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Avril Lavigne Begins Lyme Disease Charity; 'Hello Kitty' Singer Still Recovering

Avril Lavigne Begins Lyme Disease Charity; 'Hello Kitty' Singer Still Recovering
BY Joe Bacaron

Pop rock princess Avril Lavigne is doing her part to battle Lyme disease by kickstarting a crowd-sourcing campaign even as the "Hello Kitty" singer is still recovering from the deadly condition.
Avril Lavigne has partnered with Prizeo, a fundraising platform, for the five-week campaign which started on her birthday.

"Lyme Disease is an important issue that is personal to me," she wrote on the Prizeo site. "Only a small percent of people get the early diagnosis and treatment that is so important in fighting the Disease. I am asking you to join me in helping kids and families receive the treatment they need."
E! News reported that once the campaign will end its run on Nov. 9, the grand winner will get to spend time with Avril Lavigne and also have a part in "Charming," which is the animated movie featuring the voice of the rocker as Snow White.

"You'll get to record your line with the director of the film, and you might even get a little sneak peek of the animation AND a script signed by the cast members!" she added.
The proceeds will go to the Avril Lavigne Foundation, which was created in 2010 "to design and deliver programs, raise awareness and mobilize support for children and youth living with a serious illness or a disability."

Avril Lavigne also released a statement in line with her campaign against Lyme disease.

"I'm excited that this year's campaign is supporting people with Lyme disease and helping others to better understand the issue," the statement reads. "My fans are always so supportive and ready to give back; I look forward to coming together for an issue that's so close to me."
Avril Lavigne almost died from Lyme disease as she was bedridden.

"I could barely eat, and when we went to the pool, I had to leave and go lie in bed," she said. "My friends asked, 'What's wrong?' I didn't know."