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Avril's Feet

Hey Avril Fans!

Here is a great photo of Avril coming out of a L.A. Nite spot:

When I posted this pic on Bandaids, one of the members (Dain Bramage) mentioned that he thought her feet looked too big. Well, I dug up this
old 1942 Video of Fats Waller as a response:

More pics of Avril's Feet

Here are some more pics of Avril coming out of Koi's in LA, taken at the same time as previous photo:

Pathos Pic of Avril's Feet

Here is pic of Avril's feet (in sneakers), that evokes a considerable amount of pathos:

Avril's Flippers

Hey Folks!

While watching this great Avril Video, I had to go back and check again @ 3:27
to see if she was really wearing flippers in the bathtub: