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GLO's Exposed Discussion Forum
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No Biblical Basis-No Word!!!!!

No Biblical Basis/No Word!!!!!

You will notice in your debate with greeks about a Biblical basis for GLO's, not ONE scriptural reference provided. All they can say is God this and God that. They will use people to justify their reasons, but no Word. But when you look at His Word and GLO's, you see a conflict. The believer can quote scriptures saying, God says this and God says that and present in your face. They will say that I have no right to expose their secrets, but God's Word says to do it. These are believers, not sinners making these statements.

Re: No Biblical Basis-No Word!!!!!

Let's keep the subject on GLO's please. That's the requirement.

EXAMPLE: Omega Psi Phi teaches that its deceased members have been tried by God in the furnace and received by Him as a burnt offering. (Omega Psi Phi 1970) That God has proved them and found them worthy for Himself. (Omega Psi Phi 1970)

This is done with NO MENTION of thior these person(s) relationship with Christ. Joh 14:6/Acts 4:12
Omega has made itself a mediator between God and man. Why will, IF they have not just simply remove DEMONIC material like this? Are there Christians up in arms about this or are they just sitting back and compromising as usual and expected.

How does Omega take you from the outer chamber of darkness into IT'S SHEKINAH of LIGHT? (Omega Psi Phi 1970) What darkness is an initiate in? What is this Shekinah light of Omega? What darkenss are they speaking of? They must only be talking to the sinners, right?

Example- What is the Shekinah Light of Omega?
What CREDENTIALS did God use to prove Omega men worthy for Himself?

Omegas or former Omegas need only answer here.

Any smelly answers will be deleted.

Any copyrighted material contained herein is for: criticism, comments, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. All used in accordance with the Fair Use Exception 17 USC 107.

Re: No Biblical Basis-No Word!!!!!

Now Hatchett you my boy and all but what is the difference between that and people standing up at funerals sayin stuff like "brother/sister so and so ran a hard fight but the Lord called him/her on home to be with Him. I know he/she is in a better place now and resting in peace with the Lord." in actuality they dont know where these people went. They dont even know what that person's rlationship with Christ was like. Everybody that appears to be saved may not be. People think judging a persons walk with Christ means saying a person is not saved and going to hell. But it can also mean saying a person is going to Heaven. Cause in actuality we dont know where nobody is going but ourselves and some folks aint even 100% sure about themselves.

Re: No Biblical Basis-No Word!!!!!

The problem is that the language is not assuming but definite in nature. If they are not sure, just leave it alone. The fact they leave Christ out is the problem. What would be the first question you would ask someone who said their Uncle went to heaven? Mine would be, did he know Jesus as Savior. How can they say this for a greek who is Muslim or an agnostic? Also, Omega set a precedent of leaving Jesus out of scripture. So it does matter when Christ is absent from the formula. He cannot be absent from the equaion where eternal life is on the opposite side of the equal sign.

Let me ask you this; Can anyone go to heaven without Jesus? If not, then how can we say with absolute assurance that they went? How can we call as Omega does, people who are UNWISE take his death to be misery. Who are they calling unwise? Those who believe that a dead Omega did not go to heaven.

Re: No Biblical Basis-No Word!!!!!

On November 18, one day after the 94th year after Omegas founding, I will be in Georgia to do a Biblical Perspective of GLO's. This is sure to be one of my best presentations. Having about 30 rituals on files, people will have a power point presentation where they will be able to see what dishonest GLO's are hiding. Things such as quoting uninspired scripture, claiming to be the light of the world, swearing allegiance to their organizations without knowing the full scope, coming under the grace of other gods, promising ETERNAL LIFE without Jesus Christ in the equation, claiming to be founded upon Christian principles, but not standing for righteousness, etc., etc., etc. As for BGLO's who claim to be pillars in the Black community, I am going to have a field day with them. Examples:
1.)536,000 babies dead per year- Voice of BGLO's SILENT
Voice of Christians in BGLO's- SILENT
2.)68% of all new AIDS cases among women will be Black. What are BGLO's doing? PROMOTING FORNICATION through CONDOM CONTROL
3.)The collective voice of BGLO's on homosexuality? What voice? They cannot even stand against what God calls an abomination.

Re: No Biblical Basis-No Word!!!!!

No Biblical Basis-No Word is definitely in order because just a few days ago--BEFORE I SAW THIS PARTICULAR THREAD-- A very similar phrase rang in my spirit. It caused me to ponder the fact that for the most part, as Minister Hatchett said, "Greeks" have no Word to support their so-called Christian base, or
their existence period. On the other hand, there are a plethera of scriptures that teach against secret social groups. The whole "works and good deeds" factor is not a strong proponent either because the mafia and most false religions are well known for doing good deeds or practicing self-righteous acts.

Re: No Biblical Basis-No Word!!!!!

As usual, another seminar, another SCRIPTURE BLACKOUT. All they were worried about was whether or not they were going to hell. THEY MADE THEMSELVES KNOWN BY THEIR FRUIT. At the beginning they were ALL raising their hands as BORN AGAIN Christians. By the end, they were announcing a party at a club offering "FREE DRINKS" to people under 21 years old. The same attitude of breaking the law as they take toward hazing. And yes, "Christians" DO HAZE and/or condone it through their INACTION. They love their GLO MORE THAN THEY LOVE GOD. At the expense of their GLO, they REFUSE to do God's PERFECT WILL and be a Christian by either BEATING or not taking ANY of the proper measures to stop it. They would rather see people be humiliated and brutalized than open up their mouth or pick up the phone and make the call they know they SWORE to do. Now here are ALL of these Christians who sat that "GOD" told them to pledge, etc., etc. who break their oath to God every pledge period. "THOU SHALT NOT FORSWEAR THYSELF". Do you know what forswear means? It is the reason for the whole scripture about oaths in Matthew 6. Forswear means to swear falsely, to place yourself in bondage by your words. Poor greeks! How many of you have sworn falsely and after reading this will continue to do so? I have been preaching this Christian responsibility thing for years and have yet to hear ONE, SINGLE, SOLITARY story about a Christian reporting this ILLEGAL behavior. HURRY HURRY STEP RIGHT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Until you do, your master is your GLO. This is only one way that many of you GREEKS are IDOLIZING your organizations.

NOW there is someone out there who has not been in touch with me in a while. I believe you are pledging my friend. If you are, who do you love more? You come to this board and use to have regular conversations with me. It all of sudden stopped. It is a good hint that you are pledging since you said you probably would be.