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GLO's Exposed Discussion Forum
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Savannah State Classroom Handout

To all who received the handout on 4/6/05, you will not be able to post here. If you have any comments, you can reference the e-mail link or call at the number below.

To the teacher who passed them out; 919/278-8911

Please reference the link about divine nine, not so divine.

Re: Savannah State Classroom Handout

Sorry for not listing the e-mail link

Re: Savannah State Classroom Handout

Now I just received a call from a student who says the 2005 rates have been released, but would not reveal them. I would have posted them here, but he decilned.

He called me to boycott me. SO WHAT!!!!!!!!

Whether I present my message ON SSU campus or not, does not matter. I will be in Savannah to present it somewhere.

This should send a clear signal to any greek and anyone desiring to join of their fear of truth and facts.

This man is not even concerned about hazing, black-on-black crime.

He says my coming is a waste of time.


Re: Savannah State Classroom Handout

I want to also address the boy who called me. It was not even my concern whether or not we were coming to campus. So my bubble will not be busted, if the boycott were to work. I am also under the understanding that unethical means are being pursued in this boycott. This is typical GREEK behavior. They are WILLING to take a butt-whipping by someone of their own race for what they believe, but unwilling to have those cherished beliefs brought into the academic arena.

This guy was unable to intellectually and honestly answer simple questions. One being, Do you boycott organinzations that haze people? "Uh that's not what I called to discuss."

He did not want to reveal who he was, but said he did his research on me. He did not tell me anything an stranger could.

To the caller, I will do my research and find out who you are, before I get there. Just for my information only.

Overall- You may be wasting your time. If I do not come to campus, all you all are going to do is high five and boast, while your rituals are being exposed for THE RIGHT REASONS.

Your call is one of those calls that puts me in rare form. On or Off campus makes me no bit of difference. I actually did not know until today, that it was going to be on campus. This is going to be great. I will be getting my MBA and Biblically exposing greeks at the same time.

Re: Savannah State Classroom Handout

It's quite obvious here that the devil is actively using his cronies and all other Christian phonies to discredit the message of the "Greek" anitchrist spirit that is inclusive to pledging and joining these occult secret societies. It's becoming increasingly apparent that the adversary of our Faith is pulling out all the stops to stifle this conference, but know this: We come in love and in Truth from the Holy Spirit. We have a mandate from God through His Son Jesus Christ which is the Word. So please know this, you can't stop God's Word--it is the Word that we are coming to declare. Therefore you're not boycotting a man or woman;You're boycotting the Word and Truth of God Almighty. No matter what: It shall go forth in love.

Signed Gail Gray(former AKA)