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Avril Lavigne on the cover of HELLO! Canada's 50 Most Beautiful issue 2013

Avril Lavigne on the cover of HELLO! Canada's 50 Most Beautiful issue 2013.

As the old idiom goes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But in the case of celebrity gossip magazine HELLO! Canada, it would appear beauty is in the eye of the back-end deal.

The Canadian magazine surprised most people with eyes Thursday when it announced that pop punk princess Avril Lavigne would appear on the cover of its annual 50 Most Beautiful Canadians edition, beating out other nominees including Ryan Gosling, Michael Bublé, Jessica Paré, Scott Speedman, Sidney Crosby and Justin Bieber for the honour.

HELLO! Canada Editor-in-Chief Alison Eastwood explained the somewhat confounding move in no uncertain terms:

“Avril and her fiancé Chad Kroeger have been great friends to HELLO! Canada,” Eastwood said in a statement, referring to the couple’s surprise engagement announcement earlier this year. “Their wedding is just around the corner, and our exclusive (and rare) photo shoot, on the eve of Avril’s return to the pop charts, was nothing short of magical.”