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GLO's Exposed Discussion Forum
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"Embryonic"/ literalist stage of Christianity?

What is a literalist or, as I read elsewhere, an “embryonic” stage of Christianity? We (Christians) are required to get into the Word, not skate on the surface of it. The deeper into the Word you get, the more informed you become, and consequently, the more changed you become. There are those who take loose and liberal approaches to the scriptures, because applying the true meanings would indicate the need for personal change. Unfortunately, most would rather compromise the Word then to compromise their actions as they relate to their obedience to the Word. People feel safe on the surface and feel a threat by what the Word really says, so they stay in the safe zone to justify what is contrary to what God’s Word says (ignorance is bliss? hmmmm). This “literalist” or “embryonic stage of Christianity is nothing more than a “diss” by people who want to justify a lack of proper application of scripture to real world circumstances, or as the book of Timothy calls it “rightly dividing” the Word of Truth. Infants (embryonic stage) in the Faith, says the book of Ephesians, are tossed to and fro like the waves of the sea. Those who are set on abiding in the uncompromised Word of Truth actually show that they have advanced to a stage where they cannot be persuaded (tossed to and fro) by foolishness dressed as Christianity. Hence, “embryonic” Christians are people who go with the flow. Sort of like, I am a Christian but I can give Minerva credit for being a goddess of wisdom. Seems to me, the more set I get in the Truth of The Bible, the less I bend and flex with the "Wide Road" of beliefs and ideas, whether they be attached to a BGLO or otherwise. (BGLOs aren't the only ones who bastardize God's Word). Infants go with the flow, because they have not established enough strength to break away from their influences. We are not going with the flow--we are bucking the system because it contradicts the Word of Truth--something realized upon deep study of the Word itself and a relationship with Jesus, going beyond the surface.
You cannot fight a spiritual battle with the wisdom of the world. Furthermore, if one is not rooted in the Word itself, they may not even recognize this as a spiritaul battle to begin with; we are fighting with two different types of artillery. But the Truth is mighty and will prevail, the Word is a powerful Sword, it will not return void. Everybody won't stay on the "Wide Road." Some will get convicted I pray. To God be the Glory.