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The Black Community's State of Denial Part 3, 4, and 5

Fred Hatchett
The State of Denial Part 3- The Niagara Movement, NAACP, and the Harlem Renaissance.

People are entitled to their own opinions, but not their own facts. This is what people have lost in the midst of this liberal, emotional revolution where reality is meaningless.

The Niagara Movement of 1905, founded by W.E.B. Dubois, was one of the shrouded movements of early black civil rights. In 1905, the Niagara Movement issues its Declaration of Principles. Here was it the attitude toward the church.
“The Church: Especially are we surprised and astonished at the recent attitude of the church of Christ-- of an increase of a desire to bow to racial prejudice, to narrow the bounds of human brotherhood, and to segregate black men to some outer sanctuary. This is wrong, unchristian and disgraceful to the twentieth century civilization.”
This comes as no surprise when you look at its founders, the organizations they belonged to, and their religious faiths, if they had any at all. The statement and views of these individuals and those who followed ushered in Black Liberation Theology of the civil rights era to the present. The Niagara Movement fizzled out due to disagreeing factions giving rise to the NAACP in 1909 with its founder, W.E.B. Dubois. Between then, the founding of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity occurred in 1906. The founders and members of this fraternity and the NAACP were freemasons, agnostics, atheists, white liberals (NAACP), etc. It is no wonder why we see in 2007 that these organizations and the many individuals that join them have no respect for the church, but use the church and the pastors for their bidding. Many of what the black community labels as its great theologians are members of freemasonry, fraternities, sororities, NAACP, NCNW, etc. All of these organizations either promote or remain silent on the issue of abortion, fornication, homosexuality, gay marriage, etc. A former president of the Boule (Sigma Pi Phi) claims that it is the ultimate fraternity. If it is, then why be so exclusive, elite and secret? I know why, but can you figure out the problem with the elite? There’s no need for me to mention any of the clergy of these movements, for they carried no influence for the holiness and righteousness of Christ.
Now most black people know who Dubois is; he was an elitist and a member of Sigma Pi Phi. Now how does a man who fought so hard for civil rights go out like this?

“Du Bois died a citizen of Ghana on 27 August 1963 at age 95. It was W.E.B. Du Bois who noted, toward the end of his life, ‘Half the Christian churches of New York are trying to ruin the free public schools in order to replace them by religious dogma.’”

It has been proven that the removal of Christianity from public life has had a crippling affect on this country. This removal is that problem.

The next period I would like to address is the Harlem Renaissance Period. It is said to have spanned from 1919-1930’s. I am going to take three prominent figures from that period to make a point. I will start with Langston Hughes and his poem called, “Goodbye Christ”. I need say no more about him than this to make my point.

Goodbye Christ

“Listen, Christ,
You did alright in your day, I reckon-
But that day's gone now.
They ghosted you up a swell story, too,
Called it Bible-
But it's dead now,
The popes and the preachers've
Made too much money from it.
They've sold you to too many

Kings, generals, robbers, and killers-
Even to the Tzar and the Cossacks,
Even to Rockefeller's Church,
You ain't no good no more.
They've pawned you
Till you've done wore out.

Christ Jesus Lord God Jehova,
Beat it on away from here now.
Make way for a new guy with no religion at all-
A real guy named
Marx Communist Lenin Peasant Stalin Worker ME-
I said, ME!

Go ahead on now,
You're getting in the way of things, Lord.
And please take Saint Gandhi with you when you go,
And Saint Pope Pius,
And Saint Aimee McPherson,
And big black Saint Becton
Of the Consecrated Dime.
And step on the gas, Christ!

Don't be so slow about movin?
The world is mine from now on-
And nobody's gonna sell ME
To a king, or a general,
Or a millionaire.”

Next is Zora Neale Hurston. On the surface, as with all of these other black elites, they appear to be cool. But amidst the buried information on her and them, we find things to be much different. She not only studied voodoo, she actually became an initiate into voodoo. She takes these experiences and translates them into her writings. What is most unfortunate is how she and other renaissance writers grossly distorted biblical accounts from their religious points of view.

James Weldon Johnson is probably the most respected member of this group. One would think from his collection of writings that he was a Christian. Nothing could be further from the truth.

“As a poet, Johnson began to experiment with the free verse form, producing what may be his best-known work, God's Trombones. Though a committed agnostic, Johnson used the work to pay tribute to the black preachers he remembered from his childhood.”

My point in all of this is to show that what we see in the black community today is the result of what happened decades ago. Those people we exalted then had ideas that are ruining us today. As black people did then, we do today; overlooking their destructive sinful lives along with their putrid ideas of what life is supposed to be as a black person. We recite their poetry; and espouse their works, with no criticism of their immoralities. The biggest hoodwinking of all is that blacks didn’t do it alone, they were just PAWNS.

State of Denial 4
Black Liberation Theology
Fred Hatchett

The Harlem Renaissance, though the result of many decades of false Christian Theology, paved the way to one of the worst movements to impact and is still impacting the black community today. As you saw in the last article, there were plenty of God-haters in the elite black community. Just wait until you see who preaches this false gospel and what they believe (d) and promote (d). It is called Black Liberation Theology (BLT) and here is what it’s all about.

“Oppression relates to physical, economic, psychological, and political repression. In view of this oppression, black theology (and liberation theology in general) seeks to speak to "this-world" problems, rather than "other-world" issues; to concrete circumstances, rather than abstract thought; to the sinfulness of man's plight in a ghetto rather than sin in man's heart; and to a savior who delivers man from earthly slavery, rather than a Savior who saves man from spiritual bondage. This is black liberation theology in a word. Liberation theologians believe it is important for "armchair theologians" to stand up and be involved with the actual dilemmas of life.- Henceforth, the attitude of the Niagara/Talented Tenth movement. Since the time of slavery, Jesus has remained prominent in black theology. But with the rise of black theology and black consciousness, Jesus is perceived in a more political way. There is confusion concerning who needs to be saved. To be oppressed and poor is to be a child of God. Black theology is a recent development, arising in the midst of the Civil Rights Movement in America. Black theology, having an improper center, is humanistic and pragmatic. God and Christ are not held in proper biblical perspective, and salvation has too much of a "this-world" emphasis. Black theologians need to ask the all-important question, Who is Christ? From their answer to that question they may begin to answer whether they have a truly Christian theology.”

Here is the unfortunate answer to the same question Jesus asked of Himself. Who do MEN say that I am? Some say this, some say that….. Then the question gets more personal and invasive. Who do you (the disciples) say that I am? Now what black liberation theologians have done is answered the question from an oppressed, slave mentality point of view. I have a serious problem with the black preachers who espouse this doctrine, because the same people that Jesus asked that question to were oppressed by the Romans. But guess what, many Jews had the same belief or mindset that black liberation preachers employ. The belief was that Jesus was going to free His people from their oppressors. THEY WERE WRONG!!!! In 70 A.D., the Romans destroyed the Jewish Temple and killed many Jews. Jesus came to set us free from The Oppressor, Satan.

“James Cone was the first person to create a systematic Black theology. He is one of America's best known architects of Black theology, a form of Liberation theology. He is currently the Charles Augustus Briggs Distinguished Professor of Systematic Theology at Union Theological Seminary in the City of New York.” Dr. Cone is an ordained minister in the African Methodist Episcopal Church

“Though the field of Black Liberation Theology received its name in the 1960s, the course will broaden the definition of its practitioners to include Pan Africanists
from earlier eras who used the teachings of Christianity and/or the vehicle of the
Black Church as foundational to their efforts for securing a self-determining
existence for Africans at home and/or abroad. Denmark Vesey, David Walker, Henry McNeal Turner, Nat Turner, Richard Allen (AME Church), Edward Wilmont Blyden, J.E. Casely Hayford, Paul Cuffe, Sojourner Truth, the Maroons, Marcus Garvey (UNIA), Bis. George Alexander McGuire (African Orthodox Church), Elijah Muhammad (NOI), Rev. Albert B. Cleage Jr. (PAOCC),…..”

“Another significant variable was found to be denominational affiliation. According to Lincoln and Mamiya, the black denominations with higher educational levels among their clergy - such as the African Methodist Episcopal Church - are the major proponents of liberation theology."

Other Black Liberation Theologians include Martin Luther King Jr., Jesse Jackson, Jeremiah Wright, and Cornel West.

In conclusion, BLT stems from a longing to be free from white oppression, and that Jesus should be the one to exact this freedom. Forget Jesus’ mission, which was to save and seek those that are lost. This is why the claims of many that the church was the center or foundation of the civil rights movement are such a farce. Anyone who believes that a return to the church is going to do anything now is under the same delusion. Social change is useless without a HEART change. The church, specifically the black church was used and abused during the civil rights movement.

Fred Hatchett
State of Denial 5
Civil Rights to the Present

The Civil Rights Movement is said to have its beginning in 1954. Some major movers, who we will find to have been some major traitors, fill this long line of elitist deceivers. One of the first things that occurred to start this movement was the Brown vs. Board of Education decision in 1954. Thurgood Marshall, then a lawyer, played a major role in this ruling. What is so ironic is that the same amendment that granted us equal rights under the law is the same amendment he used as justification for women to kill unborn children. The Montgomery Boycotts that broke the back of white control over where black people sat on buses ended. The problem with that is that they should have taken advice from people like my father, to start a black owned and operated bus system. They failed to heed, and no blacks benefited from it. They stayed poor, broke, but got to sit anywhere on the bus.

The next part on the timeline is the sit-ins. Actions such as these were called civil disobedience. It was good for those times, and in some cases could prove valuable today, but our community lacks something called follow through and moral integrity. Back then, the individuals followed through in the things they did, although immediate results were not garnered. In 1971, Virginia was still segregating their school system. But what the civil rights movement did lack was moral accountability.

The most recognized leader of this movement was Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. His Ph.D. from Boston University was revoked for his plagiarism. But his plagiarism did not stop there. The famous, “I Have A Dream Speech”, sorry all you King worshippers, plagiarism! The whole speech was not a word for word copy, but bits and pieces were taken from another preacher’s speech. This is just one aspect of moral accountability he is not held accountable for. King allowed a practicing homosexual and communist to counsel him and organize the 1963 march on Washington.

“A year before his death in 1987, Rustin said: ‘The barometer of where one is on human rights questions is no longer the black community, it's the gay community. Because it is the community which is most easily mistreated.’”

King’s beliefs on Christianity are revealing. The fact that King denied the Blood Atonement of Jesus Christ, the Virgin Birth, and the Bodily Resurrection truly places the church’s role in the movement as one of a backseat driver.

You have names of the civil rights movement. Jesse Jackson, Andrew Young, Ralph Abernathy, Stokely Cramichael, Nikki Giovanni, Coretta Scott King, Al Sharpton, et al. are just a few among the many. The self-exalted black leaders of today are only looking for lapdogs to feed their own personal agendas. This is what has gone on in the black community for decades. If you don’t go along with the status quo, the status quo will shut you out. One way to get shut down is to oppose anything in the black community that has a long standing tradition, or go against any of their beloved gods, dead or alive, and meet with instant disdain. This is why the REAL church and REAL believers could never be a part of the civil rights movement as it was then and is now. A real preacher would never allow and openly gay person counsel them or put them on the payroll. But this is the single lynch pin of such a movement. When asking for freedoms under moral precedence, you introduce all kinds of refuse to your cause. The civil rights movements did just this. Communists, atheists, socialists, agnostics, philanthropists (self-serving), all displayed the characteristics of moral relativism. I do not oppose freedom and equality under the law, but the moral breakdown and moral relativism of the movement and its leaders have been passed down. The NAACP endorses abortion. A major player in the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC), Minister Fred Shuttlesworth resigns as president due to,

"deceit, mistrust and a lack of spiritual discipline and truth have eaten at the core of this once-hallowed organization".

This man of God is one of the few to stand on the Rock. After 50 years, and this is what he says. Who is going to hold Thurgood Marshall accountable for his hypocrisy? What do black people want from their leaders? From the looks of it, a little charisma goes a long way. Their moral views are overlooked as long as they want to help the cause for black people, even if it means killing some before they’re born. A question to all the civil rights bangers, who is your savior; Jesus or Martin? Choose this day whom you will serve! Does he deserve a holiday?