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GLO's Exposed Discussion Forum
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The Free Will Factor and Hazing

Right before I started my hazing process, I was given articles to read about hazing cases (within BGLOs) gone bad by an actual big-sister-to-be. I was required to read this information. I was asked after I read it if I understood what that all meant. I was consequently assured that I would not be treated in the same extreme manner. I was also asked if I was prepared to go forth with whatever was about to occur. I agreed to go forth. This was my choice. But I praise God for Romans 8:28.

In spite of my decision to go along with hazing process, the issue still presses itself to the forefront: is my free will to be hazed justification for the ethical mentality behind hazing? Is the willingness to use drugs by the dope fiend ethical permission for the sell of drugs by drug dealers? I believe that I was asked to read these articles to: 1) ease the consciences of those who were about to haze me and 2) it started the slow and subtle process of the indoctrination (of the values upheld within this organization). They should have been passing out articles on the techniques of psychological manipulation and brainwashing methodologies. This would have at least been more honest. These latter two points have a great deal of relevance in the hazing and sanctioned rituals of fraternal organizations.

What is the mentality behind hazing? Some explanations are tearing down to build up and bonding, in the name of the organization. The methods are physical abuse, humiliation, ridicule, and psychological manipulation, among other things (all of which I chose to endure). Discretion is enforced with a strong hand, and honesty, trustworthiness and fidelity are some key virtues stressed across the board within all the organizations. Why is that? Is it to preserve the values of Jesus Christ (from whom the organizations’ principles are established) and the Kingdom of God? Or could it be yet another indoctrination methodology used to preserve the culture and practices of the organization? Great shame, consequently, is threatened upon a traitor of this system because of the promises of discretion, etc.

There is a definitive difference between Christian integrity and anti-Christian integrity. To uphold that which is not of Christ with secrecy and trustworthiness is to indeed have integrity, but what and who is being celebrated by such integrity in this case? The founders? Past national presidents? Sisters? The entire culture is being protected. For the Christians within these ranks, this is upholding the integrity of a diabolic culture that craftily executes itself against the true Christian foundation. For the Christian, integrity should be based on the framework of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and it should celebrate Jesus Christ, not partially but totally.

It is spiritual ignorance or sheer spiritual rebellion that is behind the reason why people decide to be a part of hazing/pledging a sorority/fraternity/order. For me it was rebellion. Yes the choice is the individual’s choice to make, just as deciding to fornicate, get drunk, use drugs, lie, cheat and steal are a matter of one’s free will. Paul killed Christians out of his free will. Moses killed an Egyptian out of his free will. Judas betrayed Jesus out of his own free will. Peter denied Jesus out of his own free will. We have all been given the gift of free will by God. We have all also been given the opportunity to repent and be transformed by renewing our minds in Jesus Christ when our free will has taken us wayward. Moses, Paul, and Peter made poor decisions with their free will, yet they were able to grieve their errors, repent, and be restored by God, to be used by God for God's glory.

Judas wasn’t as fortunate—he decided to go hang himself as a reaction to his poor choice. If you choose to resist the Truth and not be changed by it, then you have also exercised your free will. But be aware that God will turn you over to a reprobate mind as a result (Rom 1). With freedom comes responsibility. To God be the Glory.