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Video: Avril Lavigne Performs “Here’s To Never Growing Up” Live On ‘The Today Show’

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Avril Lavigne ‘Here’s to Never Growing Up’ goes platinum in U.S.

Avril Lavigne ‘Here’s to Never Growing Up’ goes platinum in U.S.

Avril Lavigne continues to get mileage from her latest single “Here’s to Never Growing Up” with a little help from U.S. fans downloading the song.

According to a news release posted July 23 at her official website at, the recently wed Canuck pop princess’ lead single from her upcoming fifth studio album has reached a million downloads, giving the song platinum status.

The “Sk8terboi” hitmaker, who married Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger on July 1, Canada Day, has been honeymooning in Italy, but took time to thank fans, writing, “Here's to Never Growing Up reached a million downloads in the USA!!!! Here's to going platinum! Thank you to all my fans!!”

The medium-tempo rocker was written by Lavigne with help from her hubby, along with David Hodges and Jacob Kasher.

The single was released April 9, 2013 to generally positive critical response.

Confirmed tracks for the as-yet-untitled release include a duet with Marilyn Manson on a track titled "Bad Girl,” an "aggressive" song about Hello Kitty, a track titled "Seventeen,” as well as a duet with Kroeger.

The as-yet-untitled album is expected to hit shelves in September.

Did you know? Avril Lavigne recently said that she has written so many songs for her latest studio project, that she’s considering releasing two back-to-back albums.