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This is the forum area where you can discuss topics related to the Biblical exposure of Greek organizations. All posts are reviewed; if they are offensive they'll be deleted. 

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GLO's Exposed Discussion Forum
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Seminar- Prairie View A&M

When: October 15, 2007 @ 7:00 p.m.

Where: Prairie View A&M- Memorial Student Center Ballroom, Room 204

Speaker: Minister Fred Hatchett

God Bless You! See You There!

Re: Seminar- Prairie View A&M-Complete Success

I will be back to give you the 411. The Greeks couldn't take it. As usual, they were rude, very rude.

Re: Seminar- Prairie View A&M

They were rude before the program even started. Ques trying to intimidate, a delta trying to intimidate, etc. The spirit of conviction was strong. Many decisions were made. But here comes the finale. A member of a greek organization was witnessed pulling the fire alarm. After all that foolishness, there were 100's of people that want me to come back. But you know what, the alarm made it prime for witnessing.

Oh ye! This Alpha/Mason Pastor with the THIRD-EYE (all-seeing eye in his church, bumrushed the mic to advertise for membership in his church by sponsoring a program on why you can be greek and Christian. He had no right to get on the mic, but I guess 30 years as a Pastor gave him that right. You know what's most unfortunate; this "mand" of God does not know ONE SCRIPTURE about SALVATION.

So we now have a new winner of the most rude greeks. PRAIRIE VIEW A&M!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was also told that my name is still on the rolls at the Omega National Office. SO WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!