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This is the forum area where you can discuss topics related to the Biblical exposure of Greek organizations. All posts are reviewed; if they are offensive they'll be deleted. 

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GLO's Exposed Discussion Forum
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Any information that you believe will help the Christian in ZphiB or wanting to join will help. Any information that is pertinent to ZphiB.
Have you ever talked about the ritual to leaders?

Have you confronted church leadership about GLO's?

Describe the real deal about being in your sorority, being greek, etc.


Secrecy has found its way back to the ones who so dearly protect it. But in this case, it has some back to bite them in the rear. I am in interested to see how the sorority will dole out punishment. Any hazer needs to keep their mouths shut. They have NO RIGHT to utter ONE WORD is response to this. Anyonw who has been hazed has NO RIGHT to utter ONE WORD either.

This is the same sorority that posted the promotion of abortion, specifically among black women. So NO members have NO RIGHT to say utter ONE WORD about this infidelity. ZPB had a link to the black womens health initiative website which promoted abortion and fornication.

News Stories aired about Barbara C Moore's (International Basileus) spending in Washington DC. The Sorority is under investigation by the FBI and US Attorney's office. Click on the following two links to see the videos. This is sad.

First News Story:
Second News Story: