I truly meant nothing by regular vs BGLO. I meant that I am not a member of a BGLO and that was the only way I could explain what I was trying to convey.

As for hazing I have never condoned it and I never will, I fight underage drinking, criminal activity, pledge drinking (no matter what the age)and also have fought to remove one of my own officers when I was president for a hazing allegation. I have never known a chapter in ANY fraternity or sorority that had an orgy or cult ceremony.

I know that is not a black problem and I know it is not solely a black issue. What I am saying is that mostly black greek members post here. I am friends with Kaps, nupes, Zetas, Alphas and many others. I used to talk to them daily when I was in school. I have also two black brothers, One of which is in my House in my fraternity family tree and who is 45 years old, 20 years older than I am! I have never hazed him or anyone else. I also have a Japanese and Latino brother

Why do I only have two. I have no idea. Most join the BGLOs on campus.

I am sorry for what you went through,I really am. I dont think that a racist person is truly a person but a monster, but do not, I repeat DO NOT EVER put me in the same category as the KKK or the KA. Not one person has ever said that a greek organization is perfect white or black. I know that TKE was one of the first organizations to admit blacks. Nor do I think that white power, white preservation or whatever term you want to throw at me is acceptable in any way shape or form.

So if what I mean by regular is that it is a mostly white organization, then that is what I mean. I did not mean to offend. You tell me what I am supposed to call it.

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I was also not angry when I wrote this, I was actually quite concerned with what I had said. I actually called Fred to talk to him and we spoke for quite a while.

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I wasn't angry, but I was very concerned. I did not call you a racist, but what I was pointing out was that in your post, it was as if you were saying that it was ok as long as it was not the "regular" orgs. I was seeing that in so many of your posts and it really bothered me. The problems with GLo's black/white/other are universal and I did not like seeing such a distinction being made with statements like, "oh well that's just a BGLO concern."

And what I was pointing out was the origins of American orgs and how they were not rooted in all this Christian love that we like to imagine.

Again, I am not saying you are a racist. I am not the type of person that would call a person that so easily. But your posts were a concern because as Christians we are to bear each other's burdens, so if someone of another race is a Christian and stands to stumble - it should be a major concern for ALL Christians knowledgeable of the matter.

I am sorry if I offended you. And thanks for clearing the matter up.


No problem I probably am a little long winded as well. I am sorry if I had an accusatory tone. I will look over what I type in the posts in the future.

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