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Any information that you believe will help the Christian in SGRho or wanting to join will help. Any information that is pertinent to SGRho.
Have you ever talked about the ritual to leaders?

Have you confronted church leadership about GLO's?

Describe the real deal about being in your sorority, being greek, etc.


Min. H-
I've never come across a site quite like this one and I did look for others. I found one of an Omega who was a minister and he posted an essay about being a Greek Christian. Basically his conclusion was that it was okay as long as the Christian member abstained from sinful activities if approached to participate.
Yes, I am saved, but I do have an interest in Sigma Gamma Rho. I've been doing my research and can only find information about the history.
I've looked at things more closely like their shield and symbols.
Do you have any idea what the skull head on the shield means? I've asked a few Sigmas if there were any practices in Sigma that would not correlate with Christianity and other christian Sigma women said 'absolutely not." I am studying the word for myself. Sigma seems to be okay so far.

My Response
Sorority Answers
You can't know what they "will not" tell you.

New Sorors Repeat in unison) "I pledge myself to this Sorority to be true to its code, obey its rulings and keep faith with my sisters."

Notice here and throughout, the constant confession of loyalty to SGRho. This is what leads to and really is idolatry.

"To thee only, Sigma Gamma Rho, I pledge my life, my best efforts and cooperation. In thee I pin my faith, hope and trust, so that the Order of Sigma Gamma Rho shall be a beacon light to all womankind who are interested in every phase of education. I therefore dedicate the best that is within me to further its cause. In no way will I so demean myself that my actions will reflect negatively upon this sorority. By each soror will I play the true part of sister. By each sister will I stand until the end. Within thee, O Sigma Gamma Rho, will I find the inspiration for the making of a fine and true character."

Read Luke 10:27-28/I Corinthians 10:31/Colossians 3:17/Matthew 5:14, 16

In thee, to thee only, dedicate the best within me; all for SGRho. Where's God?

"In no way will I so demean myself that my actions will reflect negatively upon this sorority. "

Are fornication, shacking up, a LITTLE profanity, etc. considered demeaning in SGRho? It happens all the time among sinners in these organizations. I have proof that greeks speak immoral, sexually suggestive, sparing no profanity type things freely with no disapproval from the "SO-CALLED" Christians on the message board. WWW.STEPSHOW.COM which is no longer active is the place to find such foolishness. I recorded alot on disk. It is obvious to see that when one joins that they are making a covenant. This puts the Christian in an unequally yoked situation. You may not actually partake in these sins, but your are more than just friends with these girls, you are claiming an even deeper relationship of siterhood. These GLO's condone and often encourage SIN. How could they deny such, when they willingly ALLOW sinners to join. Read II Timothy 2:19/Colossians 3 about what to put on and off.

Let's here what SGRho has to say about eternal life for THEIR sisters.

"The future's fairer than the past if only we believe
And trust in God's eternal care - So when the Master calls

Let's say that life is still more fair Although the curtain falls.

Basileus Puts out the light of one of her candles)

We, the Sorors of Chapter, Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, are saddened, by the loss of our Soror who has been taken from us for a little while, but still ours to love and to remember. As the light of this candle is gone, so is the light of her life from our sorority. In the spirit of eternal love and sisterhood, we do commit this our Soror to Omega Rho, our chapter of departed Sorors.


Kind Heavenly Father, help us to bear the loss of our soror in the knowledge that Thou has claimed her spirit to be with Thine." Handbook of Sigma Gamma Rho

In alot of these passages, one assumes or must assume that an SGRho is saved with or without a relationship with Jesus Christ.

I am available for comment @ 919/278-8911 I encourage atleast one phone conversation. Ten times as much can be covered in a phone call.

Let Jesus Be Glorified

Her Response:

First I wanted to say that I appreciate both responses. God has been dealing with me all night about my post and led me to seek answers, and you gave them to me with no holds barred.

Pledging is whatI wanted to do for a long time but I never really let God into my decision completely until now. I want to belong to something that seemed to be a good thing. The Holy Spirit revealed to me about my pursuit that I am being double minded. On one hand, I want to please God. On the other hand, I still want to please God but I want what I want, Know what I mean?

When I looked at the oath or lines to be recited that you posted, the first thing that popped into my mind was saying that I pledged my life to Sigma would mean that I would in fact be controlled to a degree by Sigma or that I would be trying to split my service between God and Sigma.

Like, what if I'm doing a ministry work and Sigma calls me up and said "be at the car wash at 10 a.m. etc." instead? What would I do???

I kept doing more searching on my own and I noticed that alot of the women will post their names at the end of e-mails or posts on forums and write their names and then "born into Sigma through the XX Chapter on XX date."

I didn't know what "born into" meant but as a saved woman, the only born again experience I know of is when I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and savior.

I have stopped my pursuit of joining a sorority as of today because I have no peace about it anymore. I really am attracted to their programs and the "sisterhood" but I'm scared of God and afraid to say that I will pledge my life to an organization that when I'm sick or need, can't heal me or help me anyway. I'm tired of jumping back and forth with this. Going back to it with what I know now will no doubt course me. Its like a kid going back to a hot stove after touching it and getting burned only to touch it again!

Lastly, I was led to read Psalms 146:3 this morning which said don't put your trust in man. The oath said "In thee (Sigma) I put my trust and a new hope." I immediately said I would be telling Sigma and God and all the witnessess a flat out lie if I recited that.

I shared this information with my loved one and he said, "what if you would have gotten accepted,paid your dues, and then found out you had to recite this stuff--better that you learned now than later."

The bottom line is you don't know until you know. I am able to see the parallel in God's word for MYSELF! I've asked other Christians and they said it was cool but now I can see things straight out of God's Word for myself. You can't put your trust in other Christians but I looked up the scriptures you gave for myself and got the revelation straight from God.

