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GLO's Exposed Discussion Forum
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Christian Greeks at their BEST!

Savannah State was a complete disaster for the greeks. They mad themselves out to be exactly what everyone thinks and it is all on tape. This tape is going to be mass produced as a litany to the hypocrisy of greekdom. I have never seen so much self-contradiction, rudeness, and downright ungodly behavior by greeks who professed to be saved. When it was all over, they statement was made, FREE DRINKS at club ice!!!!!!!!!!!! They were banging on doors, threatening people, etc. Savannah State greeks are notorius hazers as one guy their who had his leg broken by hazers were breathing out the typical, some greeks make others look bad. I did not know that they had broken another boys leg the semester before that. I WILL BE SURE TO ANNOUNCE THE SALE OF THESE TAPES. THEY WILL ONLY BE SOLD AFTER THE FIRST 500 ARE ORDERED TO PREVENT DUBBING. NOW REMEMBER, ALL OF THESE GREEKS CONFESSED CHRIST AS SAVIOR BEFORE ALL OF THIS MESS BROKE OUT. IDOLATRY IS WHAT YOU WILL SEE ON THIS TAPE. YOU WILL SEE WITH YOUR OWN EYES WHAT HAPPENS WHEN TRUTH GOES FORTH.


Re: Christian Greeks at their BEST!

I would like to add that there were some people there who were genuine, polite and respectful along the greek community. They know who they are and I thank them for it. C2L ministries held it down as well. They did a very godly job of handling the fracus.

I want everyone here to read Acts 19 about the angry mob and what led them to acting the way they did. It was really NO different than what happened at that meeting. There were some people there who were idolaters of their sororities and fraternities.

Re: Christian Greeks at their BEST!/WORST!


I only wrote that to express the true sentiment of most of you who can no longer write on this board, so there you have it.

I was appalled to hear about the behavior of the so-called Christians at Savannah State. You mean to tell me that they were willing to fight for their organizations while claiming to be Christians! Who's willing to fight for Christ? Where do you stand---those who are on the LORD'S side?? Let's just get this whole lie straight. Either you are with the kingdom of hell and darkness or the Kingdom of God and Light. The Bible clearly tells us that the devil transforms himself into an angel of light and that same light has deceived millions and continues to do so to this very day, but you're led away by your own lusts (desire). That's in GOD's WORD! When I was "greek", we referred to "the light" all the time, as they continue to do so now. That light IS NOT the Light of Christ and Salvation through Christ. It doesn't matter who you are, and how many theological degrees you have, or what church you pastor. Either you Love the Lord with ALL your heart, with ALL your mind, and with ALL your strength or you're sharing that love and affection with your 'greek' letters and the organization itself. You're being partakers of the dark, evil deeds of men while trying to cover it with good deeds and self-righteous acts.
The LORD OUR GOD desirest(continues to desire) truth in the inward parts(Ps.51:6)--the place where you CAN'T hide or perpetrate. I GOTTA GO THERE WITH THIS LYING SPIRIT OF THE DEVIL---he's a "lying wonder": GOD'S WORD clearly tells us that the heart of man/woman is "evil and desperately wicked"--even from his/her youth. So if we don't "hunger and thirst after righteousness", we won't be filled with those things that are needed to purge the heart of its wicked ways. We only make matters worse, then think that we can add a superficial salvation experience or some spiritual head knowledge to our lives and we'll be saved from the evil of the world system. NOT SO!!!!!
So yes, "Greek" preacher/pastor, you can go to hell from the pulpit, while preaching your baddest sermon. Yes, "Greek" Christian, you can go to hell with the crumbs from your communion cracker fresh on your lips. WHAT IS THE CONDITION OF YOUR HEART? That place where no one knows you but the ALMIGHTY GOD who created you. YES, only GOD can judge you, but His WORD tells us that He'll remind you that He sent His prophets to warn you, BUT YOU REBELLED AND REJECTED THE TRUTH!! HE also tells us about the self-called preachers and hierlings who tell their congregations the lies that they want to hear!! HOW CAN YOU KNOW THE LORD'S WORD IS BEING PREACHED IN YOUR PLACE OF WORSHIP? One way is that GOD'S WORD will always or oftentimes challenge you and/or someone in the congregation to sacrafice something that will be hard to give up in order to prove your allegiance and faithfulness TO HIM!!!
If you don't believe me, just ask Abraham about that fact--if you make it!


Re: Christian Greeks at their BEST!

I just wanted to comment on an analogy. Being at this seminar, you as a black person would have thought you were at a KKK rally. The only difference was that these KKK members were mostly BLACK GREEKS. They acted no differently than a bunch of racist bigots against their own race. It goes once again to confirm what I say in my book about how Black greeks are only for the blacks that are willing to acquiesce with them and their ways, INCLUDING HAZING. If white Klansmen had been there, they would have been jumping for joy at how those BGLO members were treating those of their own race. There will be more to come.

Re: Christian Greeks at their BEST!

I plan to call back to Savannah today. A week after the BGLO meltdown to see how many of them have decided rightfully to wipe the egg off of their faces. Their behavior is not uncommon. It is obvious that they have gotten away with a lot of foolishness. Things they have done have been overlooked and had a blind eye turned to it.

Anyway, I cannot wait to see how many people have decided not to pledge or denounce. The great thing about this tape that I will be making is the additional information. It will contain an uninterrupted presentation. Ye! The ques will say I punked out. I do not care. That thing which they feared most that they were willing to make threats against me and others will be on this tape. This is done out of love and not revenge. I have been doing this since they were fifth graders.

The tapes will be mass produced some time after December 17.

Re: Christian Greeks at their BEST!

Hey Minister Hatchett, have the tapes been produced yet? I'd like to know where/how I can get one and how much they cost. Thank you and will be praying for you and Gail as you minister in the Holy Spirit for God's glory @ Savannah State!!!!

Re: Christian Greeks at their BEST!

Only one tape has been copied so far and has been sent to a location TBA later. I should have more by June.