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Bandaids X-Factor runner-up: Djamila

Here are two excellent covers by Djamila, Bandaids member XDJ in Holland. My favorite B/A artist.

Another Djamila Video

Here is another Video by Djamila...a song she
composed herself!

VOTE for Djamila - Youtube Contest

Please, vote for a musician!

Hey, I'm in a youtube contest.. The prize is pretty big and I think it would be great to help launch my musical career.

All I need is your vote to get me to the final round, which will then be judged.

Voting is easy, simply follow these steps:

Go to
then sort by country -> nederlands
click on my image (girl, brown hair, green background) and then give a THUMBS UP!

Thanks SO much!

Also, if you can, share it with as many people as possible. I really need every single vote and you can vote every day! july 1 - 9

- Dee

Another Djamila Video - "Here's to Never Growing Up" Cover