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GLO's Exposed Discussion Forum
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What Christ-Centered Ministries Must Do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Greeks already monopolize campuses by placing people in key positions at the undergraduate and post-graduate levels. They are newspaper editors, VP's of student affairs, majorities of student senates, perceived leaders in community service, etc. What does this all add up to? A voice on campus, authority, and influence/leadership.

Christian Ministries need to get theri people in key positions, certainly as undergrads and post graduate if their majors call for such expertise. Greeks specificall get poeple in these positions. If Christians/Christian ministries were to strategically place themselves in areas of influence, they would not have to be as confrontational with the SECUALR Greeks, while remaining in opposition to them. This would also help in having a homecoming WITHOUT some HIP-HOPPER all the time.

Greeks, like anyone else are beholden to their constituency, especially Black Greeks. So whatver direction the black community's wind is blowing, the BGLO's are going.

When something is happening on a campus, it should be the Christian ministries doing it. When there are QUALITY events going on, parties become a dead issue. People get tired of parties, which is about the only form of entertainment greeks provide. They are looking for other things to do.

As you induct new Christians into your respective ministries, train them to be leaders, heads of student government, and how to establish, "a Christ-Culture" (Shannon Thomas 2006) on your campuses. A campus where everyone is asking what you all are doing this weekend.


DO NOT AND STOP COMPROMISING THE GOSPEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do not allow yourselves to become beholden to no one but Jesus Christ.

Re: What Christ-Centered Ministries Must Do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wholeheartedly second that motion! Young college Christians: Whatever you do, avoid doing things that make you look like the average Greek society. Be assured that you have the most awesome group of young people if you all are sold out for Christ. Therefore, you should be the one to set the standard on the yard. Young ladies, look your very best: dress the best, keep your hair laid, swooped, crimmped, and flipped. Wear a "little" makeup-don't overdo. Make them to know that you are a daughter of the King and all that He makes is good and looks good.
Young men, treat the daughters of God with much respect, as you would your own sisters. Keep your hair lined up and philly styled if that's your thing- shirts tucked and shoes immaculate--bodies tight. Why? Because all that is excellent within us must radiate outwardly. You are the righteousness of God through Christ. Live your Christian lifestyle in sheer confidence and the revelation of the Holy Spirt.
Be strong in the LORD and in the power of His Might!
Courageous Collegiat Christians, I Love You! Keep yourselves pure in all things.

Gail Y. Gray(former AKA)

Re: What Christ-Centered Ministries Must Do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WOW! That was very great Min. Hatchett; I liked and felt that from both you and Min. Gail Gray. That was so wonderful and I don't even know how to respond. Thank you both so much. I would love to see Christians/Christian orgs/Christian "Greeks" do more ministry on campus, winning souls, proclaiming Jesus, reclaiming and retaining HIS people!!!!!!!!!! That is truly what's needed and we should be joyful about even thinking about it and the joy should lead to work with anticipation, then there's the spiritual law of sewing and reaping. Thanks again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!