Thank you Min. Hatchett and the other lady who posted. Because I now have a teachable spirit, I am able to see this thing for what it really is.

I'm not really sad because of what I know, now I just have to ask God to fill that spot where my desire for Sigma was.

Now we see the importance of Ritual information!!!!!


First of all, I fully identify myself with the body of Christ. I believe in the virgin birth, death, and resurrection of my Lord and savior Jesus Christ. I have had first hand experience of His blessings and the fullness thereof that comes along with being born person into the body of Christ. Becaue of this, I have been very careful to fully research all aspects of joining an organization, before I committed to join one.

I must honestly say however, I see nothing wrong with the idea of joining an organization that is founded on the principles of sisterhood, scholarship, and service. I am interested in SGRHO and after reading some of your posts; I revisited some of the sites to re-research. I found this page, and I must say, I was thoroughly impressed.

They acknowledge God as their creator alone

Min. H
(Who is the God they are discussing? The link does not acknowledge God as creator.)

and I also agree with various other aspects of their platform. In my opinion, they do not appear to possess any of the demonic influences you make them appear to have as posted in your previous comments. Please check out this link:

Min. H
But in their ritual is where the compromise occurs. They make a statement referring to one's belief in THEIR God. If the sorority makes this acknowledgement of God being creator, why do they allow sinners and people of other religions to join? They no longer have the Aurora Club, but they did not abolish it for spiritual or moral reasons. My question would be, who is God?

I am eager to see your response. And please know, I am in no way trying to instigate anything, I am just curious and would like answers to some of the things you posted on your site but seem to be a little one-sided and false. I would rather ask a person who is filled with the Holy Ghost, than a person who just thinks they know it all. I just ask that you sincerely answer my question/comment and don't use it as a platform for you to further drive home your "anti-greek" stance.

Min. H
In their ritual is where the compromise occurs. They make a statement referring to one's belief in THEIR God. If the sorority made the acknowledgement of God being creator, why do they allow sinners and people of other religions to join? They no longer have the Aurora Club, but they did not abolish it for spiritual or moral reasons. My question would be who is God?

Now to answer the link: It could not be copy and pasted to tis forum. You must download it.

I would like to start with the (In Mathematics paragraph).

Interested in each sister on a spiritual level. What does that really mean? Christians Only! How do they, if being a Christian org., do this for the Muslim?

Next paragraph- A SPIRITUAL grounded women. What does this mean? Is Sigma Gamma Rho in the conversion business? No!
God-given talents! Who is God?

Paragraph 4- Interested in who you are! If you are Buddhist, do they tell them that he is not God, and that it’s idolatry? Keeping it real means telling the truth.

Paragraph 5- We care about our members. Do they tell members in unmarried, intimate, monogamous relationships that they must cease and desist, get married, or have your membership revoked?

We care about our communities- Does SGRho decry fornication, abortion, homosexuality, etc.

We care about young people- Do they advocate safe-sex or abstinence only.

Then I received a second guestbook post:

"I don't really feel a need to defend my organization but I just had to comment because I wouldn't be ME if I didn't. I definately don't recall being told to worship a Greek god or anything like that part I find rather amusing."
Min. H
I never said you did, so I find it quite expected that you would assume that.
"Also I don't know where you got your information from but there is more than one definition of AURORA and the one you are "choosing" to believe is not the one we honor. Get your dictionary out and look it up. I'll even give you a's NOT the one about a Greek god. Ya see how you are "choosing" language to benefit your own agenda...that has to be a sin, right?"
Min. H
I know all about your magazine, but I do not expect SO-CALLED Christian Prinincpled organizations to choose false gods for their publications either. Let the world take care of that. Tell us what it menas then and prove it by sending me the document. LOL! What is Rhomania?

“The biggest point that I think most people here are missing is that GLOs (with the exception of those that claim to be Christian) ARE NOT RELIGIOUS ORGANIZATIONS! HELLLLLOOOOO!!!!”
Min. H
Then leave out religious references and stop performing religious rituals. Oh! Hi ,How Are You Doing?

"We are social and service organizations who were founded primarily by Christians, so naturally some of our rituals/ceremonies will reflect this. But overall WE DO NOT DISCRIMINATE BASED ON RELIGION!!!! nor based on race, social class, culture, etc. Although some chapters have more Christians than others, you can be a Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Christian, Catholic, or whatever you are. I'll say it again since no one seems to get it...WE ARE NOT RELIGIOUS ORGANIZATIONS!!!!!!!!!!"

Min. H
Then why do so many think this? When your ritual is presented in light of a definition of religion, SGRho falls in the category. So in reality, GLO's are religious, social, service, community, etc. organizations. They look just like the church with obvious differences. You have just helped to confirm a previous message I received yesterday about this. Thank-You!

"If anything because we accept everyone regardless of religious affiliation, we cause less division among people."

Min. H
But what you have is Christians being the ONLY having to compromise what they believe based on the projects you all do. Do you all care about about the black community? NOPE! I will post an SGRho link soomeone sent me, then you will be able to see what I mean. Why don't you have some programs decrying abortion, homosexuality, prejudice, etc. Things that Christians can attend and stand up for? You can't because you are really not about DIVERSITY.

"Oh, and don't give me the speech about NPHC orgs being historically Black, because I know Indian, Hispanic, and White don't even try to go there."
Min. H
No need! The division is already obvious.

"Okay, I've said my peace...moving on."

Min. H
I love these kinds of posts. It just brings out the reality of what and who this ministry is fighting for.
Praise Jesus- Who is the ONLY to God. So don't pledge SGRho, they won't tell the Muslim and Hindu where the will spend ETERNITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Let Jesus Be Glorified by you,

John 12:32