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GLO's Exposed Discussion Forum
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Accountability, Judgement and Division in the Body

Why do people (Pro GLO) hide behind the "casting judgement" response? This is probably the 2nd most popular defense, right after "we are based on Christian principles"... There is a reason for discernment in the Body of Christ! And there is a difference between sending someone to hell and holding the Body accountable...The church is suffering so much now, not because people cast judgement, but b/c accountibility fell to the wayside!As a result, the wrong things are being condoned, and it is trickling down on the collective Body of Christ. Discernment is a gift listed in 1 Cor and the spiritual gifts are meant to edify the entire Body---so if one with a gift of discernment (Min Hatchett et al) shares his gift with the Body, it is meant for the edification of the Body...not for the destruction! The will of the flesh has people sadly misguided.

This is a spiritual concept that cannot be grasped by the carnal minded...this is why we need to conform to Christ as it says in Romans, because if not, one cannot understand the importance of discernment, accountibility, and how these two are much different then determining someone's eternal fate (judgement)...we must be fully aware of our shortcomings before we address the sins of others, but this is not a pass to ignore the sins of one another. I dare someone to read their Bible for real...people want to turn a blind eye to what is reaking havoc in the Body of Christ (GLOs and other agents)...and will defend everything else but real Christian concepts.

We are all ultimately accountable to God, however, we have to exhort each other to stay in the right direction. Paul does it plenty of times in his letters to the various churches in the New Testament...the Word is the Sword we are using, not personal opinion. Christ made a clear point in Matthew 10 that He came to bring the Sword, and that this would cause division, among those who profess Him and those who abide in Him, even between kinsmen. This is what is happening here.

Read Romans 12. To recognize what is being advocated on this website, you need to be transformed by the renewing of your mind so that you can test and approve what God's perfect will is. Every denounced member did so after God renewed their mind and conseuqently transformed them from supporters of GLOs to opposers of GLOs. Until there has been such a transformation in one's mind, these things will not be recognizable to those on the opposite end. be transformed by the renewing of your mind! To God be the Glory.