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GLO's Exposed Discussion Forum
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Savannah State, its greek, and its bullies

Savannah State has one of the WORST graduation rates among its athletes.

The school's graduation rate is a pitiful 35%.

They have the second worst graduation rate in the state of Georgia.

Look who's at the bottom of the barrel here:

When I talk to people who live in Georgia, they already know that SSU is a sorry academic institution and the statistics prove it. WHAT IS THE ROOT CAUSE?

Savannah State is an institution that is more worried about its greeklife than ACADEMIC FREEDOM and FREE EXPRESSION. This university is truly the exception to the rule when it comes to priority. Instead of educating its students, it watches them receive broken limbs from greeks. One day I am going to release the film of how their greeks act. Someone needs to know the character and nature of these people. Anyone who was there or has seen the film would never believe that these people are supposed to be the pillars of the black community.

Then you have the greeks in the administration bullying their own faculty who oppose greeklife. The students should be in an uproar against the administration using their time and effort to TRY and eliminate its enemies, THEIR FELLOW "BLACK" brothers and sisters. It's sickening and I plan to expose it all the more. Do not be suprised to see a news report with the greeks' despicable behavior.

Update- It is said that the Sigmas on that campus are going to be suspended. To be continued.

Re: Savannah State, its greek, and its bullies

There will eventually be an antigreek seminar in Savannah somewhere. And do not jump for joy by stepping on your enemies in an unrighteous manner. GREEKS of SSU! You have done nothing but fuel a greater desire to expose greek organizations for what they really are: ELITIST BIGOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!! The sad reality is that you are falling right into the very hands from which you seek comfort. SSU and its ADMINISTRATION is just another example of black complacency with mediocrity.

I am calling out the leader of student affairs and any other bully in the administration. CALL ME and explain yourself. 919/278-8911

Re: Savannah State, its greek, and its bullies

This Word of the Gospel must be preached!

Additionally, it will be preached if not on campus, then at the coordinator's home church. The pastor has already given his approval, which means that all who leave the comfort zone of "the yard" will indeed be in search of the Truth of God's Word when they show up at the House of the LORD to hear the will of GOD for our lives as it relates to Greekdom and Christianity.

Gail Gray, former AKA

P.S. Stay tuned for the new location---if it has to be changed. In any event, meet us in Savannah on April 21-22nd. Praise GOD!

Re: Savannah State, its greek, and its bullies


Please email me offline. I will be talking to this forum about some greek issues.

Re: Savannah State, its greek, and its bullies

I must give you all a praise report. After the "powers that be" tried their hardest to shut down the ministry that is hosting the Greekdom seminar and please know that God Almighty intervened. Both of their advisors quit on them and they had to replace them by last Friday March 31, but God touched the hearts of two brave people who came forth and said that they would assume the responsibility. That's not the only thing that was thrown their way, but God blocked it all. Hallelujah! See ya in Savannah, GA!

Gail Gray(former AKA)

Re: Savannah State, its greek, and its bullies

I do want to say that all is well. I also want to say that there are going to be some interesting things at the forum on both days.

These posts have strictly been made to deal with the Greek Organizational Culture at Savannah State. I must say that it is unique. I just finished watching the tape the other night. All I can say is, WOW!!!

Re: Savannah State, its greek, and its bullies

This forum is going to be so good. It will be heard about the night students get back. I am not going to say one word about my presentation. I am not going to allow anyone to pre-taint the message. Common sense will be sure to prevail in this matter. To all, especially Chirstians, who aspire to be greek will be overcome with mouths opened wide. One thing I am going to do is link the hazing mentality to rebellion, disobedience, and deception. Ladies and Gentlemen! You must come and witness certain realities. After this, the decision to join or not is up to you.