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$375,000 Avrile Lavigne Lawsuit Filed! ‘Girlfriend’ Singer Claims The Rest Of Her Half Million

$375,000 Avrile Lavigne Lawsuit Filed! ‘Girlfriend’ Singer Claims The Rest Of Her Half Million In Deal Last September; Also Stakes Her 15% Claim On A Deal
BY MDemegillo

Reports of yet another Avril Lavigne lawsuit; she's staking her rightful claim to a performance agreement this time around.

Things get complicated when parties don't deliver to agreements, and Lavigne isn't pulling the punches against 2VLive, a live concert streaming company.

Lavigne is reportedely suing 2VLive to the tune of $375,000, based on an appearance and performance deal worth half a million.

The singer signed a contract with the company for a New York City concert, in September 25, 2013, and the terms also indicate she'll do promotional appearances. The $500,000 was supposed to be paid in three installments.

Lavigne has yet to receive the remaining $375,000, split in installments of $300,000 and $75,000. The 23-page lawsuit is reportedly filed at a Los Angeles court. Aside from the unpaid fees, Lavigne is also claiming dues from a deal with a 2VLive affiliate.

Lavigne signed a deal with a company affiliated with 2VLive, an outfit which produces video greeting cards. The contract indicates she's also to receive 15% of the earnings, something which she's also yet to receive (

The 23-page Avril Lavigne lawsuit is short by comparison to similar claims, and the singer is straightforward in claiming her stake of last year's revenues. This isn't her first time dealing with lawsuits, though.

Lavigne reached a settlement with a seventies songwriting team Rubinoos in a plagiarism lawsuit. The latter claimed she ripped off the concept of a single they wrote in 1979 ("I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend"), and used the same on her hit single "Girlfriend."

The claim was settled out of court, and the Rubinoos' lawyer Nicholas Carlin confirmed an amount has been determined, though unrevealed.

Lavigne's manager Terry McBride insisted a settlement isn't a confirmation of copyright infringement; the singer maintains she has never heard the Rubinoos song, and McBride consulted a musicologist to verify the two singles were different.

The Avril Lavigne lawsuit was settled out of court to avoid significant costs, in the event the case pushes through (